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curt quesnell

Report from 11-3 and 4

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Another beautiful weekend for fishing Lake of the Woods

or the Rainy River. Decent temperature and light winds

made the time in the boat very comfortable. Fish that were

VERY eager to bite made the days a lot of fun.

We had breakfast on Sunday at River Bend with a couple

of guys fishing the river with very good success, I told them

the lake ought to be just as good with no hassles from the

current. They both immediately said they would stay in the

River because that’s where the nicer fish would be. It made

me think about the hundreds of fishermen who come up

every year to fish in the Rainy River without any thought at

all about fishing in the lake.

There is no wrong answer (other than maybe to not fish).

The lake was beautiful and almost flat when we set out on

Saturday to far off hot spots. Tremendous fishing, with

keepers and slots biting on Jigs and frozen Shiners until

impending darkness had us heading for home. Not 100s

of fish but 25 or so in just a couple hours.

Sunday we considered the river and opted for the Morris

Point Gap and the fishing was as good there as the 24 mile

run we made on Saturday. Perch, Pike, Saugers and

Walleyes of various sizes kept us hopping till quitting time

at noon. The biggest Walleye I have had on all year came

unbuttoned just after we saw the flash of his tail at about

10 Sunday morning..

The fishing just keeps getting better and the number of

boats on the water keeps getting smaller. Go figure.

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thanks for the great report Curt. Keep a few in the area for the hard water season, not too far away now. How are things at Riverbend? Everybody ready for the ice season I'm sure. good luck and hang on. Bill

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We just got back on Sunday after two GREAT days of fishing. Friday was windy, but productive, and Saturday was perfect. All in all my boat caught and released over 75 17-19 inch walleyes. Morris point seemed to the area to catch great numbers of fish, but the river seemed to produce the larger fish released 7 fish over 23 inches. Caught one big pig 29 inch 9 lbs 11 oz late Sat. afternoon. Love to post a picture but not sure now to.

On a side note we stayed at River Bend both nights and the people there are GREAT! Going to book a couple of ice fishing trips with them

Living The Dream cool.gif

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Hey bturck, this is the buck. When is your 1st trip up to Riverbend scheduled this winter? A friend of mine and I are planning to go up and we would like to stay at Riverbend and trade stories with you in the evening.

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thebuck: first trip is Dec 26-28. Another in Jan, Feb and then again late March. Let me know if you'll be at the Bend during any of those dates and we'll hook up for a cold one and a couple of lies....LOL Bill

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What areas of the river have been the most productive? I would like to get out into Morris Gap but my boat is smaller and if it is windy I need a back up plan. Thanks!

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    • Knowknot
      That sounds encouraging. Did you notice all the dead carp on shore? I wonder what's up with that, a virus or something maybe?
    • eyeguy 54
      thats a good priority    
    • TNtoMN_HuntFish
      I've never trout fished in MN and was hoping to get some help as a newcomer to the state. I know there are a lot of streams but I've also read that DNR info on them is often out of date and I dont want to drive an hour or more to a desolate stream.    Most seem to either have only browns or only small brooks. I really am after some medium size, 12 to 14 inches, rainbow trout for the smoker so I definitely will release any big browns if I catch one.    I've got waders and a kayak and am willing to do what is necessary to get to good, less pressured water.    Bonus offer, I have 2 very stable fishing kayaks, you can stand up in them, and would be more than happy to let you use one if you wanted to organize a float down river in exchange for showing me a decent spot to get some rainbows. Any takers or advice?    Edit - I live in Andover and would prefer to keep the drive below an hour and a half unless it's a well worth while stretch of water. 
    • SkunkedAgain
      That's a really neat boat
    • kunzi26
      Unfortunately as close as I came to pulling the trigger I'm going to put it off until next year (might be getting my hands on a little boat later this year though). Buddy of mine has a canoe that we're going to rig up best we can and get out a few times. I'll be buying some decent waders instead and adventuring out that way into the river. 

      Thanks for the advice, it's killing me that I can't get out on the water! House downpayment takes priority though... unfortunately.