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1-9-08 and no update???

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Hey how's it going up on Winnie? No ones talking, does that mean everyone's cleaning fish? Jason is fishing? Rick is plowing? Hope the snow, roads, and ice are good. Just over a week till our big trip to my favorite resort, HIGHBANKS! Maybe no news is good news? See you next Thursday, hope we still get cookies and coffee when we check in.


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I grabbed this from Jigglestick, hope he doesnt mind and I hope it helps you out, sounds good for those that want to put their time in to find them and that HE IS!!!! I am up on the 25th, cant wait!!!

Saturday January 5th 2007

This has been a good weekend on the lake so far.

Great guests and nice weather.

The lake access at Highbanks Resort is now open to trucks.

The resort has it Grand Lodge fish houses out along with the lighter day houses.

Most of the activity is set up on a bar two miles out and fish are coming up.

The guests in my sleeper house showed up just in time to see a guy right behind Where the house was set pull up a big walleye. to big to keep.

He had gotten two of them he said later, both to big to keep.

I set my day house in that area and caught five walleyes all to small, 10-12 inches except one fifteen inch eater.

Tonight it was time to travel to another honey hole. actually its the same old story, pick a hump out in the middle to fish where there is nobody else and settle in early enough to get into a good bite.

The first fish came up at 3:00 and the next at 3:30.

The bite was sporadic, to down right exciting.

we picked a location on a nice break coming up sharply from deep water.

Two of the guests from my sleeper came out to join Goose and I and on this outing, My guest, Dan, caught the biggest walleye of his life!

24 inches!

He was beside himself with joy.

That's why I do this. to see the little kid come out in every body who catches fish.

The looks on their faces make it worth it to me.

Our total was 10 walleyes between four of us, from 14 - 15 inches.

We threw back three that were to small and the 24 incher, after a picture of course.

The bite is still going but it is going to be another week or so before we get a house out to the spot I want to go to.

I found 16 solid inches where I put both of my houses this weekend.

you should be careful when traveling cross country. the cold snap we had last week, created a lot of cracks, which flooded the areas near the crack. they are freezing over, but it is still possible to hit slush, or an unfrozen crack, covered up by iced over slush.

If I have to take each weekend renter out for an evening on the humps by snowmobile, that's what I will do.

I will be willing to guide out to some mid lake locations during the week too.

let me know if you are interested.

I want you to catch fish.

January 6th 2007

the only thing I will add is that I have just put my third house out today.

I moved it onto a hump in the middle of nowhere and fished for an hour.

not a lot of marks, but there was enough to make it interesting.

this was the only fish of the evening, a nice 22 incher.

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Sorry 'bout that - I couldn't get in to the forum page - it said that it was down for the last two days for maintenance????? Here's the latest.....we have been plowing for over a week and full size vehicles are driving out. We are maintaining plowed roads 3 miles out to the northwest (on the humps) and then a secondary road to the north up to Perch Bar. Fishing reports from the weekend were sporadic...catching a few walleyes and some perch. It seems that the groups in portables are up against the challenge of staying mobile. The slush and snow are still an issue, we are receiving milder weather which should help compress the snow cover and when temperatures dip again this weekend, conditions should improve with the refreeze. NEWFLASH***Reports from Ravens today were HOT in 32' fow!!!! Limits of 11" perch - the only way to get over there is with a snowmobile though. We'll be sure to have cookies and coffee ready for you - see you next week!!

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Thirtysomething sure loves your cookies and coffee. But I'm thinking ahead to the CCn7 at the end of the day, after we catch all the fish in the lake \:\) We're looking forward to getting the old cabin this year, too.

We'll give you a buzz there at Highbanks before we come up to see how the melt and refreeze turns out. Forecast sounds promising like you noted. We'd rather not mess with hauling sleds this trip, but understand we might be limited without. Hopefully R will punch a parking spot or two for us off the main roads for our big houses.

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      The only reason they allow you to have a gun while archery hunting deer is if you have a ccw. They did this because if they didn't it would impede on your rights to carry.   Thank you for contacting the Minnesota DNR.   You are correct, your friend is not. Even having both licenses, a person can't have both weapons with them at the same time. That person would need to choose which weapon and license to use, can’t do both hunts with both weapons at the same time.   Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions either by email or by calling 888-646-6367 M-F 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. and on Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
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