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Playoff time! Who to start??

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heres my team:


ryan grant

s jax

andre johnson

reggie wayne

m. crosby

da bears

here comes the tough part..who to start at flex and def..i have the jags and am considering starting them over da bears..jax @ carolina bears v. redskins?? flex i have the options of kolby smith @ denver, joey galloway @ houston, chris henry v. st louis, norwood v. new orleans, chicagos a peterson, I also have lynch but am hesitant to put him in the lineup even if he does play because of the injury..i am leaning towards galloway or smith...HELP PLEASE??!!

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Lynch's back-up is an unknown rookie since a-train is now hurt. Going against a terrible Dolphins run game he may be an option. Otherwise I would go with Smith over galloway. But either way I would consider dropping Henry and picking up Lynch's B-U, if nothing else, so no one uses him against you.

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Kolby Smith is running against a VERY weak Denver rush defense so you should definitely start him at flex.

I wouldnt mess around with the buffalo backs...too much of a gamble and you have 3 SOLID plays at RB the way it is. (grant vs the raiders and sjax is a freaking stud)

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you wouldnt put galloway in over smith? i am hesitant to take out galloway because of the numbers he has been putting up as of late, but I agree Smith is a very good start against a weak denver d.

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I vote Jags DEF coming off a tough loss, besides I think Wash. is going to be motivated against Chi.

I would take Kolby Smith in the flex. It's a risky move since he still is untested but he gets the rock, should get 70-80 yards at least against a poor run defense. Galloway would be my back up. If you don't like those getting Lynch's BU, Fred Jackson isn't a slouch (140 all purpose yds and a 4.6 avg. per carry this year) but that will be a gametime decison if you can afford to wait.

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I would stick with Smith. Less risk and Galloway isnt a lock either..."success as of late" doesn't give me the warm fuzzies as does a featured back vs a crap run D.

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Marshaun Lynch is playin now,maybe consider Aaron Stecker Reggie Bush's bu Bush is out and possibly for tha yr!

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Well guys..I got through round I go against the top guy what do you guys think my chances are and would you start one of my reserves over any of my starters:


Brees v. Ariona

Grant@ St louis

Jax v. Green Bay

Lynch @ Cleveland

A. Johnson v. Denver

R. Wayne @ Oakland

C.Cooley @ Giants


Bengals @ San Fran

Backups are: Norwood, the other A.P., Kolby Smith, Galloway, Chris Henry Cinci, and Bears D.

His team:

Brady @ who cares (JETS...:(



LeNdale White

Steve Smith

Brandon Marshall



Seahawks D

I definetly am going to need outstanding days from my players to match his players average games..what do you guys think


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