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Steve Foss

Hey G.O. — Burntside ice

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Sir James, how's the ice situation on Bside? Haven't been by there in a few weeks. I'm assuming it wasn't frozen yet when we got that big dump of snow over the weekend, but I could be wrong.

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Yep, unfortunately you're wrong.

It skimmed over Friday, just in time for the big snow to make things "real nice" mad.gif

Looked like it re-opened by Honeymoon and Brownell Island, but the rest had an ashen gray look to it, like water slowly seeping up. confused.gif

(Contact Us Please) snow!!!! frown.gif

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    • Stick in Mud
      Things have become pretty hit or miss for my house out there.  I fished last week from Tuesday through Sunday; alas, school started yesterday so it's back to the real world for now.  During afternoon primetime, I caught between zero fish (yes, I got skunked one night) and 12.  Daybite was very tough (mainly because I quit fishing and either went hiking over at Kathio, tip-up fishing in the bays, or went down and looked at guns at Boone's), but the reports I heard from those fishing hard during the day made that decision fairly easy.     The overnight bite was pretty steady, with multiple fish each night coming on the rattle reels.  I pulled the lines twice because I got sick of catching 15-17'' walleyes.    Sunrise was also hit or miss.    All in all, it's not early ice anymore, that's for sure.  I'm still fishing fairly shallow, and it might be time to move the house.  Biggest fish all weekend was just under 28''.  I still have only one keeper in my current location despite catching well over 100 walleyes there in the last few weeks.  The last week or so was pretty least two nights either me or my friend caught more than 10 fish while the other guy, fishing less than 15 yards away, caught very few.  Why the fish can be loaded in one spot and non-existent a few feet away, and then switch the next night so the "hot" house goes cold, is a mystery to this fisherman. Maybe they swim counter-clockwise around the lake one night and then turn around and swim clockwise the next?  
    • Jplante
      I dont have any experience with this, but as i was reading response about dog needing the surgery on its other knee after. I wont if it is like a athlete, where they come back from an ACL and tear the other because favoring it so much? Just thinking out loud basically 
      Reduced, $2300.00.
    • leech~~
      These stats have a lot to do with it!  GF=138 GA=92 One of the highest and lowest in the NHL as of today that is huge.
    • AaronTC05
      Thanks for the report!  How big were the walleyes?  Keepers? Care to share your tactics?  Time of day, how deep you were fishing, type of bait?  I'm new to metro walleye fishing and trying to hone my skills a bit.