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Rusty Jigs

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I searched this forum for "rust" because I know I've seen the topic before, but I didn't find any posts.

How does one stop jigs from rusting? I was just rigging up my new St. Croix Legend rod from the ice show, and I noticed that my Genz worms and fatboys were all rusty. None of the other jigs were rusty, just them. Anyone have any comments on how to avoid rust (dessicant packets???) and also why only my genz worms and fatboys?

Also, does anyone know of a way to get rid of the rust? WD-40, as that's a great scent as well???

Thanks in advance.

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I think it's the glow paint lindy uses on their fatboy, genz bugs, etc., as mine all seem to rust fairly easily. I think the best thing you can do is bring your jigs in from the cold when you are done fishing; they will condensate pretty quick once they enter warmer air. Let them air dry. I think a desiccant pack will work, maybe even a little chunk of cedar to absorb moisture.

maybe try storing them jigs in one of the newer plastic boxes by flambeau or plano that claim to have anti-corrosive compounds in the plastic that will inhibit rust.

I have the same issues with trying to keep my flies dry. The best thing that has worked for me is to take your box of jigs or flies, bring them indoors after use, and let them air dry, next to a dehumidifier is even better. good luck.

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      FishinCT, I had a tough time hooking fish even on a Lindy yesterday! Cliff
    • CaptJohnWis
      Fished ALL day with Mike. Started out good with a couple doubles on pike but slowed way down. Ended up with three walleyes, eight pike and about 30 bass. Couldn't mark many today whereas on Saturday I marked lots of fish. All on soft plastics. Today's video link Mike can catch em without crawlers video    
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      Fished about 3 hours this afternoon. Had 7 bites and missed them all. Tried bigger hooks on the jig and hooked minnows through the mouth out the back of the head.  Good solid strikes too but no luck. I'll try lindys and some lighter jigs tomorrow to see if that helps
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      Bahahaha, on Black Friday! Some guy must of come up with this idea? Good luck getting my wife to go!
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      My wife and I fished Friday and Saturday.  Friday we got out around noon, fished shallow rocks (15 to 22ft), mid-depth reef (15 to 28ft), and shallow sand flats (8 to 20ft).  Bite was slow to non-existent, wind was strong and fierce at 18 to 24mph.  Boat control was tough and we ended the day about 4pm.  Told my wife the sacrifice was not worth the excitement.   Saturday was a different story.  Calm with some sun.  Got out by 10am and started out fishing shore rocks (15 to 28ft) and picked up a couple.  Around noon moved to deeper reefs and bang we found fish, nice ones too.  We were trolling very slowly, i.e. 0.1 to 0.3 mph until we marked and caught fish.  Then we'd anchor up on them until the bite went away.  Ended the day 3 short of our walleye/sauger limit.   Talked with others indicating the bite on Thursday was very good, Friday was tough, and Saturday was a bit better.  We took the boat to the dealer for YE service, so we are done for the year. ...oh and got all three snowmobiles started too.  This was a first.