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Swollen pup

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Sunday I let my dog out of the house like always and like always she chased the squirrels at the bird feeder For some reason one of the squirrels got a late start and she was on him and ran him around the corner of a building and immediatley I heard a bellar and almost a scream, she came running back bellaring like crazy front leg straight out. After I got her calmed down I went around the corner of the building and immediately there was an angle cut, 4 inch log, exactly chest height. She must have took it head on. Didnt think alot of it then yesterday I notice a baseball size lump of fluid on her chest, so I called the vet, put her in her kennel and went to wrok. I came home early for the vet trip and the bulge was now like a grapefruit and the swelling extended between her front legs. Her whole chest was a soft, fluid sponge and you could tell it was weighting her down.

The vet popped it and out drained a watery blood mix with the consistency of syrup, horrible looking. I bet she filled up a pint jar and is now on antibiotics and anitinflamatories. Hopefully this works or else they will need to pen her up and clean her out and install a drain plug \:\(

Scary for a first time owner and reason enough to buy a chest protector before next years hunting season. Had that been a 1 inch branch no doubt it would have punctured her chest. Hopefully a chest protector would eliminate that concern to a degree. Do many of you use them?

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I use one from Cabelas. Not for the chest protection thou. I use it to help her nipples from getting raw. After a few litters the front nipples hang down about a 1/2 inch. They get red and raw after a day in the field. Looks sore but it does not slow her down at all. Springers run all day long.

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    • gunner55
      I'm only 8-10 miles south of smurfy with the same experience on the lake. Mn Fishing Pros is a group of 4 guys who guide in the area & so is Jeff Sundin. Not sure what any of them have for experience on that lake but you might try to contact 1 of them to see if they have a opening that fits your time slot or they might even have some info on the lake that they are willing to share 
    • Wheres_Walter
      Headed up this weekend and next weekend.  WIll be fishing mostly Frazer.  Sounds like the hatch is on.  If anyone has been fishing walleye on frazer in the past few days, got any tips on depth?  Presentation?     Sounds like crawlers are the ticket right now.   Thanks
    • blue_healer_guy
      Boy, some people must just hate their life.
    • Hoey
      I recommend considering other lakes.  URL by the 4th is nearly void of walleye.  8 years or so ago, we did a two-family trip and only caught fresh water drum.  Star Trib Article
    • eyeguy 54
    • 2thepointsetters
      I was honored to be part of the "Veterans on Lake Superior" trip again this year. Channel six did a nice story about the Veterans. They were a great group out on the water.
    • 2thepointsetters
          Barry is retired. I bought his boat and fished her unitl I got the 38'er. Team Crush is still using the old Whitewater.   Barry does work on my boat occasionally as the first mate.    
    • portageguy
      Motor use day or camping.  Pick up day before or day of, May1-September 30. Fill out permit at entrance and put in box when exiting or mail in.  October 1-April 30
    • BulldogInTC
      Hi Cliff -   Thanks for the update on the hatch.  Is this usually a bust for 2 weeks once the big hatches start?  Will be up the 30th-9th, but still excited since its the first time staying for a full week at the in-laws cabin.  Hoping to provide a few updates on the West Side through the week.
    • jiggin9
      Thanks for the info.  I searched before and after this thread for any old threads on this topic.  I got nothing before and this thread is the only one that pops up after.  I will keep looking online or stop at one of the big box stores.    Tight lines.