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Wade Joseph

Customer service that deserve recognition

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I recently sent this e-mail to Menards about a problem I am having with the ice house they carry that I bought.

I recently purchased a "Strike Zone" two man flip over style ice

fishing shelter from your Superior store. I actually picked it up from the West

Duluth store because the only model left in Superior was the floor

model and when I looked at it the zipper had come apart. For this reason I wanted

a model that was new in the box. When I got it home it took me about 2

hours of putting it together. During this time I find that the holes in the

frame tubes that hold up the shelter do not line up correctly with the snap

locks to keep them in place. This is a minor grievance compared to the fact

that on my first trip out ice fishing the zipper came apart when I tried to

close the door flap. I managed to get it working again by using the second

zipper tab only to have it fail again the next time I tried to unzip the


Once I got the unit home and into a warm garage I got it working again

after quite a bit of effort. Then on my next trip out it failed again.

I would return the unit except I do not feel like disassembling it

only to return it so it can be replaced by another defective unit that

obviously have defective zippers in them from the get go. I intend to take the

unit to a canvas shop and have a good zipper put into it. I would love to hear

that you will pay me for this work, but I somehow doubt it.

I am not sure what other solution you can come up with and I anxiously

await your response before I begin to spread the word about your faulty

products on every fishing forum I can find.

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Today I got this reply.


I am sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. Please give me the address you would like a new cover sent to and I will make sure it gets rushed. We do need and appreciate your business.


Brian Humblet

Menard, Inc.

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Since we're on the subject of local businesses I have to give recognition to Russ at Marine General for outstanding service. I have purchased equipment from Russ for over 30 years and I can't say enough for his personal care of his customers. If I ever have a problem with something I bought at Marine General he always goes out of his way to remedy the problem. He is a class person, and I would recommend him to anyone.

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    • busse3775
      Dad and I fished this past Saturday and Sunday with portables and saying the fishing was slow would be an understatement. Between the 2 days we hit the mud flats pretty hard and stayed very mobile. Didn't even set up a house during the day because it was so nice out. We fished the mudflats from East Flat down to Blue Jug, over to 8 Mile and back up to Matton Flat. The day bite was very tough, we would mark fish but they wouldn't want much to do with it. We picked up 3 eyes Saturday morning with the biggest being 17" then picked up only 3 more during the day. They only seemed to hit our dead sticks with a shiner on it. We used mainly VMC gold perch tingler spoons and flutter spoons without much luck jigging. On Saturday night we had a sleeper rented from Twin Pines Resort and our house was in 20'. We had 6 bites throughout the night with a bigger fish breaking off and a couple smaller ones being caught. We really had to give them a lot of time to inhale the shiner. On Sunday we went back out to the Mud Flats with little confidence and the fishing was pretty slow again. Didn't hear many good reports from this weekend, not sure if it was the warm weather along with the pressure system or what.
    • busse3775
      I think your best bet would be the narrows on Pelican. That can be pretty good crappie and walleye area. I usually fish it a couple times earlier in the season. Otherwise closer to Battle Lake you could give South Turtle or East and West Lost a try.
    • Chill62
      I thought Clitherall was pretty good but never fished panfish down there.  I fish mainly the Perham/DL area.   Panfish have been very skitish as of lately.  We have been using mainly 4mm and 5 mm jigs for crappies but the panfish are wanting 3 mm jigs.  Best luck has been with a horizontal shapped jig tipped with 2-3 wax worms (depending on hook and wax worm size) very lightly jigged.  Most of the action has been once they appear is to reel up above them 5-8 feet then slowly drop down stopping 1-2 feet above them and twitching the jig LIGHTLY.  Anything with a "GLOW" has been killer for paints.  The lakes I've been fishing have almost a foot of snow and the water was merky prior to freeze up so even though the sun is up I'm still hitting the jigs with the UV Light and the fish are instantly reacting.  I've been targetting deeper holes and finding them in that 20-30' mark but I've heard some reports that they have started coming back up into the shallows and hitting the green weeds again.  Crappies right away this year were liking the 5 mm jigs tipped with a wax worm and soft plastic suspended but they have started preferring smaller jigs also.  Hope this helps you some.
    • monstermoose78
      Where ya going or how did you do
    • Holy carp
      Caught a few walleyes on o'dowds this weekend. Was marking a lot of fish on the bottom but very skidish and not willing to bite very well. Anyone else have any luck on o'dowds?