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Why no waterfowl zones in MN???

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Why are there no zones in MN for waterfowl? Minnesota spans about 400 miles from North to South!!!!

Does anyone know why they lump the entire state together?

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We have been asking that question for years. Would you expect anything less from the MN DNR??

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There are all kinds of zones in MN for waterfowl.

Metro Zone, Lac Qui Parle, Southeast, Thief, Swan Lake, etc...

Not exactly sure what the question is.

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Those are zones for geese. I think he means for ducks. Many states have multiple zones and seasons for those zones kind of like deer hunting. For example, WI has a north and south zone. The north zone starts earlier and ends earlier than the south zone due to the mirgation patterns giving hunters a more even chance at seeing the migration.

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We can't agree or compromise on limits

People still shoot swans

Find five people that could agree on where the split would be...

The DNR would likely be sued to provide an EIS

If they charged twice for license and limits Schara and Anderson would blast them for taking duck hunting out of the reach of the 'average' waterfowler and kids

Schara apparently doesn't like complexity in regulations, why make him mad

If Winnie doesn't freeze before the South's season ends the North would be accused of short-stopping


It took us 30 years to switch from noon to 9:00 am on opener, we've got time!

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    • sparetime
      Seems to be flooding out.  I have pulled the plug after trying to restart and its wet, so yes flooding out. 
    • Surface Tension
      After it dies pull the spark plug. Is it wet or is it dry. 
    • leech~~
      oilandwater Welcome to the forum.  Thanks for the report. Any Loopers in the mix with the Coho's? 
    • nytelyter
      i want to attend this year and will put it on the calendar been a couple of years since i have been up there .
    • Bluegill Dan
      Anyone fishing this lake? How is the ice and bite?
    • freeman82
      has anyone been out to swan lake thinking of going this weekend. never been to this lake but have heard good things. 
    • oilandwater
      Only ice is in McQuade harbor and Knife River, and not much at that.  Cohos are biting really well on some days for guys fishing off the Two Harbors break wall. Pretty miserable conditions in which to fish, though....    South shore has good ice around Washburn, and a few cohos mixed in with good catches of Browns, spoke, and whitefish. Cohos on MN side have averaged 13-14" this winter.
    • Bass Thumb
      I have been using a Strikemaster Lithium Lazer 50v electric auger the last couple years. Very happy with it, but I'm limited to about 70-100 feet of ice drilled per charge, depending on temp/hardness of ice. That's more than enough for most bluegill trips, but it's lacking when the ice gets thick and I'm trying to find walleyes on big water during full-day trips. I find myself not drilling as many holes as I would like in an attempt to ration the charge. I just picked up an Eskimo P1 Rocket 8" propane auger. My buddy has the 10" and it's the best auger I've ever used. If anyone wants to really aerate a lake, the Rocket fits the bill. I'll use this along with the Strikemaster electric to meet all of my drilling needs. I haven't used the Rocket yet. It's in the mail. I'm excited at it's light weight in particular. 26 pounds. 
    • leech~~
      Next time you give it a try. Take a flash light and look up to make sure the throttle flapper is returning to the closed position when you let off the gas and it dies. I have had them stick open or half open then your more or less trying to restart it at half or full throttle which may just be flooding it out. It's either starving for gas or flooding.  Let us know if you solve it.  Good Luck.
    • huntnfish
      I never fished north of Wahpeton. When I fished down there I'd go south. There's normally some walleye biting early in the year south of the main road through town. I don't know how it would be this time of year. I always fished it first ice because that was usually fishable before most lakes. If you do go out I'd recommend bringing someone along and having a chisel along to check ice. That river ice can be very inconsistent. 
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