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Bald Eagle report.

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Welp! Went out today (Mon 6.24.2004) at 3:00pm... were only 4 car/trailers. Was a fun day.. even though it was SO windy and high water.

Nice ramp! Double ramp with floating docks on either side. Not steep at all.. easy for my low car.

Here is our report... We caught some bass, some crappies, some sunnies, some walleyes, and just ONE pike (?) in our 4 hours... really fun.. but not much to write home about... but one of the walleyes and one of the bass were beauties!

Most of our action was on Mr. Twisters with white Powerbait grubs in a bay- the 5th red dot down on the right from the top (if you emailed me for the map)... I don't know how else to explain it. Got one GREAT Walleye there too... and 5 or 6 bass- one was at least 4 Lbs (largemouth only)... at the visible weed edges just across from the 5 or 6 docks in the small bay.

We also tried adding some of the Berkley "gulps" to the jig and they really did seem to help.. We used yellow.. and my niece was using those on a small green crappie jig (not sure what it is called) and got many crappies/sunnies there... and we also caught many in the south portion of the lake.. right at the two most SE red dots on the map... one after the other.

We tried the rock hump in the middle/east too.. (marked by buoys) and had many strikes with leeches.. but never pulled up anything... I would guess they were walleye but who knows. In the space of 200 feet the depth changes from 25 feet... to 4 feet... and back to 25 feet. Really a long ridge there.

And that was just our first day- going back tomorrow to explore more of the lake. I will add my findings here... I hit only 3 of my 20 places I wanted to visit! Time flies when your fishing.... Tx for the tips to those who emailed me for the map.. I will add the spots will email the map back to you if you ask in a couple weeks.. I don’t save old address/emails so I won’t do it automatically! smile.gif

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united jigsticker

My daughter and I are hitting a couple of lakes today, and Bald Eagle is my first spot.

I will be leaving in a few hours. Hopefully I can get her into some action.


Good fishing,

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311Hemi posts for the future... thanks for the heads up!!!! Better and better info every day!!! LOL

Thanks for the report though!

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    • Tom Sawyer
      With the snow that fell last night, that literally is glued to the ice from the warm temps and light rain; and now seeing more in the forecast, it's sure setting up to be a very dangerous early ice season out there. Even Mud didn't freeze well. Only about an 1.5" a hundred yds from the road on Saturday. YIKES!
    • Chill62
      I heard that it was still open 10-14 days ago but with this cold it should be making ice quickly.  I was on a bigger lake Saturday and we had 7-8" on a lake that reopened last week when it warmed up.  I'd be very nervous about going across the lake especially crossing any deep water holes.  The next 7 days should be making very good ice though if weather holds true.
    • Bass Thumb
      Good share. I'm really itching to get out on some of those local lakes. I was thinking of trying today but I'm going to hold off now.
    • Rick G
      Thanks again, Don. Really do appreciate the updates!
    • Bass Thumb
      That's what happened to mine too.
    • Horseshoe_Don
      Went out this morning to check the ice on both sides of my peninsula.    Found ice anywhere from 1-4".   The area  found 1" i did not expect it.   There are also small ice heave air pockets with only 1 or 2" of ice on them and open water underneath.   Now with the fresh snow is is very hard to distinguish these little heaves or thin ice.   I am going to wait a few more days here yet and I know the ice here well.   I heard a report of a 4 wheeler on shoe, this is more than stupid.   No fish is worth your life.  Be safe   Don
    • geliason
      Can't get on the lakes yet, but there are still fish in the river.
    • Tom Sawyer
      You'd get a good laugh at what the consistent check cashers on the ice fishing circuits, have been have been using for years. $4.99  
    • monstermoose78
      I am always looking for better ice rods but I hate paying more than 50 bucks
    • CLPDB
      You could start by calling some resorts.  I've found that sometimes they have some for sale or other people have them for sale at the resort.