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Basic archery help

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Need some help with beginner stuff. What is a typical long bow combination? i.e. 40lb pull means what length arrows? Is a right hand bow actually held with left hand, string drawn with right? Just trying to find a simple outfit for target shooting, no hunting. Will probably try to buy some use stuff off internet and can't remember stuff I used to know!! Thanks. wink.gif

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Do you mean longbow as in no wheels? Or long bow as in "not a crossbow?" If you're looking into traditional archery (which, in my opinion, is a lot more fun), there are a lot of websites that can help. Stickbow and Trad Gang come to mind. Basically, arrow length depends on draw length. Draw length depends on the length of your arms. Generally, a 6' tall guy draws 28", plus or minus. I'm 6' tall, and my main bow is 68" from tip to tip, and it's 55# at a 28" draw length. You can go pretty light for targets, and I'd suggest a low weight for your first bow. 30# to 40# is pretty good.

Compound bows are a different story... I'll let someone else answer those questions.

Good luck. Shooting a longbow, even at straw bales, is a heck of a lot of fun.

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I think Husker did a great job at answering your question... Arrow length is dependant on you... and bows are usually measured at 28 of draw. So if you draw less than that you will not get the poundage that is listed on the bow..

You are correct in your RIght hand thoughts.. a Right handed bow is held with the Left hand. I have 2 recurves, they are fun.. I dont hunt with them, but they can be a bunch of fun... Up at our cabin we play a game called Barchery.. which is a combination of boccie ball and archery...

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      Shagawa in Ely has a public beach.  That's the closest to Bear Head that I know of.  You'd have to launch a ways across the lake but you could just motor over to it.
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      Sorry for late response.  The Gander in Eden Prairie had quite a few...
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      Catfishing is pretty stable right now. The water is getting very low making the north end of Grand Forks begin to get sketchy for travel.  The lack of current has the fish spread out also.  Stay on the move and when you land of fish you should have no trouble catching them.  The best areas have been anywhere you can find more current than the surrounding area.  The middle of the River in mid range holes has also been a good place to look. 
        Bait has changed for me this week with frogs being the hands down number one so far.  Sucker and goldeye have been working too.  I still believe getting bait in front of the fish is is the key more than what the bait is but try it all.   Remember the I-29 Catfish Classic is in just 2 weeks.
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      Made it out last night. Beautiful night. Caught a bunch of Crappies, sunnies, a norsky and a few walleyes. All CR. Amazing how quiet the lake was. I was the only boat out for the most part. First boat in parking lot at 5:30 and no AI inspector this time. Have not seen them for quite awhile now.... Water temp was 78. Panfish were caught on simple Jig/plastic in about 12 feet along shoreline weeds. Walleyes on spinner/crawlers in 17-20 on midlake structure.
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      Berserker Bass.   This is probably the most exciting hit I have ever had from a bass.   Had to slow it down to get the full effect .Berzerker bass video
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      Have not fished down there but up river a little way in the Ramsey area I have been doing well on smallies Either trolling raps up river bouncing of the bottom or drifting down pounding the shorelines with meps spinners.   Meps are one of my favorite lures for the river that and buzz baits.   The Mississippi is fun because you have a chance at catching anything.
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      Go to the fields off hwy 10 where diamonds used to be and where the boat launch is in Ramsey. I plant feathers and stuff there sometimes there is a variety of tall grass around there.   the best pre buy program I have found is at golden meadows. if you put money on an account before aug 26 the prices are  depending on when you go Aug. 20 - Sept. 4
      Sept. 5 - Oct. 2
      Oct. 3 - Nov. 6
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      Hmmm...getting a prosthetic foot and attaching hooks now
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