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Here's a story to get deer hunters warmed up

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1958 antlers given new life

Submitted by Journal Staff on October 26, 2007 - 10:37am.

By Kathy M. Ellsworth

It was 1958. An ice house that belonged to Red Rogers was rebuilt and was now a 14 x 16 hunting shack, moved to a place in the north woods, south of Ray, Minn.

The shack had a Kalamazoo Wood Cook Stove, one set of double bunks and one set of single bunks, table and chairs and could sleep six comfortably. Kenneth “Buzz” and Bob Hultman settled the camp for the enjoyment of hunting and family weekends. The one mile trip behind the Frank House home was sometimes filled with ruts and deep mud holes. Bob Hultman had a Jeep pick up, that frequently was used to transport people, gear and pulling other vehicles out from the mud. It was always worth the effort to get to the quaint little shack.

Slaughter Hill

Hunting season of November 1958, Buzz and Bob Hultman, Cliff Weum, Keith Seward and guest Orin “Bugs” Tollefsrud had gathered at the shack for the deer hunt. South/southwest of the shack was a hill. On the top of the hill, the ridge had a huge cutting of old pine stumps and a beautiful view of the area surrounding the hill. In the past, it took an hour and a half to go around a swamp to get to the ridge, but the harvest of deer from that hill, made it worth it. Recently Buzz and Bob had received an ariel photo of the area. The guys made a trail through the swamp, using the photo and it cut the hour and a half walk to about 12 – 15 minutes. The hill was named “Slaughter Hill.”

On the first day of deer season, the guys headed out for the Hill.

Tollefsrud did not have a rifle; he was using a 12-gauge shotgun with slugs. Bugs stated, “I’m not buying no rifle until I decide if I’m going to be a deer hunter or not.” Before spreading out the guys had a cup of coffee. Buzz brought Bugs to his hunting spot on the ridge and told him to stay there until one of the guys came back for him. Buzz found his place on a rock about a block away from Bugs. Bob went to his favorite hunting place and started a warming fire in an old stump. The smell of the wood smoke drifted through the hunting area. Cliff and Keith were spread out at their hunting spots.

No sooner then Buzz was settled, he looked down from the hill and there was a buck with its nose to the ground. With one shot of his 30-30 Winchester, the buck jumped in the air, ran around a small rock pile and dropped dead. Buzz was shaking from all the excitement.

Two shots

Just then he heard two shots. It was Bugs shooting his 12 gauge shotgun. Buzz decided to first walk over to check on Bugs before checking his deer. Bob, Cliff and Keith met just about the same time, where Bugs was standing next to a spike buck and a doe. His gun was leaning against a tree and when he was asked if he had gutted them out. Bugs looked up and said, “No, I don’t have a knife. There’s nothing to this deer hunting.” The group helped clean Bugs’ two deer and dragged them over to where Buzz’s buck was laying.

Buzz was the first one to the 12-point buck. The rack was a huge non-typical rack. After gutting the deer, one of the guys suggested quartering the buck to haul it out of the woods. Buzz said, “No way, it’s coming out just as it is.” The guys dragged their deer to the edge of the swap where Bob was waiting with his Jeep. They loaded the deer on the back and Bob broke out a six pack of Buckhorn beer. He said, “It’s time to take a break and drink to Bugs’ first deer hunt and Buzz’s big buck.” After one beer they brought the deer to the shack and hung the deer on the hanging pole.

They registered their deer and celebrated at the Standard Gas Station in Ray. A couple who ran the café/tavern, Ernie and Sylvia, was known for their good food and warm service. Hunters in the area would gather there to tell their stories.

The shack was a special place for many years of hunting and family fun. There was a old Plymouth sedan with chains on the tires and the kid’s would ask, “Let’s go for a ride around the horn.” Frequently they would get stuck and the whole gang would get out and push. Life was good. Happy memories of good times shared are cherished by many.

In the summer of 1969 Lightning struck and all that was left of the shack was the Kalamazoo Wood Stove.

The antlers of Buzz Hultman’s 1958 buck were mounted on a plaque in 1970 as a Christmas gift from daughter Kathy. They were in the cabin on Grindstone Island until it was sold and then hung in the basement.

Son-in-law, Keith A. Ellsworth was inspired when he saw the antlers hanging in the basement. He was interested in the story behind the trophy rack and started asking Buzz questions.

Keith felt it was a “once in a lifetime rack” and it should be displayed where people could see it.” Keith’s wife Kathy, had shot an 8-point buck during the 2006 deer season. As a gift to Kathy, Keith had a excellent taxidermist, Greg Lundin, do a head mount of the deer for her. It was a beautiful gift in honor of Kathy’s big buck.

The mount

Buzz said, “Back in the 50’s people didn’t have the money to have head mounts done.” Keith asked if he could take the antlers to his good friend Greg. The antlers could have a cape attached with a mold and the 1958 “Slaughter Hill Buck” could be displayed for family and friends to see. Buzz agreed, saying, “Now I don’t want you spending a whole lot of money on this.” Keith smiled and the antlers were taken to Greg in early July 2007.

On Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2007, Keith rang the doorbell at his in-laws, Buzz and Evie Hultman’s home at about 5:30pm. Buzz answered the door. It had been 49 years; Buzz was taken back by seeing the full head mount with the huge non-typical 12 point antlers. He said, “It was like going back to 1958. Sitting on that rock and seeing that buck again for the first time. I could see my self looking down from “Slaughter Hill.” It was a beautiful spot and a beautiful deer and here it is again.”

Keith helped Buzz hang the head mount and it can be seen as you come in the back door of the house. Keith said, “It’s a once in a life time buck and I’m glad I could have Greg do a full head mount for Buzz.”

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Great story. My dad and his buddies used to have a deer camp up North and they always went for a week and this story reminded me of that place. We used to go in the Fall as kids when they would open up the deer shack and get things ready and prepared for the upcoming deer season. It was a great place to be - and I always wanted to be able to deer hunt with him at that deer shack. They stopped hunting there before I was the deer hunting age though - but I remember the place. My dad is in a nursing home now this year - and is going fast. It is the first year he wont be hunting with us - it wont be the same. Your story reminded me of some good times and memories - thanks.

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Really enjoyed reading the story thanks for sharing it with us. Do you have a photo to post? It really gets a guy pumped up for the upcoming opener. I will celebrate my 30th year in the deer woods next did that go by fast! Good Luck to all and have a safe trip!

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    • ZachD
      So I am torn I want to put a graph in my smaller boat.. I love my lx 6 flasher and am thinking about getting the high speed transducer for it and just going with that but I don't get why they charge $199 for it when bird and lowrance ducers are far less   I almost pulled the trigger on the lowrance hook 4 with down scan and chart plotter at gander for $179  I don't care about the chart plotter really as I have a big hand held gps that I use in that boat and that screen is larger than the hook 4 when you have it split plotter and graph they only had the display model left and wouldn't go lower price so I passed   If I can find the hook 4 at another gander that doesn't have the chart plotter for cheaper I may go with that   Does any one have experience with the lx on open water I hear it is at par with an lowrance elite 5 I am kind of wanting to go with that but don't know   What would you do run the lx open water or go with hook 4 with down scan  
    • bmc
      We survived our trip!  LOL   Fishing was steady.   We caught 30 walleyes in 3 days of fishing.  Usually fished from 11 am to 4 pm.  The 'eyes were running small, lots of 11 to 13 3/4" fish, but we did get 3 keepers.  We also kept a few nice perch and crappies.  We also caught a few snake northerns.   Jigging w/ chubs produced the best, but I did catch a few 'eyes on the crawler lindy rig combo.  Mid lake structure and underwater points off of islands all produced fish.  Mayflys were hatching, but the fish were still hungry. I did catch a 4-5 lb channel cat in the Savanna River one evening.   We stayed in the south loop of the Army Corp campground.  We liked that we were w/in about 30 yds of our boat which we kept at the dock.  The river on the north side of us and the lake on the south side offered a nice breeze to keep things cool and the bugs away for the most part.  Con's were the campsites are small and were too close together.  Also no turn around at the end of the south loop road.  The north loop was beautiful, spacious campsites, but surrounded by swamp and we heard the skeeters were bad at dusk.  Definitely want some thermacells or a screen tent to enjoy the evening by the sounds of things.  Also the docks aren't close/in view of the campsites.   We would definitely stay there again, on the north loop, in May or Sept. after the skeeters have died down a bit.   Staff was friendly, shower houses were nice, boat landings were nice.     Brian
    • MedicineMan
      Went out Thursday for a few hours. Caught a 28" Walleye along with a handful of nice sized Bass.
    • knoppers
      thanks for the report.
    • JBMasterAngler
    • JBMasterAngler
      Just got back from our 34th annual Grand Marais trip. Weather, and how bad it was, was the theme. At one point or another, it rained every single day we were there! The wind was miserable he last couple days as well. Really affected our fishing plans, as we had to cancel out on some of our normal lakes, and fish some less than desirable backup lakes.   As per tradition, we left in the middle of the night and pulled up to the Lester River just a few minutes before sunrise. Didn't catch anything there. Also got skunked at the Talmadge and French rivers. I got free admission at Tom's logging camp on account it was Father's Day  and as always, kids had fun feeding the animals. I did catch a few little rainbows out of sucker, knife, and Stewart rivers. Had our traditional "fisherman's breakfast" at McDonalds in Two Harbors. We stopped at the silver creek tunnel, and that was the first time I've been at the overlook since it was actually part of the highway back in '94. We rolled into Grand Marais at about 3:30 and had to wait out a rain storm before putting the boat out on Kimball Lake. We lost several trout, and in the end, only my 6 year old son caught 2 rainbows.   Monday we fished Greenwood Lake, and as was the case with my 2 older kids, my 3 year old daughter caught her very first fish here...a smallmouth bass! Between all of us, we caught about 130 bass, all of which were pretty small. Unfortunately no lake trout. However, a big surprise occurred...while casting for bass, I caught a herring! Then a few minutes later, my son caught one also! Never would have guessed I'd ever catch one in the summer, let alone 2!   Fished a "secret lake" on Tuesday and caught quite a few northerns. They were all either 5 pounds, or 6 inches long, nothing in between. My son caught an 8 pound, 33 incher, which ended up being the biggest fish of the trip. We was screaming, and excited, and wanted me to take his fishing pole. But after about 10 minutes he finally got it in so I could net it. He's still bragging about it. My 3 year old also caught her 2nd ever fish, a perch, which ended up being the only one of the trip.   Went up to Saganaga on Wednesday. I spent I don't know how many hours trying to catch lake trout, but didn't find any!  Finally gave up and ventured deep into red rock bay for the first time ever. Really nice back there, wish I would've went there first. Fishing was ok, considering the weather was starting to get bad. Caught the biggest bass of the trip, a hair over 18 inches. On the drive back we seen a bear. Ironically it was walking down the road to black bear lodge at Poplar Lake.   Biggest disappointment came on Thursday. The plan was to fish both Hungry Jack and West Bearskin lakes. The wind was terrible, and coming straight from the west. Had hungry jack not had the reputation as a big bass producer, I wouldn't have went here. Unfortunately the big bass weren't around, nor any bass for that matter. Only caught 4 small bass. Kids caught about a dozen or so sunnies from the dock at the resort, some of which were decent size. We didn't even bother with bearskin. There's no way we would be able to launch our boats in that wind. We went to Loon Lake instead. In the limited time we were there, we caught about 30 tiny bass. My 9 year old daughter also caught her first rock bass. I tried for lakers, and marked a lot of them, but didn't catch any.    So since we didn't fish West Bearskin as planned, we penciled it in for Friday. Knowing the weather was going to be bad, we picked Poplar Lake as our backup. I drove up to Mayhew Lake to start, because I wanted to check out the launch. I was able to get my boat down the launch, but it was a real tight fit. Nice little lake. We saw a mommy moose with 2 babies laying right on the shoreline. I got sick of trolling, so I decided to cast cranks along the drop offs of the one small stretch of shoreline that was out of the wind (relatively speaking). Hooked into a big fish! Got excited because I thought I finally had a lake trout! It was a northern!  never thought I'd be disappointed in catching a 5.5 pound pike, but that's what I was. Didn't bother going to Bearskin, as I knew the wind was too bad again. Went to Poplar, which is a lake I do not like! As is typical, the fishing was no good! He weather was bi polar! It would be bright and sunny, then rain for 20 minutes. Did that the whole rest of the day! Only caught 1 little pike and  1 little bass. Got excited for a minute, as whitefish started surfacing around my boat in the evening. I was hoping I could catch 1 or 2, but nope!    Saturday we were supposed to fish Two Island for a few hours before going home. But it was pouring rain. We didn't even bother driving around to different boat launches. So the trip ended on a sour note, but we still had lots of fun, seen a moose, had our donuts (I highly recommend the bacon maple longjohn by the way), and went to Sven & Ole's. I was going to go camping in Ely in July, but I think we'll come back to Grand Marais instead, and try to make up for what we missed out on due to the weather. IMG_6122.MOV
    • CaptJohnWis
      I have not been on Rainy much as of late. On June 12, I got 75 walleyes in about 6-8 FOW. On. June 15 (Sanctuary opener) I hit Stangi for several hours and only got four fish. June 17, got 20 fish in about five hours - mostly walleyes on a weed edge in about 8 feet of water. Many on jig with Lunker CIty trailers. Also some good ones on a feather jig. Bass were few and far between. Plus some pike but nothing huge. Biggest walleyes 24-25". Bass 18", pike 29". View my fishing report to see videos of lures that were working.   I did mark lots of fish in deeper water but they were dink walleyes so I did not fish them for long.The dinks are actually harder to catch on lures than bigger ones. They respond better to live bait which I don't use.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      We had a good bite on 1/2 crawlers today! Boated 45 walleyes and kept our limits of fish that were all between 15-1/2" and 19-3/4 "! Released at least 6 slot fish. Largest was a fat 25-1/2 inch fish. Best over all sized fish limit all summer! The walleyes were stuffed with either May fly nymphs or molted crayfish.  
    • Michael Felix
    • Michael Felix
      I've fished the hex hatch many times. In wisconsin.The hexs are out at my lakevplace in grand rapids Mn.  its usually a little later on the river. So this weekend into next week and the following week ought to be good. Late in the evening.. like  9:30 on...  I haven't been to the straight for years... I wish you'd let me know how it goes...