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Pulled my LX-3tc out the other day again to top off the battery. Unit was NEW last year and only used maybe 20 hours all season.

Did so about (6) weeks ago as well.

The battery read -0- according to the meter.

Plugged in the charger and it started charging.

Took about (5) hours and was reading 100%

Unhooked it and it held 100% for a day.

Today (day 3) it's @ 90%

Is this normal discharge ? Want to make sure I'm juiced up and good to go. Might buy another just for assurance.

Digital meter was NOT connected but to just check charge level.

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it probably has lost some capacity due to its being discharged for so long. you are always supposed to store your batteries full and top them off at least once a month.

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It was @ full charge at seasons end and topped off three times since up through Sept. Don't know why it was dead or reading dead.

Meter was not connected to it either !!

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You may have a weak battery.

I would turn on the flasher and let it run for a couple of hours. Recheck the charge meter after that. If you still have at least 70% charge your battery is still good.

Be sure to recharge your battery after the test run! wink.gif


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if you had by chance left the charge meter connected it is the cause of its discharceing i am on my third year with mine and am doing just fine on charge aand run time but i have chagrged it about three or four times since last season. and i did see that ff had the batteries and a charger on sale this week for 15.99. ... paul

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I picked one up in Owatonna FF yesterday.

Was $19.99 put it on the counter.

Gal at the counter grabbed a box identical to the one I picked out. Hers had a charger in it, mine did not.

Batteries were identical, mine was $19.99 hers was $15.99 (lol)

I looked at her and she said don't even ask, I don't know why .(lol)

My battery seems ok but another one will only be insurance !!

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    • ZachD
      Nice job I will be out on Sat in the boat
    • hitthebricks
      Sounds like my problem, Thanks  
    • JBMasterAngler
      Small minnow raps, #2 mepps spinners, small spoons. Don't need anything else.
    • curt quesnell
      What a great day jigging out in the mud. Little or no wind all day and it was pretty warm but fish were active, biting and large. A big change came yesterday on my close by spots that threw me for a loop but the fish a few miles away seem unphased. I will say it again a great day!
    • monstermoose78
      Thanks for the advice Dave  I dont let Finn fetch on check cord any more. I only used it when he was a pup
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      There are public beaches at both Hoodoo Point in Tower and McKinley Park in Soudan. Cliff
    • leech~~
      In the summer they seem to be about 20' feet down over 50'-80' feet of water. We trolled small raps with what ever would get it down there. I also had down riggers to use.  You could try some deep hook and slip bobbers with a worm in some of the deeper bays to see if they will take it?  Good luck.
    • MinDak Hunter
      I have a bait/rigging question. The kids and I were out on Big Watab chasing a suntan and when I told them that the lake has trout they wanted to try for them but I mostly fish sunnies and crappies. What would I need to get to fish for trout out there? Looking back in the forums I see that some guys use leadcore (I'm not buying new rod/reels) and some use bobbers. Any advice on a common bobber set up? Also, I have an "active" 10 year old so it seems that jigging works best to keep him busy, any advice on jigging for trout?
    • fishingtime13
      Update! Water is way down! But I was able to get a smallmouth with a topwater plug.  And a catfish broke my leader off a  worm, was very confused. Going again tomorrow     
    • otterman91105
      Thanks for the tips guys i ended up buying 1/4. Rocks are tuff to fish. I always lose a few jigs