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Raw Diets

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Anyone feeding this and what do you think? I was at the pet expo yesterday and after talking to many food manufacters pushing grain free food. Stating that is how a dog is meant to be fed. These cereal foods that we all are feeding actually suit us better. AKA coinveinence. Than I ran into a raw food company and they were saying that most dog allergies are to the grains. After switching to a Raw diet these will totally disapear. Dogs are nothing more than a Dimesticated Wolf, or Coyote. They need to be fed that way. What does every one think about this?

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There are benefits and drawbacks to any kind of diet you feed. Commercial diets have the added benefit of being a balanced diet, meaning it has all of the vitamins, minerals and nutrients needed to keep your dog healthy. Dogs (both wild and domestic) are more omnivorous than once believed. Wild canines, just like your dog, will munch on grass, and not just because it's going to rain or it wants to throw up as in the old wive's tales. Typically wild dogs get their "veggies" by eating the stomach contents of their prey. While it is true that many dogs are allergic to grains, many dogs are also allergic to meats. My dog is allergic to rice, corn, wheat, potatoes, beef, lamb, and poultry (chicken, duck and turkey). Feeding table scraps can cause allergies. My dog's previous owner screwed her up that way.

Raw diets can help some dogs that have allergies. The drawback is that they are a pain in butt to make yourself. It can be very time consuming and expensive. They have to be made fresh or freshly frozen and thawed. You also have to make sure you add all the other vitamins etc. to make it a balanced diet. You can't use poor quality meats. More raw diets are available commercially now which can make it easier and more convenient. I know Natural Balance makes a raw diet. Raw diets also increase the chance of food poisoning. Yes animals, including wild ones, get sick and die from food poisoning.

Basically it is up to you what you want to feed. My dog with all her allergies is still fed a high quality commercial dry dog food. Fish and Sweet Potato. Single protien, single carbohydrate. I recommend staying away from the cheap dog food. You get what you pay for.

I could go on and on about food so I'll stop now. Good luck making a decision. If your dog isn't having any problems, I wouldn't change its diet.

Oh, in addition to being a soldier, I also manage the nutrition department at a major zoo and I'm a veterinary technician, so I'm not talking out of my butt.

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