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There was a post started about the tragic "accidental" shooting of a 60 year old gentleman near Elbow Lake. It seems to have been slowed down by a moderator or whom ever. I totally understand, but I have to say Wallygals post really changed the tone of the posts. I am all about nixing a witch hunt, but the fact is someone died when it 100% could of been avoided. For those that don't want people to jump to conclusions, etc. What if it was your Son, Dad, friend or other loved one that was killed? You don't flipping pull the trigger, ever, if there is even a flicker of doubt in your mind where your hunting partners are. It was a accident, but most definetly one that could of been avoided. Prayers go out to the family of all involved.

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Rozman, "someone died when it 100% could of been avoided."

Don't you think that this youngster is playing that over and over an over in his mind right now at this very second. I can tell you he is wishing that he could take back that bullet. If I could I'd take on the roll of consoling this kid right now I would.

To use this as a learning experience now is not the right time.

I have a youngster that is getting into shooting and hunting. I don't want him to hurt himself or anyone else.

I've been vigilant on his firearm safety.

If I use any incidents as a learning experience its between him an I. I won't publicly use any tragedy to do that for anyone on a forum. Not when it it puts more suffering to those families involved.

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    • ZachD
      That's what I have been reading after more research I will probably replace my thermal with one when the time comes but for now I am looking for a smaller lighter house I can use when by myself. Better than canvas craft is saying something!
    • Jighead4914
      Hey Leech, two of my freinds try on saturday. They fish opener for trout every year on big trout. they got skunked. they fish for about 6+ hours. hope update help.
    • TrueNorth
      I don't have much skin in the game here.  I take 2 trips a year to Vermilion and absolutely love the lake, area and in particular the West side.  Without question, our goal is to own a property on this lake for retirement.    People hate change.  Simply don't go if you don't like the prices or the new owners.  The restaurant/bar business is a bitch so I say kudos for trying something different.  With any business, previous owners don't let go of gold mines so there was a reason it was for sale.     I'll be a patron the few weeks I'm up there.  If I don't like it, I won't go back.  Premium prices demand premium quality and service.  I hope they succeed.      
    • Big A
      Don't believe I've made one single point actually. I've just been honest. Very rare thing on the internet. I'm sure you understand that.  
    • Stick in Mud
      Funny you say that, Bassthumb.  The slow bite under our house was last dad was up Tuesday and Wednesday this week and he lost count of how many fish they caught.  We've been on a very inconsistent bite this year, though...every time we think about moving the house, we have a day or two of especially good bite before it slows down again.