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Scott M

Big Al Re-Signs

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Scott M

Glad to hear on Friday that Big Al got signed up for 5 more years. The trade for KG would have been lopsided if they would have allowed Jefferson to leave after just a year.

Jefferson's agent wanted 80, and they settled on $65. And Al would have gotten $80 on the free agent market with the numbers he will put up this year. He's gonna get 32-38 minutes a night, and will average a double double at half Garnett's age. That puts Jefferson on a back loaded contract that tops out at $15 million, a bargain with much flexibility compared to Garnett's 20+ million a year.

I have to hand it to both Jefferson for telling his agent to take the deal and to the Minnesota Brass for getting it through before the 11 p.m. deadline last Friday. This is MN, nobody before KG ever wanted to play here. Al is showing a lot of maturity to say he wants the challenge of being the man, of replacing KG in sorts.

He will be a beast and this KG trade may end up being lopsided in favor of the Wolves.

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Scott K

The wolves have a future, lots of young talent, and for once were collecting first round picks, and not giving them away. I wasnt heart broken as much as most people with the Garnet trade, I think the Wolves got a good deal for him. We had KG for many years and tried ( maybe not real hard ) to build a winning team around KG, and really never got it done, it was in the Wolves best interest in my opinion to try something new, get what they can out of trading KG, and rebuild. So far its looking good.

I dont think Al will replace KG himself, but he is real good, and can build apon that. We will come out a better team by trading KG, maybe not this year, but soon.

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I seen parts of the wolves first 2 games and they were kind of fun to watch. Locking up big Al is key. I did see that Telfair turned down an extension.

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Scott M

He had a nice quote last night regarding his recent contract extension after the Wolves' loss to Orlando.

[He signed a five year, $65 million extension last week. After signing that deal, Jefferson shocked the local media in attendance at the press conference when he said he didn't feel like he had proven himself to deserve the max contract just yet.

"I just felt like I had more work to do," Jefferson said again on Tuesday night. "Dwight Howard got max and I think he proved himself to get max because all three years he's been in the league, he's proved himself to be a max player. I just had a great year last year."

Jefferson is 22 and Howard will turn 22 in December.]

Howard had a 28/16 to Jefferson's 25/10. Jefferson needs to become a better rebounder to the degree that Howard is, but has shown large improvements in his post game. If he got to the free throw line like Howard did last night, he could have really distanced himself in points scored.

I was at this game last year and Howard had a 20/20 against KG.

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    • OhioVike
      I picked up new rain gear last year.  I took a layering approach and went with Gill. I love the stuff and can more comfortably wear it in warmer climates.   jacket - bibs - bib& insul bib -        
    • h8go4s
      Like stocking walleyes into every mudhole in the state? Yes, I'm exaggerating, but if walleye stocking were ended, lots of lakes would eventually be walleye-free. Stocking fish in Minnesota (walleyes, trout and muskie for the most part) is done to boost tourism and all the various industries associated with tourism. That includes resorts, bait shops, restaurants, boat manufacturers and retailers, tackle manufacturer and retailers, clothing manufacturers and retailers, guides, advertising, publishers, websites and probably others I haven't thought of. It's a big part of the economy, and the popularity of muskie fishing is booming. The state should promote and support muskie fishing just like walleye fishing for the same reasons. No, I'm not a muskie fisherman. I own a few muskie baits and occasionally fling them around, but not seriously. I'm too old and my shoulders are too lame to do that very long. I've caught maybe 6 muskies in the last 15 years, and most of them were caught bass fishing.
    • Wanderer
      I need to pick up 1 or 2 Muskie combos by June but haven’t fully decided what I want. Other than that, I’m taking it easy. My checking account is still feeling the effects Black Friday 2017. 
    • muskie-mike
      A bag of 50 1/16oz jig heads,that's it so  
    • monstermoose78
      Thanks to those who came
    • phishslayer
    • eyeguy 54
      True dat!  Ducer slides right next to the ice. I did fish in a couple 8 inch holes yesturday for a couple minutes after some guys left. Almost felt like i needed a life jacket on!! Lol
    • Alex wilhelmi
      I'm so jealous of you guys, I put my ice fishing gear away couple nights ago. It took 3 Busch lights and and one Keystone light tall boy to muster up the courage to pack it away till next winter. Sad day.
    • pikeandchester
      Spent some time on on Francis today. Ice on the main part of the lake looks to be in great shape but the west access is pretty bad. Got the ATV out, Probably not getting a vehicle out though. Saw one car out, don’t know where they got on the ice. Shore isn’t pulling away yet (other than the access).
    • IceHawk
      You hole hop like me or the guys I fish with you just added another 50 holes or better to your day doubleing them up for transducers. Rarely do we plop down in one spot unless its lights out!