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Buddy - report card

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Well all it's been almost a year since we got Buddy, (I liked the name Gus or Festus but got over ruled by the wife and kids.) I was pretty apprehensive about getting a hunting dog as I have no idea of how to train a hunting dog. So here it goes. Hope this doens't get too long.

January 07 - March 07 - Let's go get the pup. In the back of my mind I'm thinking its not too late to back out, but for $30 for a purebred lab....pretty reasonable. Things go well.

April 07 - June 07 - He's chewing and eating everything. Start to work with him with pheasant wing and fishing pole in the back lots. Hide it from him and he can find it by following the trail left by dragging it. We work a little bit on pointing. Well I guess this dog is going to need some excercise. After ~2 to 3 months of riding my bike and him running twice a he looks good and he is getting strong. Hmmm I feel pretty good myself...wonder if I lost any weight....holly cow I've lost ~20 - 25lbs. I can't believe it. He's got me in better shape than I've been in 10 years.

July 07 - September 07 - Well we'll keep up the excercise routine, he absolutely loves this running thing twice a day. Hmmm...I'm playing pretty good golf, I wonder if being in a little better shape has anything to with this. We keep working with the wing and he keeps finding it. Maybe there is some hope that reading a little bit and applying the concepts can allow even me to train a dog. We get a shock collar. Wow... this thing is like a cordless leash in the back lots. We begin to work on keeping somewhat close as if hunting. We find a few spots around town where cars can't go like the saddle club or the softball fields to work on this. Again he just loves it.

October 07 - Present - Showtime!!! Go to the Minnesota opener. First rooster we see, we shoot it. Wow those things are tough. Go to where it went down. Nowhere to be found. There's Buddy 30 feet away. Hey get over here, the birds over here. Then a voice in the back of my mind the dog. I follow him where he wants to go...which was back to where he was. Sure enough here comes the bird running with Buddy in hot pursuit. You've got to be kidding me...Buddy found the bird. Beginners luck. Well this happened two more times that day and he hasn't stopped. He has found at least a dozen birds that we would not have found without him. He will even point on occasion. He did whisper something in my ear the other day. He wants his own shotgun. I think he figures he finds the birds, points the birds, flushes the birds only to have me miss. I could just as well do it all!!!!

I guess to sum it up, it's like someone said, "You're gonna get out of the dog what you put in."

I'm glad I followed through and got the dog. An added plus is he seems to be good with the kids.


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Good Job! How proud were you when he flushed and retrieved that 1st pheasant? Like watching your kids take those 1st few steps walking... and even better you did the work yourself training him! Give yourself a big ol' "atta boy"!

Good Luck!


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I'll give you 35 for him. wink.gif

Seriously, congrats. Sounds like you have a hunting buddy for a long time.

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    • james_walleye
      Ya we caught a ton of 12-13" fish this year
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      I was catching a lot of 10" to 12" walleyes early in the season. I think that they moved deeper later and I did not catch to many of them after that. I did get a few of this springs hatch, (6" to 8" ) fish this fall also. Hopefully the DNR test netting this fall will reveal a good forecast! Cliff
    • FishinCT
      Went out for a couple hours Tuesday and put a few in the boat to end my season. Not a real hot bite but can't complain about two 15"ers for the pan. Thanks to everyone who shares info here. We've had the cabin for 6 years now and I'm starting to really figure things out with the help I find here. I'm nowhere near as good as I want to be but I always catch fish now, that wasn't always the case.  What a class of eater fish there is right now! Next year when they're all 16-17" will be great too, but it looks like we are going to have some lean years after that as far as eaters go. Anyone else see any signs of hope for a class after the current one? I don't remember catching anything under 14 all year
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      Hey Snaggy;  Just come up to the Crow and catch all the walleyes you want without screwin around with the boat or waiting for Tony to clear out a landing or three!!!!
    • ZachD
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