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Thanks to the Rochester Crew!

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Hey Boys!

Congrats on the BIG FISH this weekend! You guys can really fish and really drink! I'm exhausted! Ha!

Look forward to you guys coming back!

You guys are official members of the Rainydaze 20/20 club as we landed over 20 walleyes over 20 inches over the weekend. Biggest fish being a 26" and 27". Great fishing guys! Guess you'll have to come back for the 30 incher! Glad to keep my $10.00 though! Actually I think I had him a couple times, and would have felt a bit guilty taking your hard earned cash from people with real jobs!

We fished hard! and found many big eyes up the water column. Drilled lots of holes and managed to follow some of these pigs during their daytime movements. I can't stress enough the importance of working fish with electronics. I'll post some pics later, and repost the previous weekends pics as they vanished as our forum experienced some technical difficulties.

I still say bring sleds! The thing about sleds is that even if there are some ice roads you aren't limited to them. Great fishing guys!

Rainy Lake =BIG FISH/small crowds


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Thanks again for taking us out. Had a great time fishing with you.

The 27" walleye was the biggest eye for me through the ice. Thank you for the hospitality. Anybody out there looking for a guide you should definetly look up Rainydaze. Can't wait for the pics and thanks again. Oh ya did you book that hunt for Dustin and I with Michael Waddell.


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Hey Woody,

Not to confuse you with the Woody up here! Ha! Yes we had the big group out filming the Gander Mountain "We Live Outdoors" show, but nope sorry buddy had to look out for #1 there. I'll be placing a post on the whole event in it's own thread! What a fantastic time! Glad to hear you had a great time, and stick close to this forum as we have some really good sticks posting here! Hope to see you guys again this fall?


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Oh Yeah!

Forgot to mention.... Pick up a copy of the Jan. 18th edition of the OUTDOORS WEEKLY! Rumor has it there is a really handsome devil on the cover holding a GINORMOUS Rainy Lake Pike! Flip to the back page and take a look at the little guy holding that nice eye too! He's a pretty good stick.

Good Fishing Boys!


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Hello Team Zumbrota and Team Rochester!

Here are some of your pictures from those FUN BIG FISH weekends!!

Hope everyone enjoys the photos!

Come on up to Rainy Lake!!!


image.jpg RainyDaze with a HAWG Northern! 1/4/08

image.jpg Mike with a great Walleye! 1/4/08

image.jpg What a beautiful day! RainyDaze with a nice EYE!

image.jpg Nice Northern Mike! 1/5/08

image.jpg Guide RainyDaze with a dandy! 1/5/08

image.jpg Mike with a Hawg Walleye! 1/5/08

image.jpg Yeah RainyDaze! 1/6/08

image.jpg Nice one Doug! 1/6/08

image.jpg Oh yeah, 28 1/2 inch monster walleye! 1/10/08

image.jpg Darren with a beauty! 1/11/08

image.jpg Woody nice fish 1/11/08

image.jpg NICE! 1/11/08

image.jpg Guide RainyDaze and Dustin with a beauty! 1/11/08

image.jpg RainyDaze 1/11/08

image.jpgRainyDaze and Darren 1/11/08


What a HUGE FISH weekend!

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    • loadmaster
      I think stoney point is good for wheelers only.  Tried horseshoe bay and followed the pressure ridge and could not find a place to cross.  Went back to Whipholt which had a good landing and went toward stoney point  Had to cross a small pressure ridge by the Island.  Once crossed, all the way to stoney  with no problem  fishing was SLOW, tried the deepest part of the Paris Trench all the way to 24ft. thinking of one last trip this weekend
    • eyeguy 54
      fun area !    Flickr Album
    • osok
         Thanks for the update, I completely understand why you choose to post this here instead of a different thread. I haven't been on the ice in WEEKS now, might be retiring the ice gear for the season and waiting for open water pannie season...Or the big lake. 
    • erikwells
      Hey monstermoose Im in princeton or by Longsiding.  I think I have a decent spot as the farmer says he sees them out there a lot.  Never found a better scout than a farmer.  Just havent hunted turkey much.  I appreciate the generous offer and the advice. Looking forward to watching my boys get the turkey fever.  Last year I would have hit you up for those spots as we did some sitting in blind to watch the sun come up. Thanks all for the advice and helping a new turkey hunter out.
    • ANYFISH2
      Know a guy that is out there today.  Unfortunately he is not fishing as he got hung up a breaker this morning.     The main sheet sounds like it is fairing well.  They have been accessing the lake from Whipholt and driving across.  Long drive.  Not sure about other accesses.