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positive ions from the water

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Does anyone follow the concept put forth by one of the down rigger makers,that proposes that the electrical current picked up by the down rigging cable can be either too excessive ,or possibly not quite enough?In reading their booklet, It is said that the ideal voltage is .07 volts.Easy enough to check, but is it something that is a factor?Pheramones,chemicals, and various other things will effect fish,but this has me wondering what the heck?

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The Pros say you cant pay enough attention to details and

the "little" things. To me this seems like one of those "little"

things. If I was buying riggers I would listen to what the

salesman had to say about positive Ion control, buy the rigger

and forget what he said by the time I got home.

Could it make a difference in a fish or two over the course

of the summer? Maybe.

Let us know if you find out something concrete.


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If you get into the great lakes or saltwater fishing web sites you'll hear about this, an electronic box that controls the voltage between your rigger cable and your boat, keeping the cable at a certian voltage.

According to a trolling book I read:

You check this with a voltmeter, one probe on the rigger cable when its down, one on the engine ground.

You want to see between .55 and .7 volts. (Where did you get the .07 number?) This has been proven to have a positive effect on fish take.

If its lower, you would benefit from the black box bringing it up. If it higher, its driving fish away, use the box to bring it down, and something may be wrong with your electrical system.

This can also cause corrosion problems for your motor. Potential for problems is a lot higher on aluminum boats than fiberglass.

You'll find species specific voltages in trolling books. Most are geared for salmon or saltwater species but I gotta believe walleye are no different.

So, Id say the rigger mfg is not pullin your leg.

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Honestly I believe in this technology. I have been downrigging this lake a long time and I have never used the black box or checked the votage in my cables. We catch some fish but I have to believe we could improve our catch by using pos ion contol. I will be bring my voltage meter this year to see what voltage I have on my rig.

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The .07 was a brain hiccup! thanks for the correction 2

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