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Evergreen Lake

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Ok guys and gals I'm hoping someone has some info about this lake. It's the Evergreen lake North of Itasca State Park inside the Schoolcraft Refuge if any others exist. I'm looking at renting a cabin on the lake and just wondering if anyone has fished it before, so I have an idea what the fishing is like. Any info would be great, Thanks in advance for any responses.

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This maybe a little late but...

Evergreen Lake is a great quiet, small (200 acres and max about 35ft) lake if you want to have a relaxing time. I wouldn't call it a fishing destination but there are some good fish in there. There are some good bass along the pads and many, many smaller northern, stunted perch/gills and some ok crappies.

The lake was fished very heavy years ago thru the ice and never recovered fully. Word got out and the shacks were stacked on top of each other.

My family owned two cabins on the lake for several years selling them much to my dissapointment a while back and I knew those waters very well. The DNR hase not done much but some eye stocking and I have caught a few while tossing plastics for bass.

I was up last fall and not much has changed except the traffic. Was a time that ten cars going by was a busy day and now prob fifty.

The cabins that I spent my summers have been changed (one is even for sale)and there are more around the lake but if you want scenery, quiet and a few fish w/o jet skis and speed boats you can't go wrong as I don't think that will change.

If you are thinking of renting at the resort Bud and Joy are great and the prices are not bad.


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