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Gander Mountain W/ Michael Waddell and Rhett Akins to Rainy

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There are certain moments in ones life that will forever be etched in your memory bank, and this weeks filming of the Gander Mountains "We Live Outdoors" with Michael Waddell and Country music singer Rhett akins is one of them! This expedition over Rainy's hardwater will be an episode you will not want to miss!

Fishing Rainy Lake during the winter is a flat out expedition, and Gander Mountain elected to film the events for an episode to be aired next fall here in our backyard. Special thanks to both Mark and Nick for the excellent work in operation/coordination/ of a filming in sub-zero temps. Two First class OUTDOORSMAN! This was also a fantastic coordination of talents from Woody's Fairly Reliable team also! We had 5 guides taking care of the Gander Mountain crew/guests and celebreties. "One Doggie", "Doc Holiday", Carl Brown, Woody, and myself. Special thanks for the brilliant combined effort in making this a flat out hit!

I feel it important to note the "Extra effort" from locals Carl Brown and Doc Holiday in pulling off the "Lake Lunch" in the elements of the outdoors! Of course we're infamous for our summer shorelunch, but cooking for a big group on the ice was enjoyed by all! Also kudos to Carl (Owner/operator of the Roadhouse off Hwy 11 where you must experience the Chicken and Ribs!) Carl has a large aluminum cook station on ski's which he pulled out! FANTASTIC!

We also called on the efforts of 2 other "Young Sticks" of the Northwoods in Joey Dougherty and Bill Landmark AKA "Tearin Lips" Both worked soooo hard! Congrats to Joey for pulling the 27 incher up on film! Hey Bill maybe you should set up a couple tip ups? I can't stop laughing about that.

Also would like to note the behind the scenes hard work of Leanne Woods and Cheryl "Fishing Queen" for there hard work behind the scenes and fantastic cooking! Truly 2 of the best that can take care of the biggest group you can put together!

Woody of course was Woody! Putting the fun in fishing! Bringing people from Arkansas to Texas to California to the good ole Minnesota all together for this on ice adventure. As many of you know we were greeted with 20 below on the first day of airing, and we bundled up and cranked up the sleds! This was an expedition fishing trip unlike any you will ever experience on any other body of water in Minnesota. This is our claim to fame, and why those who experience Rainy are literally hooked for life. We packed up our sleds and gear and shot off in a cloud of powder snow soon disappearing into the vastness of Rainy Lakes snow covered hardwater.

Fishing as to be expected with the drastic drop in temps was slower than we have been accustomed to, but thats fishing. We caught fish, and were able to capture the allure of our brilliant backyard we are so fortunate to experience on a daily basis. Michael Waddell and Rhett akins were wonderful guys who had never experienced the "Extreme" adventures that we can offer. I think it is fair to say they thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Make no mistake these guys are outdoorsman! Likely why this was such a great filming as up here we truly live outdoors!

Last night Michael, Rhett, and Dallas (Songwtiter) performed a little jam session at our own infamous "Woody's Pub" not only did Rhett play some of his hits like "Kiss my Country ***" and several others, but we were priveleged enough to here some soon to be hits they performed for us for the first time! Let me tell you these songs WILL BE HITS! I don't own a musical bone in my body, but when you here a song for the first time and it brings tears to your eyes as if you lost a monster Walleye at the know it will be a hit! The low key Jam session was a moment that surely will be remembered for a long time here in our very own quaint small town Pub of "Woodys Fairy Reliable Resort" for many of outdoorsman.

I also would like to place a special thanks to Voyageurs National Park for allowing us to spread the word of the wonders of this park for all to enjoy! Sometimes people would like to keep this winter wonderland as a little secret, but secrets eventually get out. As seen in the article I placed in the "Outdoor News" a couple weeks ago our Park is a winter wonderland here on Rainy Lake. I will have the fishing queen and Tearin Lips post some of the trips pics for all to enjoy following this post.

If you haven't already booked your trip up here get on the horn! This is the hottest portable fishing destination in the good ole USA! Plain and simple!

For all of those whom I probably forgotto mention I apologize!

Good Fishing as always!

Where we boast BIG FISH/small crowds!

(Check out the cover in the Jan.18th edition of "Outdoors Weekly") Rumor has it a real handsome devil made the front page?


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Hey RainyDaze, I really enjoyed reading this post. I heard MW is going to be at Pheasant Fest in the cities here and I plan to go all 3 days. I might have to stop by the Gander Booth and see if he was fishing any of my hot spots whistle.gif(Woody's).

From the temps you had I can guess what day you were fishing. My wife and I just got back from URL and LOW and fishing was pretty slow, not like our trip up to Rainy last march.

With any luck we'll make it back up there this spring.

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Hope somebody give a heads-up when the time comes...I'm sure I'll forget by next fall. I forget things by next week! grin.gif I really would like to watch. I'll have to watch Joey D. pull up that 27" 'eye. He used to be in my 3rd-grade class back when I taught up in the Falls. (Man, I feel old now.) Good goin' J.D.!

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Bronco, I couldn't help but notice your Pat McManus quote. I love those stupid books. Makes me laugh till I hurt and reminds me of all the dumb things we did in childhood. have you read them all?

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HEY R.D.,,




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Hey Uguide,

I think we met last March. I remember you had the decked out RANGER? Nope I don't think we we're fishing your hot spots.... But if you'd like to share the coordinates with me I will gladly confirm?

I have to finish the story about the tip-ups with Bill. As you know it was a few degrees beyond FRIGID. The guys were working real hard to set up and take down in World Class Speed and Style. Bill was working hard all day and set up in his portable close to mine. It was about a half an hour before dark, and I know my hands were beyond a bit frosty! I heard someone say Hey Bill.... Woody wants you to set up some tip-ups. I couldn't help but to laugh out loud thinking holy **** we only have about a 1/2 hour of light and the polar bears are coming across the ice. Good Times and Good Sport T.L.!

I guess that goes to show it ain't over til it's over! When fishing with this team ya better bring it!

Good Fishing Guys!


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Good to see a post on here about the trip Rainydaze!! I have got to tell you it was sure a good time and something I will remeber for a long time. I will be have to head back up that way sometime so I can break that 5 lbs. mark!! Make sure you tell everyone that you one more time, you guys really know what you are doing up there and managed to get us on fish even in a couple of hard days!!

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tearin' lips

What a couple days it was! Everyone up for the trip got to see why we are the "The Ice Box of the Nation." This is the second time the Gander Mountain "We Live Outdoors" crew has hooked up with the expertise of Woody's Fairly Reliable Guide Servive and it was really a privelege to have Michael Waddell, Rhett Akins, and Dallas Davidson with us over the last few days!

As RainyDaze said it was a flat out expedition, as is an everyday occurance for us on Rainy Lake. However it was something that many of the guests had never experienced before. The beauty of Rainy Lake shines, even in the cold weather! It was definately a team effort by everyone to make this work in the cold weather. As RainyDaze said we had Woody, Carl Brown, Bill Gennell(Doc Holiday), Mike Lessard(One Doggie), and of course RainyDaze guideing the group. Even though the weather was "a few degrees below frigid!"(I love that line) we till managed to get fish and some really nice ones at that!! The shorelunch was simply amazing. For those of you who haven't experienced a true Rainy Lake Shorelunch with a bacon and onion sandwhich, you are missing out my friend!!!

Most of the enjoyment was meeting people who have come from different backgrounds than us. To us its nothing to hook up to the Fish Trap and head out across the lake. Our brothers and sisters from the Southern parts of the U.S were a little apprehensive to say the least about stepping out onto the frozen tundra of Rainy Lake. To quote Rhett Akins when he first stepped on the ice "That's one small step for mankind, but one giant step for me!" This was said as he still wasn't sure about standing on the frozen body of water.

I had the privelege of accomodating Rhett in my house on the first day and it was a blast! All these guys are truly good people and were great to have up in the area...That can be said for the whole crew too! I have never fished with a crew this large, but what was neat was everyone enjoyed each others company and got to learn a little about different things. The best piece of advice that I learned from this week was how to do the "Towel Dance" thanks to Gene!

It was truly a privelege to be a member of the smallest venue that these guys have ever played for! Talk about a couple a walking jukebox. Any song that you could think of these guys would play!! As RainyDaze said it was also a great privelege to listen to songs that no one has ever heard before and to hear the story behind how these songs came about.

As RainyDaze said this is probably the best filming that has ever taken place on Rainy Lake. Michael, Rhett, and Dallas are true outdoorsmen and mixed with the numerous great guests that accompanied us made for amazing footage. Special Thanks to Nick and Mark for manking this happen, especially in this cold weather.

The word is out! Get up and enjoy Northern Minnesota at the areas best resort, Woody's!! Great rooms, great service, great fishing, great scenery...You cannot go wrong with Woody and his Fairly Reliable Crew!! \:\)

Here are some pictures from the last few days. I regret not getting some more fish pictures, but I was a busy setting up tip-ups!!!! \:\)

Here they are!

The morning start


Mean Genes transportation for day two!!!


Shorelunch...A lot of work, but argueable the best part about a Rainy Lake Ice Fishing Experience


Woody and Jason from Hayward with a nice 'eye!


From left to right, Woody, Michael, Rhett, Dallas, and the man behind it all Nick Chiodo


The whole crew!


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Thanks Bill and Bucknduck!

This is a great package we offer for small and large groups. We have several in the summer months, but the winter trips are really something special. Send mom to Mexico, and bag your rods and head north!

I have to laugh looking at Gene behind my sled. To fill everyone in on the story. The day prior to this I had Gene on my sled. In the process of turning around on some big ice ridges I managed to tip my sled over. Hey Gene LEAN THE OTHER WAY! Ha! Anyway fortunately we were barely moving, and good ole gene protected my sled with his body. The second day as we were ready to blast off I told Gene that the added weight was a bit tough on my sled. I mentioned we might have to rethink our attack if he wouldn't mind. As we walked out to my sled he assured me he'd do whatever it takes. When we approached my snowmobile he noticed the little orange sled fastened by a rope to the back. I then handed him the prehistoric helmet with the welding look-a-like flip down mask. I thought he was going to lose it! Good Times! Great group of guys! Nope we didn't actually pull him out that way.


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Hey Rainy, I was telling my wife about when we met you up there. Yep, got the Ranger but she's in the shop for repairs after LOW/URL trip. there was no place we couldn't go with that thing. bogs in the slush so I was trying to imagine running in your conditions and it sound tough for anything except a sled. Guess what? I shook hands with the man Michael Waddell today at the Gander booth and Pheasant Fest in St. Paul. What a nice guy. I asked him about the trip to Rainy and he had nothing but great things to say...except that he didn't have any goggles and his eyes froze shut from the snowmobile ride grin.gif

Here's a pic of the snake I got on URL but for anyone reading this post if you wnat the best fishing in MN I have to say you better look at either LOW or Rainy and since Woody's is only available at Rainy then that would be my pick. The monster slabs is where my heart is at, and, you can't beat the scenery.


And here's a slabber from Woody's (bait from Rainy Lake 1 Stop)


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Hello All. Here are the pictures!! Enjoy.

image.jpg RainyDaze and Gene, getting out on the lake no matter what or how!!

image.jpg Guide RainyDaze with Michael Waddell.

image.jpg Guide RainyDaze with country singer Rhett Akins

image.jpg Jason

image.jpg RainyDaze

image.jpg Danny

image.jpg John

image.jpg Woody & Jason

image.jpg RainyDaze & Gene

image.jpg FishingQueen, Michael Waddell, and RainyDaze

image.jpg The Group!

image.jpg Time for a beer in F.R. Woody's Pub! Thanks Julie!

image.jpg Thanks Billy! Danny, Brennen, Micha, Kurby, Julie

image.jpg Guide OneDoggie, John, Guide RainyDaze

image.jpg Guide Woody, Micha, Kurby, having a good time!

image.jpg Guide Doc and Jason.

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