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The Chamber started accepting registrations today, February 19th.

Hope you got yours in! ;\)

Anyone know when the lottery drawing is this year? For some reason the Catfish League website is down and I can't find any info on it. Last year was March 9th so if its the same time this year, just a few anxious weeks to wait.

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Larry FlatCaster

Ours is in..... I heard there might be a couple others in as well.

I guess I will just be content to wait it out.

Got my fingers crossed.

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Yep, I sent mine out this morning and made sure it was post marked with today's date...I even got a tracking number to make sure it arrives.

Hanson, I was coming on here to ask the the same question...I haven't been able to find any info on the lottery drawing what so ever? I know in the past it has been during the Catfish League Banquet, but not really "a part of it". They just did it at the same time, because everyone seemed to like that.

I however haven't even received my annual Catfish League News Letter yet? I have usually gotten it by now, and it has all that info in it...The site is down, No News Letter, No info on a banquet...I have to wonder if the Catfish League is still up and running or is it a thing of the past????

Who knows? Oh well, if anyone hears anything post it...and if I hear anything, I'll be sure to do the same.

Good luck to all who entered, I know I have my fingers crossed.

Talk to ya later.

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I've got the info...yahooooo, I guess there is still a Catfish League????

The Catfish League Banquet

Thursday, March 13th - 5:30pm

@ The EGF Eagles Club, East Grand Forks

Lottery Drawing @ Approx. 7:00-7:30pm

I plan on going to the banquet on Thursday Night, If anyone wants me to watch/Listen for their name, let me know...I'll post the name(s) I was supposed to watch for on here after the banquet. This way you won't have to wait for the paper in the morning.

Names? Let me know, I'll talk to you later.

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Could you keep your eyes open for me and my partner?

Brent Melsa and Calvin Anderson


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Thanks CatMan

Darren Troseth

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CatMan do you have any info. on the Red River Catfish league this summer? I would like to join the league just need to know who to contact etc.


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I'm at work right now, but I might have something at home from last year for contact info. Otherwise, if you come to the Banquet, you can register there.

When I get home, I'll see if I still have anything.

Talk to you later.

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Good luck to all the put there name in this year. If I'm around look me up and I will try help you out the best I can that is if I'm not up in Selkirk slamming the big kitties. Just ask Scoot, I am a stright shooter and I tell it like it is. If your haven trpouble I will tell you what is working for me. I enjoy helping others.

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ibwhnt a straight shooter??? Did I say that? I think I said you were a good bull shooter! grin.gif

Actually, he's right. He'd be a great resource for people who are looking for good, accurate info. He knows the rivers up there like nobody and is a very accomplished angler of kitties.

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Milkdud, sorry it took so long to get back to you, but here's a contact number for you...

For Catfish League information

Contact Kevin Boushee (218)791-6001

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Thanks, I might try to make the Banquet on the 13th.

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Big Cat Dad

Didn't put in this year.

To much little reward.

It's a fun time but not to fun on my budget.

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Too much money...Too little reward? What? Ha, Don't get me started! I could have purchased a new boat with the amount of money I have spent on this Tournament. I of course don't have to drive from Montana either, but I hear ya. It can get spendy, but it's a tradition...I can't miss it, That is if I get picked.

Talk to you later.

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Good Luck Hanson, CatMan, and the rest of you on the lottery coming up. I will not be making the trip over this year. I hope you all make it in.

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I've always been intriqued by the big Cat's Incredible Tournament, but I think my really competitive tournament years are behind me.

What is this discussion about a Red River Catfish League though? I'm moving back home to TRF in a couple of months, and I'd love to take part in a little fun on the river gathering from time to time.

I just might be able to give a few old river rats a run for their money when it comes to fork-tales on the Red. I'd love the chance to meet a few of you local fishermen and chase some big fish this summer.

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Tonights the Night! grin.gif

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Can anyone go and listen to the lottery picks or do you need to purchase a ticket for the banquet etc.?

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First of all, nice to meet ya Milkdud. I kind of figured it was you after hearing you holler when your name was called!!!???? I'm so smart, should of been a detective!

Anyways here's the info I have on names (I Know) and individuals I was listening for....

Chris Hanson & His Dad...#34

(me)yaay!Shannan Martin & Curt Quesnell...#41

Brent Melsa & Calvin Anderson...#? I missed the number...all the hootin' & hollerin' distracted me from my task!

Rusty Miller & Bruce Mosher...#119

Those are the names I recognized...Darren, sorry but I didn't hear your name called? I could be wrong, it's happened before, so don't cancel your plans tonight. However, I don't think you made it. bummer.....

To all who made it congrats and good luck in the tournament. And to those who did not, there is always next year...

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#34 too! Little better than waiting for #99 like last year, and heading out on an earlier flight! Sweet!

Thanks for posting this Shannon, I'll get you a beer when I see ya!

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The only thing I'm wondering is, are the team numbers going to change from what they where when drawn? I remember seeing a spot on the form where you could put a team number you "desired"?

I guess we'll see, soon enough...I'm just glad I was able to get in the Tournament again.

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Bummer is right, thanks for the info.

If there is an official list posted somewhere. Could someone please let me know so I can confirm this.

Thanks again.

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Lottery # Last Name 1 First Name 1 City State Last Name 2 First Name 2 City State

1 Vanderhoff Wilbur Glendale AZ Vanderhoff Donald Clewiston FL

2 Vanderhoff Larry Grand Forks ND Vanderhoff Linda Grand Forks ND

3 Barbour Tom Spirit Lake IA Koonce Craig Conrad IA

4 Barrow Larry Lincoln NE Barrow Joel Lincoln NE

5 Longoria Rich Grand Forks ND Brooks Tim East Grand Forks MN

6 Sonstegard John Baudette MN Nordlof James Baudette MN

7 Bell Lee Grand Forks ND Tomaselli Paul Grand Forks ND

8 Weber Jesse East Grand Forks MN Weber Troy East Grand Forks MN

9 Lunski Darwin Grand Forks ND Lunski Branden Grand Forks ND

10 Feltman Shane Grand Forks ND Feltman Marv Grand Forks ND

11 Lunski Dustin Grand Forks ND Liebsch Fred Grand Forks ND

12 Hilligoss Allen Lincoln NE Block Brian Lincoln NE

13 Howard Mike Grand Forks ND Miller Joe Grand Forks ND

14 Srnsky Troy Warren MN Srnsky Zach Warren MN

15 Gennes Tom Warroad MN Hallick James Grand Forks ND

16 Robinson Marv Battle Lake MN Biederman Todd Battle Lake MN

17 Byzewski Randy Dickinson ND Lothspeich Eric Grand Forks ND

18 Narum Carter Grand Forks ND Narum Chris Horace ND

19 Boushee Mike Grafton ND Anderson Mark Grafton ND

20 Nelson Bradley Drayton ND Nelson Paul Moorhead MN

21 Newland Billy Alvarado MN Newland Tyler Alvarado MN

22 Litzinger Ben Grand Forks ND Erickson Andrew Grand Forks ND

23 Hjelle Garret East Grand Forks MN Hjelle Reed East Grand Forks MN

24 Rud Dwaine Stephen MN Winskowski Greg Stephen MN

25 Lothspeich Pat Belfield ND Lothspeich Jason Grand Forks ND

26 Newman Richard Grand Forks ND Newman Tyler Grand Forks ND

27 Kurz Bethany Thompson ND Nesdahl Brent Emerado ND

28 Grzadzieleski Thomas Drayton ND Macguire Matthew Grand Forks ND

29 Lothspeich Jared Grand Forks ND Lothspeich Mark Grand Forks ND

30 Hensrud Iver Mekinock ND Hensrud Lee Grand Forks ND

31 McDonald Tom East Grand Forks MN McDonald Sarah East Grand Forks MN

32 Litzinger Steve Grand Forks ND Litzinger Tony Middle River MN

33 Horner Brian Grand Forks ND Gador Shane East Grand Forks MN

34 Hanson Chris Minnetonka MN Hanson Randahl Crookston MN

35 Swenson Mark East Grand Forks MN Wenzel Jerry Randall MN

36 Thompson Dave Grand Forks ND Deziel Jayson Grand Forks ND

37 Nordine John Grand Forks ND Nordine Tammy Grand Forks ND

38 Lee Raymond Grand Forks ND Thompson Eric East Grand Forks MN

39 Miller Randy Grand Forks ND Helgeson Randy Crookston MN

40 Akridge Harvey Grand Forks ND Schumacher Shelly Reynolds ND

41 Martin Shannon Thief River Falls MN Quesnell Curt Newfolden MN

42 Schiller Jason Grand Forks ND Quam Steve Roseville MN

43 Gagnon Jason Grand Forks ND Gagnon Tyler Grand Forks ND

44 Carter Darrell Elk Point SD Carter Matthew Elk Point SD

45 Ostgard Jacob Grand Forks ND Ostgard Randy Grand Forks ND

46 Yowell Jim Chillicothe MO Yowell Larry Kirksville MN

47 Flesch Jim Breezy Point MN Leer Chip Walker MN

48 Swenson LeRoy Moorhead MN Swenson Kevin Hallock MN

49 Preuss Jeff Grand Forks ND Preuss Lisa Grand Forks ND

50 Clement Kelly Prior Lake MN Hornseth Jim Eagan MN

51 Howard John Grand Forks ND Miller Ralph Grand Forks ND

52 Howard Kyle Firth NE Howard Danny Sioux Falls SD

53 Heath Jeff East Grand Forks MN Heath Eric Alvarado MN

54 Boushee Kevin East Grand Forks MN Boushee Bennett East Grand Forks MN

55 Berg Marty Grand Forks ND Brundin Jon Grand Forks ND

56 Johnston Jack Grand Forks ND Raymond Rob East Grand Forks MN

57 Laschkewitsch Mike Grand Forks ND Pich Steve Mandan ND

58 Vournas Alex Thief River Falls MN Dokken Tyler Williston ND

59 McCurry Allen Alvarado MN Gjerswold Aaron Grand Forks ND

60 Jerome George Grand Forks ND Jerome Tristan Grand Forks ND

61 Connors Daniel Bode IA Connors Dana Bode IA

62 Clement Casey East Grand Forks MN Clement David East Grand Forks MN

63 Kohl Lee Emerado ND Stauss Juston Grand Forks ND

64 Brekke Nick Baudette MN Abbey Brad Baudette MN

65 Simmons Tom Cavalier ND Simmons Jonathan Minneapolis MN

66 Moreno Victor Hoople ND Moreno Daniel Grafton ND

67 Stennes Marc Reynolds ND Graetz Tyler Grand Forks ND

68 Markel Andy St. Thomas ND Kuehl Nathaniel Moorhead MN

69 Erickson Chad Climax MN Grove Jeremy Climax MN

70 Mounce Gary Nebraska City NE Mounce Bonnie Nebraska City NE

71 Mager Shawn East Grand Forks MN Narlock Kenneth Grand Forks ND

72 Nowatzki William Edinburg ND Abernathy Carol Grand Forks ND

73 Anderson Bob East Grand Forks MN Anderson Wade East Grand Forks MN

74 Swenseid Geoff Stephen MN Swenseid Hunter Stephen MN

75 Graetz Gordon Arvilla ND Graetz Cody Arvilla ND

76 Rupert Ryan Grand Forks ND Rupert Rebecca Grand Forks ND

77 Hoverson Merle East Grand Forks MN Zack Jeffrey East Grand Forks MN

78 Litzinger Gerald Grand Forks ND Walsh Steve Mekinock ND

79 Murray Bill East Grand Forks MN Hodgson Heath East Grand Forks MN

80 Nelson Brad East Grand Forks MN Thompson Kevin East Grand Forks MN

81 Smette Rodney East Grand Forks MN Smette Bob East Grand Forks MN

82 Pearson Steve Lincoln NE Kuehn Larry Alvo NE

83 Kyllo Karry Grand Forks ND Kyllo Pam Grand Forks ND

84 Bertsch Jeff Grand Forks ND Johnson Gary Fargo ND

85 Galstad Randy East Grand Forks MN Mack Jason East Grand Forks MN

86 Dorsch Larry Auburn NE Hager Tim Auburn NE

87 Kurz Marc Thompson ND Murphy Tyler Thomspon ND

88 Lierz Mark Pawnee City NE Phillips Bill Pawnee City NE

89 Bruggeman Michael Erskine MN Enright Scott East Grand Forks MN

90 Johnson Jeff Grand Forks ND Havis Curtis Grand Forks ND

91 Hedlund Michael East Grand Forks MN Hedlund Paul Maple Grove MN

92 Boushee Jarid Oslo MN Abbey Beau Grand Forks ND

93 Walters Tom Nebraska City NE Heng Alex Nebraska City NE

94 Gomez Tim Lincoln NE Gomez Daryle Lincoln NE

95 Sime Jeff Grand Forks ND Sime Jade Grand Forks ND

96 Messelt Dan East Grand Forks MN Messelt Tyler East Grand Forks MN

97 Magnuson Martin Grand Forks ND Grossbauer Ann Grand Forks ND

98 Taylor Chris East Grand Forks MN Taylor Mike East Grand Forks MN

99 Cariveau Billy Fargo ND Cariveau Marty East Grand Forks MN

100 Wasylow Bob Grand Forks ND Wasylow Cody Grand Forks ND

101 Rogalla Ryan Thief River Falls MN Vigen Dave Grand Forks ND

102 Olson Adam Grand Forks ND Winkels Joe Grand Forks ND

103 Anderson Terrence Grand Forks ND Keller Steve East Grand Forks MN

104 Willings Ronald Grand Forks ND Willings David Grand Forks ND

105 Cariveau Paul East Grand Forks MN Rud Mervyn East Grand Forks MN

106 Utzinger Darrell East Grand Forks MN Twomey Jeff St. Paul MN

107 Droge Brian Du-Bois NE Droge Jordan Du-Bois NE

108 Hillhouse Jason Oslo MN Kallock John Oslo MN

109 Micko Greg Cottage Grove MN Garner Scott Cabridge MN

110 Osten Donald Grand Forks ND Dalen Lynn Grand Forks ND

111 Nelson Richard Grand Forks ND Levy Michael Grand Forks ND

112 Gagnon Perry Grand Forks ND Gagnon Alfred Grand Forks ND

113 Coauette Ken East Grand Forks MN Perkins Jim East Grand Forks MN

114 Stejskal Cory Grand Forks ND Koski Tim Grand Forks ND

115 Cremers Ken Grand Forks ND Cremers Greg East Grand Forks MN

116 Soeby Joshua Grand Forks ND Soeby Mark Grand Forks ND

117 Lafave Allen Grand Forks ND Lafave Chad Grand Forks ND

118 Haskins Conway Grand Forks ND Martin David Grand Forks ND

119 Miller Rusty Redwood Falls MN Mosher Bruce Beltrami MN

120 Newman Kris Grand Forks ND Stennes Brian Grand Forks ND

121 Weber Kevin East Grand Forks MN Weber Kyle East Grand Forks MN

122 Meland Terry Grand Forks ND Meland Christian Grand Forks ND

123 Gust Chuck East Grand Forks MN Hammarback Teri East Grand Forks MN

124 St. Germain Wade Argyle MN Sillanpaa Phil Newfolden MN

125 Westra Tom Moorhead MN Westra Ann Moorhead MN

126 Moen Ben Grand Forks ND Newman Brent Grand Forks ND

127 Jeffrey Phillip East Grand Forks MN Karo Jason Warren MN

128 Lindquist John Grand Forks ND Jones Dave Thief River Falls MN

129 Friedrichs Ernie Eden Prairie MN Friedrichs Kristie Eden Prairie MN

130 Carter Pat Jefferson SD Carter Travis Jefferson SD

131 Crocker William Grand Forks ND Tangen Joel Grand Forks ND

132 Bushaw Pat Manvel ND Bushaw Janell Manvel ND

133 Messelt Mick East Grand Forks MN Aaker Shawn East Grand Forks MN

134 Hilde Jason Grand Forks ND Hilde Donn Grand Forks ND

135 Huot Rod Grand Forks ND Huot Stephen East Grand Forks MN

136 Lovelace Paul Grand Forks ND Brock Sutherly GFAFB ND

137 Nelson Bruce East Grand Forks MN Nelson Brian East Grand Forks MN

138 Eggen Ryan Oslo MN Beaker Shannon Oslo MN

139 Grosz Gary Grand Forks ND Grosz Darin Elbow Lake MN

140 Abbey Steve East Grand Forks MN Lamoureux Andrew Grand Forks ND

141 Waters Justin Grand Forks ND Lafferty Tim Grand Forks ND

142 Oby Brandon St. Thomas ND Dolan Chris Crystal ND

143 Weber Tony East Grand Forks MN Anderson John East Grand Forks MN

144 Melsa Brent Crookston MN Anderson Calvin Crookston MN

145 "Haney, Sr." Michael Beatrice NE Haney Wilbur Beatrice NE

146 Hanson Thomas Grand Forks ND Hanson Eric West Fargo ND

147 Johnson Michael Drayton ND Feltman Rita Drayton ND

148 Pietruszewski Wayne East Grand Forks MN Clement Bob Cross Lake MN

149 Jordheim Jeff East Grand Forks MN Jordheim Scott East Grand Forks MN

150 Weber Cason East Grand Forks MN Hartwig Phillip East Grand Forks MN

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Sorry Darren... didn't see your name on the list.

You might want to call the Chamber and see where you are on the waiting list. If you are one of the first 5 teams on the waiting list, you might have a chance.

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Well ya beat me to it. I had it all copied and ready to paste and the teams were already posted. Thanks Mr. Hanson and I'm sure the out of town fellows and gals thank you as well. Good luck to all 2008 teams

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