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1/1/08 report

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Just got back from a 5 day stint up on Cass.... the ice is sitting around 12", but there is a ton of slush on top! It takes little to get a wheeler stuck and I almost got my long track snowmobile stuck towing my portable stuck in a pretty big slush pocket. This was in Allen's bay, I did not venture on to the big lake. So I can't say whether it's better there or not. My neighbor had his wheeeler stuck for close to 40 minutes in a big pocket.

Fishing is/was pretty slow. Only a few short walleye and a ton of small perch were caught. I did not get out as many times as I planned, nor did I try as many areas as usual, but I have had neighbors out each of those days. I'm not sure if it's the darkness under the ice or what... I probably should've tired through the day as opposed to the morning and evening times. A friend of mine called and said they were having some luck on Pike Bay... not what they were hoping for, but a few keeper walleye and a half dozen 10" or so perch. They said the going was tough due to the slush also. Another friend fished Pike Bay on Sunday for perch and did not find any keepers in a 3 hour period and proceeded to go to Winnie, where they did minimally better. They managed a few keepers, but nothing to report home about.

Spent a morning sprearing in a friends darkhouse on a neighboring lake. As usual we had a great time! A 30", 27" and a 26" were taken. Many others seen, a lot of bass and some respectable sunnies to boot. A guy would do well to prod around in some of those hidden small lakes in the Chippewa forest. A lot of slush was even noted on this particular 120 acre lake. Snowmobiles are your best option. Just make sure you do not park anywhere close to a slush pocket and you will be fine.

Good Luck!


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Just back from the trip up. Cut it a day short because if the terrible ice on the area lakes.

I mean we did catch a few fish when we went out but it just sucks out there right now. Got wheeler stuck alot and was just horrible to move around in. I had hoped to have a permant out already but that was not going to happen right now.

I hope this warmup melts that top snow layer or the ice out this spring will be super early, because it is not making much for ice with that crap at all.

Pray for something because it plain is to much work to fish right now. frown.gif

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    • FishinCT
      Went out for a couple hours Tuesday and put a few in the boat to end my season. Not a real hot bite but can't complain about two 15"ers for the pan. Thanks to everyone who shares info here. We've had the cabin for 6 years now and I'm starting to really figure things out with the help I find here. I'm nowhere near as good as I want to be but I always catch fish now, that wasn't always the case.  What a class of eater fish there is right now! Next year when they're all 16-17" will be great too, but it looks like we are going to have some lean years after that as far as eaters go. Anyone else see any signs of hope for a class after the current one? I don't remember catching anything under 14 all year
    • BluePork
      Hey Snaggy;  Just come up to the Crow and catch all the walleyes you want without screwin around with the boat or waiting for Tony to clear out a landing or three!!!!
    • ZachD
      LX-7 Firmware  LX-7 Software Update v5.10 (Release Date. Oct. 25th 2016) Update Procedure System requirements – PC only computer with 2.0 USB port and a 2.0 USB cable. Do not attempt upgrade without 2.0 port or cable. Save the LX7main.bin file from the MarCum website to your desktop (do not change the file name or extension). Plug in a USB 2 cable to your computer. DO NOT plug it into the LX7 display at this point. Remove the LX7 display from the gimbal Remove the transducer from the LX7 display Plug in power to the display from the 12v9amp battery provided with the LX7 Press and hold the down arrow, continue to hold the down arrow then press and hold the power button together until the screen flashes and you see the LX7 logo appear on the screen.  Release both buttons, and listen for the chirping. Chirping will remain consistent. If the unit powers off you have held the buttons down too long. Plug in the USB cable to the LX7 display (your computer should automatically recognize the external LX7 device). If not go into My Computer and you should see the external LX7 storage device. It could take your computer several minutes to recognize the LX7 storage device. Warning: If you see a message stating, "this process could perform faster with USB 2". STOP-- you will need to try a different USB port on your computer until you do not receive this message.  Drag the file from your desktop to the external LX7 device that popped up on your computer Listen for the long steady beep followed by chirping When you hear the chirping, safely eject using the "safely remove hardware" icon normally found on the bottom right hand corner of the screen of your computer.  Power down the LX7 display using the power button Replace the rubber USB plug Reassemble the LX7 Go Fish!
    • gunner55
      I have to agree with eyeguy. We usually don't put it up & take it down a bunch in a day. One of us might look for a new spot & if successful, then move.
    • MrSchrute
      The wife and I are looking to rent a sleeper on leech before the new baby comes. Does anyone have any recommendations on who does it best? I have contacted a couple of places on availability but am looking for any suggestions based on experience. I have decided on Leech over Mille Lacs due to the goofy limits they have this year. Thanks!