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Andrew Erickson

12/22 report

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Andrew Erickson

Went out to Bush lake for a couple hours,straight out from the launch.I was marking fish the whole time but only got about a dozen small sunnies and 1 perch.Fish were in 13 fow and hit a chart. ratso tipped with a waxie.

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After a week in Albuquerque for work I was ready for some fishing. I made my first trip out on the ice with T.H.E JIG

I got out in St. Paul even though it was pretty nasty out!

It was a pretty slow day but we found a couple gills and crappies. Here is a typical gill for the day.


I was going to leave early but decided to stick it out and was rewarded with a fairly decent pike. Lucky for me, he didnt make off with my jig!!


I also tried some L-A plastics with some success.


The lake has a max depth of 17 feet and we found fish still relating to weeds in about 9-10 feet of water. I was able to get 'gills to come off the bottom and rise to about 5ft down and then they would smack T.H.E. Jig. I was using a orange and white Jig that was 1/64th once.

Pretty impressed with my first trip out with T.H.E. Jig-Thanks a ton CK

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Nice report, steeple!

I left the camera behind due to the awful conditions out yesterday - but heck, I had the lake to myself, which doesn't happen often these days even on small, out-of-the-way lakes that I like to fish.

There were times when I had trouble locating my tip-up out the window about fifty feet away due to the hurricane rattling my portable. But the solitude was great. The fish were kind of willing - caught a pair of very nice crappies, & a bunch of little sunnies. The pike were around but hitting very lightly. Didn't hook either of the flags I got and had four minnows picked off my jigging spoon. The only pike I caught was when I set the rod down & didn't notice the bite until it jumped over & hit me in the leg. I suspect he chewed on it for a while - nice 30" plus guy, fat & healthy & made me wish I hadn't left my camera at home.

For what it's worth, the action took place in a flat almost as far from the lake's deep water as you can get, in about 7' of water.

A good day to be out. My wife called me crazy. tongue.gif

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    • eyeguy 54
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      Today is the day come win a gun and say hi.
    • monstermoose78
      Leech No big fish for me so they did not get a photo. Plus look at Eyeguy’s and Rick’s photos they caught big ones. Leech when have you posted a real fishing report?   Story of my life! Should have been here yesterday or should have stayed until dark. Great fish Rick
    • Harry Goodliffe
      I read somewhere a large bow fishing pressure has removed tons of common carp/buffalo from the lakes so much so the avg size of carp has drastically fallen, in other lakes in my research (bass lakes in the south)  some bass year classes have become malnourished since the heavy bow fishing pressure, starting in about 2012 on...granted these are man made lakes with few spawning wetlands, but bait fish populations are up yet the fish show classic big head small bodies consistent with malnourishment, some biologists blame catch and release  for too many bass, yet the baitfish survey suggests plenty of food (thread fin and gizzard shad) Common carp are surprisingly nutritious, more so than even rainbow trout, we see the effect of bass that feed on trout in western lakes.  carp eggs and larva are very tiny and seem to be a significant prey item, at least in areas the year 0 fish can't hide in winter killed wetlands before they migrate back into the main lake areas. water clarity is mentioned to be up and that can happen when carp get removed, its mentioned walleyes do better in water a little less clear?
    • IceHawk
      Sad  at least there is closure now.
    • Tom Sawyer
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      RIP... Glad they could come home.
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    • eyeguy 54
      They sell those hoodies to the public up there silly.  Could be a famous person behind that mask...
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      Dork, change your Avatar pic if your going to hide behind a mask with the same hoody on!