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Reels Binding

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Have had (3) of my seven reels this week all of a sudden get a drag/rubbing feeling as the bail turns.

Two are Ticas and the other a Pflueger.

The one Tica seems to have a bearing out, its only a (2) bearing model. The other is a (6) ball bearing and the Pflueger is a (10)


All three are on their second season and only used inside a perm.

Is there a lubrication issue I'm ignoring ? Have never had reels do this, especially reels over $50 and less then (2) years old.

Seems odd three would all go down within a few days of each other.

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Could it be that they are just stiff from being in the cold? Do they work right once they warm up?

For lubrication I've been using Quantum Hot Sauce (the oil, not the grease) in my reels. They see very little if any grease now.

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Rods/reels are kept in a custom rod case inside @ room temp.

Heat is always on low in the perm so cold temp is not a issue.

I had a can of WD 40 @ home so I shot some inside one of the reels, loosened it right up.

I must have a lube issue with two of them, the other I can see a bearing gone and the bail wobbles.

Only thing I can think of it's a panfish rod (TB) and the cheaper Tica. Have caught almost all my large crappies on this rig this year and a couple eyes. Ten plus crappies 13.5 - 16 inches already this year on the rig. (been a incredible year on large crappies)

And the normal hundreds of reel ups of the under 8 inchers must have trashed that reel already !!

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Seems awefully funny to burn up a reel in under two seasons doesn't it? No matter how cheap they are.

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  • Posts

    • Borch
      We've done well in late June.   May need to move offshore more.  Cranks or spinners till you find fish then slow down if needed.   I use the public access.  Not usually too busy mid summer. 
    • h8go4s
      Blue_Healer (Shouldn't that be heeler, not healer? ) "Thanks for the advice. Nobody else would help."   Me: "You're welcome. Did you check the websites I referenced? Did you stop at any boat dealers? "
    • Walleye #1
        With the big winds this week we were not able to venture out as far, so not a whole lot to report from the Main Lake.  When it isn’t blowing too hard, the main lake rock reefs were kicking out nice Leech Lake walleyes in 14-18 feet of water.  Pulling lindy rigs with crawlers or leeches as well as slow death at .5-.8 mph was the best.  Speed is the key when dialing in these fish.  Our Leech Lake fishing guides found a nice mix of eaters and bigger fish.   Still many of the same places as last week were producing in North Bar, Fletchers, Ivans, Submarine, etc, but don’t forget to look for secondary reefs and humps that are nearby or if the fish are not on the edges of those reefs look to the mud basins where the bug hatches are taking place and drive until you graph fish.   On the west end of the lake in Walker Bay and Agency Bays, shoreline breaks that had wind blowing in were the best.  14-20ft of water is where we keyed in on.  Pulling lindy rigs with chubs, leeches, or crawlers all worked to put a nice mix of walleyes and even some nice pike in the boat.  Other areas to key in on would be under water points and bars that run out into the bays and have deep water right next to them the bigger fish like to suspend and then come in and feed during these times.  
    • Walleye #1
      Always worth it to go fishing.  That time of year your best bet from what your schedule sounds like would be to put crank baits on and trolling the edges and tops of the reefs or do some slip bobber fishing down on that end of the lake.  Huddles Reef, Variety, Olsons, etc. would all be places to start, but the crankbait bite can be good.    
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Big Hatches usually get the slow bite over in a hurry! Hopefully this will only last a few more days! Boated 22 walleyes today but only managed to keep 7 small eaters in 6 hours of fishing. Cliff
    • monstermoose78
      They used to have a nice gun range but some stupid locals shot their garage and blamed the range!
    • gunner55
      I'm only 8-10 miles south of smurfy with the same experience on the lake. Mn Fishing Pros is a group of 4 guys who guide in the area & so is Jeff Sundin. Not sure what any of them have for experience on that lake but you might try to contact 1 of them to see if they have a opening that fits your time slot or they might even have some info on the lake that they are willing to share 
    • Wheres_Walter
      Headed up this weekend and next weekend.  WIll be fishing mostly Frazer.  Sounds like the hatch is on.  If anyone has been fishing walleye on frazer in the past few days, got any tips on depth?  Presentation?     Sounds like crawlers are the ticket right now.   Thanks
    • blue_healer_guy
      Boy, some people must just hate their life.
    • Hoey
      I recommend considering other lakes.  URL by the 4th is nearly void of walleye.  8 years or so ago, we did a two-family trip and only caught fresh water drum.  Star Trib Article