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Recent Ice Reports

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Hey Guys,

Let's post some measured ice reports here. Please post the date. general area & thickness.

This should help everyone plan better & be a little more safe.

Thanks! smile.gif

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8 to 9 inch @ 1/4 mile by liberty beach

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Here is what is being said on another site. Take from it what you will!


Eastside Of Mille Lacs Lake

Macs Twin Bay Resort

I didn't get a hold of Kevin or Karen McQuoid. Kevin was out working on the lake and we missed each other. Left a message that they don't have any roads going out as of yet. They are letting ATV & Snowmobile traffic out only at this time. 6" to 10" of ice. Some areas have more and some areas have less. No fish report this week.

Agate Bay Resort

Dean says that they have 8" to 10" in most of the area. Again some areas have more than 8" to 10" and some have less. Dean said that they are getting some really nice walleyes off the reef. Along with the walleyes were some dandy 10" to 13" perch. Dean has started a road going out for ATV and Snowmobile traffic only. Fish being caught in 10' to 17' ft of water. Areas of slush.

Hunters Point Resort

George says that the walleye bite has turned up a tick on our rock pile reefs in our area. The morning bite on the Boot has been good, the afternoon bite on the Blue Jug has been good.

Ice Report: We are plowing roads north and south two mile and also to Lake Side and Hunters Point with lots of flooding at Lake Side. We are clearing large areas to help shore-up the ice for our rentals.

At this time it is snowmobile and ATV traffic only. We will continue plowing and staking to new areas as ice conditions allow. There is more snow in our 5 day forcast we will wait to see what that brings. Mille Lacs Lake has not seen this amount of snow in quite a few years.

Fishers Resort

I talked with Greg & Dean and they are in that 8" to 10" range with the ice out about a couple of miles then there is some inconsistency where you may have 12" in one spot and 6" in another out near the flats. Also slushy in areas. Dean has been picking up some nice fish along with a few Jumbo Perch. Dean also mentioned to me that the walleyes are full of small perch. So there is plenty of food for the walleyes. ATV & Snowmobile traffic only at this time.

North End Of The Lake

Barnacle Bills Resort

Jim Jr. says this past weekend a few people went out and did ok but the bite is still a little slow. Of the flats it seemed most people fished Shultz's Flat and the Blue Jug from what I could see. Out front people did ok with some perch and even an occasional walleye. The ice is 8 inches most places, some areas have more but I don't think there is much if any less than 8 inches. There are some areas of slush, it seemed to be where ever people fished or cracks that have opened up otherwise the ice is good.

Red Door Resort

Fred told me that the ice is still around 6" to 9" of ice from the first break line to the flats. Lots of water coming up from the drilled holes and along with that is slush. Fred has a few reports of some guys doing rather well on walleyes. A good number of jumbo perch are being seen but are being finicky right now. Fred is only allowing ATV's and Snowmobiles along with foot traffic.

The West Side Of The Lake

Garrison Sports

Kari says that he has 10" to 15" in Garrison Bay to the break line, then just 4" to 7" past the break line. He has had a few good reports of walleye being caught during the "Prime Time" of the morning and evening. He also mentioned that the perch fishing has been fair.

Twin Pines Resort

Bill tells me that there is 6" to 9" or 10" of ice out from their resort. He has gotten his rentals on the shore ready to go once the ice permits. Bill had no fishing report as of yet because there hasn't been anyone out yet.

Terry's Resort

Terry shared with me that they are fishing out on the flats in front of his resort and doing good on both walleyes and jumbo perch. Terry also mentions that there were a couple of good reports in the rocks too. The ice he says; is still all over the map. He has 5" to 8" or 9" with slush in areas.

Rocky Reef Resort

The Rockman says; the ice conditions haven't been like this for him in 18 years! He says that he has 6" to 7" of ice in some areas and up to 10" to 11"in others. It seems that the wind blown areas have more ice than the areas with snow at this time. The Rockman said that he was out fishing on the 15th of Dec., for a couple of hours and only had one walleye for his efforts. Although there have been reports coming into his resort of some really nice perch being caught in 17' to 20" of water and some keeper walleyes too. Nothing to get excited over, but catching fish. There are a couple of cracks out in front of his resort that have opened up and he is hopeful that they will freeze over and heal this week. ATV, Snowmobile and foot traffic only at this time out of the Rocky Reef.

South End Of the Lake

Lyback's Resort

Talked with Eddie and he has plowed roads to Banana, Spider, Tundra, and The Grave Yard. Only open to ATV, Snowmobiles. They have a good 11" to 12" on the plowed roads but less ice once you get off the roads. Most areas are anywhere from 7" to 10" and some areas with less. Slush is an issue in some areas. Eddie does have rentals out for this weekend for you who are looking to rent a fish house this weekend.

Scenic Bay Resort

Talked with Cindy and they have 14" to 15" of ice in the bay. Roads going out to their rentals that they have available for this coming weekend. There are 4 available. She says; that there are allot of walleyes and perch being seen on the camera with a few being caught. The perch were going good this past Sunday but have been getting a few. Call 320-676-3274 for your reservations for this weekend.

Hunter Winfield's Resort

I contacted Dave and he shared with me that they have 12" to 14" of ice in Isle Bay. They have been getting some larger walleyes in the 20" plus range. They are also getting a few nice jumbos too. He says its not fast and furriest but catching fish. They have five rentals out for this weekend with four of them available for you to rent!

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mid-lake flats had 7-11 inches

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    • Rick
      Thousands of common carp died last month in Waseca County’s Lake Elysian because of a virus likely introduced to Minnesota waters by the release or escape of ornamental koi or pet goldfish.  Decomposing carp A joint effort by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and the University of Minnesota have determined koi herpesvirus (KHV) was the main cause of the late-June fish kill in southern Minnesota. It is the state’s first documented case of the virus in a wild fish population. KHV does not affect humans and is not believed to affect other fish species. First documented in the United Kingdom in 1996, the virus has since been documented worldwide, mostly in countries that culture koi or common carp. This virus can cause disease in koi and common carp. Goldfish can be carriers of the virus but typically do not show signs of the disease. “The virus can be present in a lake without causing a fish kill, at least not until the right conditions are present,” said DNR fisheries pathology lab supervisor Ling Shen. “KHV is highly contagious, and as we’ve seen, very capable of causing large-scale die-offs of common carp.” Initially, DNR pathology lab analysis indicated the fish kill was caused by columnaris disease, which is spread by a particular bacterium. But further testing of common carp samples by the University of Minnesota’s Dr. Nicholas Phelps identified KHV as the primary cause of the fish kill. Columnaris now is considered a secondary contributor. “Many people don’t realize that koi are essentially just colorful carp so ultimately they are the same species and not native to Minnesota,” said Craig Soupir, DNR’s Waterville area fisheries supervisor. “What this incident tells us is the virus can be introduced by human action – a goldfish or koi was likely released from a home aquarium or pond into Lake Elysian or a connecting waterway.” The disease also can be transported through the moving of infected water, by migration of infected carp or on various surfaces. The DNR reminds the public that releasing ornamental fish into the wild has consequences and is illegal. Residents looking to dispose of exotic species are urged to contact their area DNR fisheries or wildlife office or local humane society. To prevent the spread of diseases such as KHV and invasive species, anglers and boaters need to clean their watercraft of aquatic plants and prohibited invasive species; drain all water by removing drain plugs and keeping them out during transport; and dispose of unwanted bait in the trash. In Minnesota, compliance with aquatic invasive species laws in Minnesota has increased to 96 percent, based on more than 417,000 watercraft inspections in 2016. The DNR provides training to watercraft inspectors employed by local units of government and tribes. Last year, the DNR trained a record 857 non-DNR inspectors across the state. More information, including a 30-second public service announcement about preventing the spread of aquatic invasive species, is available on the aquatic invasive species page. Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • Rick
      It took citizen input and lots of planning, but it’s open, it’s beautiful, and it needs visitors. A celebration of the 940-acre La Salle Lake State Recreation Area in Hubbard County will be from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 12.  La Salle Lake The Minnesota state parks and trails celebration includes activities ranging from a pontoon boat ride on La Salle Lake to guided tours of the facilities and a host of activities and presentations. Visitors can check out the picnic pavilion, expanded parking area, nature play area and River Overlook interpretive hiking trail that leads to the confluence of the Mississippi River and La Salle Creek. Those feeling especially energetic, can head off to hike the narrow, rugged, 6.5-mile Challenge Trail that circles the lake. Events include: 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. – Pontoon Tours
      Ride on the pontoon to hear about the unique qualities of La Salle Lake, the deepest lake (213 feet) entirely within the state. Meet at the boat ramp. 10 a.m. – Scientific and Natural Area Tour
      Learn about the jack pine blow down and current resource management, and walk to the confluence of the Mississippi River and La Salle Creek. Meet at the River Overlook Trailhead at the SNA (north side of County Road 9). 10 a.m. – Facilities Walking Tour
      Walk through the picnic area, cabin area and campground to view current facilities and hear a bit of site history. Meet at the picnic shelter. 10 a.m. – noon (ongoing) – Archery
      Try shooting an arrow with a youth bow. Ages 8 and up. (Young children may like to play at the nearby Nature Play Area.) Meet at the picnic shelter/parking lot area. 11:30 a.m. – Refreshments
      Meet at the picnic shelter. Noon – Speakers
      Meet at the picnic shelter. These activities are free, but vehicles must have a permit ($7/day or $35/year) to enter Minnesota state parks and recreation areas. La Salle Lake SRA is managed cooperatively by the Department of Natural Resources Parks and Trails, Fish and Wildlife, Forestry and Ecological and Water Resources divisions, and is a satellite unit of Itasca State Park, which is located about 8 miles away. Established in 2011, La Salle Lake SRA offers hunting, fishing, hiking, snowshoeing and wildlife viewing. It includes La Salle Lake Scientific and Natural Area, which supports numerous rare plant and animal species. The forested landscape features red and jack pine forests and woodlands, large white pine, balsam fir and white spruce forests, and a high quality old-growth northern white cedar forest. In addition to La Salle Lake and La Salle Creek, it also features more than one-half mile of Mississippi River Headwaters shoreline. The Trust for Public Land, a national, nonprofit, land conservation organization, partnered with the DNR to transfer the property to public ownership. The property was purchased with funds dedicated to environmental projects. The majority of the $8.49 million in funding came from the 2008 Clean Water, Land and Legacy Amendment Act – specifically the Outdoor Heritage Fund through a grant from the Lessard-Sams Outdoor Heritage Council. Additional funding was provided by the Parks and Trails Fund and the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund as recommended by the Legislative Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources. Driving directions La Salle Lake State Recreation Area is 233 miles northwest of the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area and 8 miles northeast of Itasca State Park. From the north: From Shevlin, take Clearwater County Road 2 south 13.5 miles to Clearwater County Road 40 and continue east on Hubbard County Road 9 for 2.5 miles. From the south: From the north entrance of Itasca State Park, take Clearwater County Road 2 north 6 miles to Clearwater County Road 40 and continue east on Hubbard County Road 9 for 2.5 miles. From the east: From Highway 71, take Hubbard County Road 9 west for 12 miles to Becida, then continue west for 4 miles. For more information, contact the DNR Information Center at or 888-646-6367 (8 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Saturday). Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • Rick
      Agency employees from 3 states prepare for international assignment The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is sending 10 firefighters to Canada to help fight wildfires. Together with firefighters from Wisconson and Michigan, they will be part of a three 20-member crew assisting British Columbia firefighters in the southeastern portion of their province. Ontario firefighters will fill in the crew vacancies.  The firefighters departed from the Minnesota Interagency Fire Center in Grand Rapids on Tuesday, July 25, for a briefing in Dryden, Ontario. A day later, they then flew to British Columbia and headed to their staging area in Kamloops. Firefighters commit to a 14-day assignment, though the specific fire has not been assigned at this time. “Helping fight fires in British Columbia is a great opportunity for Minnesota wildland firefighters to learn new procedures, form new partnerships and see new country,” said Rebekah Luedtke, Minnesota Incident Command Systems coordinator. “This will benefit Minnesota by providing training and experience that can be used at home.” Due to dry and humid conditions, numerous fires and personnel shortages, British Columbia requested assistance from their partners in the Pacific Northwest, Canadian and national interagency fire centers. Ontario, also facing limited resources, enacted the Great Lakes Forest Fire Compact (GLFFC) to seek support from their partners in the United States. The partnership allows for cooperation and collaboration across international borders as well as learning and training experiences for staff to hone their skills and expertise. Crews work together toward a common purpose and leverage resources for maximum effectiveness. Minnesota, Michigan and Wisconsin, along with Ontario and Manitoba, are members of GLFFC to promote effective prevention, pre-suppression and forest fire control in the Great Lakes region of the United States and adjacent areas of Canada. The partnership allows for sharing ideas, technology, tools, personnel and resources. Most of the time equipment resources are shared. It has been several years since human resources have been shared. For more wildfire information, visit the wildfire page. Learn more about GLFFC at Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • Gimp
      Fisherjmb - After I posted that, I looked into any news on Beanie's being sold. Here's what I found: The article is from a year ago and I couldn't find anything more recent. Interesting to say the least.
    • Wanderer
      Shagawa in Ely has a public beach.  That's the closest to Bear Head that I know of.  You'd have to launch a ways across the lake but you could just motor over to it.
    • mjk
      Sorry for late response.  The Gander in Eden Prairie had quite a few...
    • proguide
      Catfishing is pretty stable right now. The water is getting very low making the north end of Grand Forks begin to get sketchy for travel.  The lack of current has the fish spread out also.  Stay on the move and when you land of fish you should have no trouble catching them.  The best areas have been anywhere you can find more current than the surrounding area.  The middle of the River in mid range holes has also been a good place to look. 
        Bait has changed for me this week with frogs being the hands down number one so far.  Sucker and goldeye have been working too.  I still believe getting bait in front of the fish is is the key more than what the bait is but try it all.   Remember the I-29 Catfish Classic is in just 2 weeks.
    • paceman
      Made it out last night. Beautiful night. Caught a bunch of Crappies, sunnies, a norsky and a few walleyes. All CR. Amazing how quiet the lake was. I was the only boat out for the most part. First boat in parking lot at 5:30 and no AI inspector this time. Have not seen them for quite awhile now.... Water temp was 78. Panfish were caught on simple Jig/plastic in about 12 feet along shoreline weeds. Walleyes on spinner/crawlers in 17-20 on midlake structure.
    • CaptJohnWis
      Berserker Bass.   This is probably the most exciting hit I have ever had from a bass.   Had to slow it down to get the full effect .Berzerker bass video
    • ZachD