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Lazer XL3000 won't reach power rpm.....?

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I have not been able to get my Strikemaster XL3000 Lazer to "kick in" the power band rpm. You know when you are drilling and you can hear the engine switch rpm's like shifting...."kicking in" at the power band? Mine does not do that. Any ideas on carb adjustments or what else?? Otherwise this machine runs flawlessly!!

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Could be a few things.

That shift in that power band is the governor giving the auger more throttle as the load increases. It could be that there is some obstruction(spider web) where the vane and the fins on the flywheel react with each other. Sometimes I'll see the vane even wore from from rubbing.

Its also common to get some show dust and ice in the linkage and the governor won't work correctly.

Oils can accumulate on the throttle and governor linkage. When its cold they become thick. Spray the linkage down with a spray can carb cleaner. Get it on all the linkage and up into the air shroud where that vane is too. Work the throttle back and forth to help flush out and get that cleaner into fulcrums.

Some of that linkage is wire and can get bent out of shape. Be careful during transport.

If the above doesn't solve the problem ,make sure the tank is vented, that you have a good spark plug, and fresh mixed gas.

Next thing to look into is a carb adjustment. Then onto a carb cleaning and new diaphragms.

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