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Stream Clean-up on South Branch WW

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There's a clean-up this weekend on the South Branch of the Whitewater. As many of you know, the SBWW was one of the hardest hit streams during the August flooding, and there's a lot of debris that needs to be cleared out.

Through discussion with Steve Klotz and John Huber of the Minnesota DNR, the South Branch is at the top of the priority list for needed clean-up.

Consider taking some time out of your schedule to help with the clean-up this weekend. Without volunteers, it doesn't get done.


Here are the details...

OCTOBER 27 & 28, 2007

9:00 AM – 4:30 PM




During the August 18-19th SE Minnesota flash flood the South Branch of the Whitewater River rose 13.5’ and severely damaged the campground at K’s Meadow shredding two-dozen campers through the woods. The flood waters scattered debris 2 miles down stream leaving a major mess along the stream in the Wildlife Management Area and on Lloyd Kreidermacher’s

land. We need hands to help pick up the debris. Winona County with the help of FEMA will provide waste disposal. The MTA will provide lunch.

Directions: From Main Street in Altura follow the signs and go west on the Township Road down to the South Branch and follow the stream to K’s Meadow campground for registration and instructions.

What to bring: Wear sturdy shoes, gloves and clothes appropriate for the weather. We will pick up debris rain or shine. Bring your own water and beverages.

We need your help in the flood recovery effort. Please come

and spend as much time as you can clean up the South Branch

of the Whitewater River.




Contact Jeff Broberg at or 507-289-3919 if you can help. Some food is being donated to the effort and Jeff needs a head count by Friday.

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Lloyd's pasture is my favorite spot down there, I've seen some pics of the fishouses and know a bunch of the people, sad, really wish I could help, but have no way of getting there. frown.gif

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Ah the

Spoke with Steve on the phone earlier today, come home and see his name in print again.

Thanks for the efforts with this. Definitely a need!!

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Curious on how things went / are going?

Sorry I couldn't make it down to help......

Jim W

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No worries, it was a tough weekend to make for lots of people, including me, but there was a decent turn-out.

There was quite a bit of debris cleared out through K's on the near side of the stream (in relation to the road) on Saturday, and the goal was to get to the opposite side on Sunday. I'll try to track down some pictures...

We'll try to schedule some more clean-ups next spring; there's a lot of work to do and the DNR can't take care of it all.

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