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Kind of funny

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A guy gets up early in the morning to go ice fishing. He goes out onto the ice with his tent and fishing gear, he sets up camp and begains drilling holes when he hears a gig booming voice "THERES NO FISH UNDER THE ICE" the guy looks around and then keeps drilling. then again hears "THERES NO FISH UNDER THE ICE" now the guy is getting edgy, he looks up "GOD IS THAT YOU"? there is no answer, so he continues on. " HA THERES NO FISH UNDER THE ICE!!" Then the guy yells "GOD IS THAT REALLY YOU?"


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    • Hoey
      I watched the CO at LOW two weeks ago working between three resort houses.  He was pulling individuals out singularly for questioning, probably due to something suspicious, trying too get the story straightened out.  He was busy, driving his snowmobile from house-to-house, counting fish, etc...  I heard later on that a citation was written for over limit.       I was given a warning about 5 years ago so for not having my DNR # on my house, back when it was required.  I told him "I thought I had one on the house."  We stepped out to look.  Nothing.  Later when i was folding up for the day i spotted on other side of the house, that we did not check, and saw that I did have a number there.  I photographed this and emailed it to the CO who cancelled the warning.     A couple years back the CO checked me.  Asked "if I had fish" and said "no."  He asked some more questions and then asked again about "how many fish I had."  Again I said "none."  He asked me to "show him what I had in my bucket."  I said "here look" and all I had in the bucket was a roll to toilet paper.  Ha Ha.   Another trip I was out in the middle of no where.  i saw a guy on a sled go flying right close by and thought, man that looked like a CO.  A couple hours later, this same sled came flying right up to my house.  I asked for his ID and he was the Sheriff.  I asked "what he was up to" and he replied "that i was missing one of the two permit stickers on my sled."  No warning and I took care of it on my way home.    Many years ago during the crappie run on URL we just got setup and he was at our door.  We told him he was a little early as we followed him out onto the lake.    Another trip there, we were checked on our third night out.  All of a sudden we had a knock at the door.  We did not see nor hear them coming.  "May we come in?"  "Yes."  "Where are your fish?" they asked.  "Why do you ask?" we replied.  Three COs where standing there.  They indicated that by the amount of garbage and beer cans in the trash bag outside the door that they figured we had been there awhile.  They actually opened the trash bag and counted beer cans.  So we showed them our partial limit of crappie that were cleaned and being stored under the fish house.  So they proceeded to put their heads down each hole to have a look around and opened every cooler and duffel bag we had.  They found nothing and thanked us for cooperating.     Always stay legal - the COs are just doing there job and can be on you in less than a moments notice and they can smell what you are up to.  
    • BassThumb.
      Wow. I never considered that.
    • papadarv
      Spent past 4 days (and nights till 2am) on Ottertail one wheelhouse and 4 portables. Bite was next to (0). 5 guys 4 day got 5 eye 14" to 17" and 6 perch 7 to 10". Friday -21 on the lake at 3pm. Pressure at 30.90. Did not move a lot but did some moving 30' to 9'. Saturday bit warmer day made it to 11 deg. Same result moved a lot humps, breaks valleys, 40' to 9'. Marked lots of fish in deeper water and some at 9 to 16'. Resort owner talked to half dozen other villages on west end, All having no success. Pressure never got below 30.28 but temps warmed to upper 20' on Sunday. Not a banner weekend but sometimes "that's fishing" Took a fall on slick icy parking lot week ago, found out today I have 3 fractured ribs. No wonder my right side hurt a bit.
    • Jim Uran
      I've had issues with my Eskimo Z-51 reopening holes, getting caught at different parts along the hole ON occasion. Other times it ripped right though. So my answer pretty much sucks but from experience they aren't the best at opening holes. 
    • curt quesnell
      Very nice weather to be out chasing Walleyes/Saugers. Some extra special good news in this video wrap up