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Jeremy airjer W

Is your propane tank expired?

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I have been running into a lot of expired tanks lately and then it dawned on me, its been 5 years since the OPD valve was made mandatory.

As you all know as of April 1, 2002, all propane tanks from 5 to 45 pounds have to have an OPD valve. These valves starting showing up in new tanks around 1999 in anticipation of the new requirement. The old tanks were retrofitted with a new OPD valve and recertified. This recertification is only good for 5 years and then the tank needs to be recertified again. April 2007, is five years after the mandatory OPD requirement.

What can you due? Check the date stamp on your tank. If its the original manufacture stamp you tank is good for 12 years after that date. If its a recertification stamp its good for 5 years. If its expired you have three option. 1 - you can bring it to a propane jobber and have it recertified for a fee. 2 - You can exchange them (most if not all places will no longer except tanks that do not have an OPD valve). 3 - Buy a new tank and dispose of the old one. most counties have a hazardous waste facility that will tank them and dispose of them properly.

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    • megofishing
      I am planning on kayaking and fishing the Cannon River this season--between Cannon Falls and Hwy 61. I just want to know if the current is generally swift or lazy, i.e., can I paddle BACK to my entrance spot or do you  need to drift downstream and do the two vehicle thing. I understand it may depend on how low or high the river is at any given time, but in general, when things are 'normal', can you paddle back with little difficulty?
    • maxpower117
      I'll keep it short and simple. The causes of boom and bust on Mille Lacs.    1. Improperly managed slot limits. Too many large fish are allowed in the lake.  2. Netting during spawn. Poor spawning success.    The recent years of high catch rates rates indicate a good 2013 year class but most importantly it is a red flashing light for anyone paying attention. High catch rates are a result of good population AND low or decreasing forage. I put AND in caps because fish won't bite like they have  when they're not hungry.    Cut down that year class class before it's too late. I give it 2 more summers before another crash is inevitable.    Round and round we go, where it stops, nobody knows. 
    • megofishing
      After using most of the brands you've mentioned, I absolutely love Lunkerhunt frogs...real lifelike, and don't seem to fill up with water as much as the others. They also hold up really well--caught some pike and bowfin without them getting destroyed. I have been using the "Croaker" color exclusively, but definitely picking up some other patterns. They also make a popper frog which is great if you want to make a little more noise.
    • megofishing
      I agree with AlwaysFishing--you can come down in line weight for braid if you're just straight up bass fishing. I personally like 30lb if there are a lot of toothy critters around. I use 50-60lb when going after pike and muskie. Have you ever tried fireline for your spinning rod? When jigging, wacky worming, etc., I use 8-12lb fireline exclusively--you can feel EVERYTHING and no stretch is an added bonus. 
    • JBMasterAngler
      Very high expectations. Especially that splake...36 inches would be 2.5 inches longer than what the state record is.