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Scott M

Tank Johnson signs with....

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The Dallas Cowboys. They are still the same team as far as character guys that they always have been. Dallas lost its nose tackle in their season opener so position wise it makes sense.


Defensive lineman Tank Johnson, who cannot play until midseason because of an eight-game NFL suspension, reached a two-year agreement with the Dallas Cowboys on Tuesday.

Terms of the deal were not available. The agreement was reached 10 minutes before a deadline imposed by the Cowboys.

The former Chicago Bear visited team officials Monday night and hoped to have a deal in place by Tuesday afternoon. Although it is unclear what he can do between now and when he is reinstated by the league, the former Chicago Bear at least has a future employer.

"For a lot of reasons, he really just felt the Cowboys were the right fit," Johnson's agent, Jerrold Colton, told The Associated Press. "He's so thankful to them for giving him this opportunity. He is very determined to prove they made a wise decision in believing in him."

Johnson's suspension resulted form a probation violation on a gun charge that included a two-month prison term that he served in the spring.

Then, in June, Johnson was stopped by Gilbert, Ariz., police for speeding. His blood alcohol level was found to be .072, under the presumptive limit for DUI in Arizona, and Johnson was not charged. Still, the fact that he was out late at night and had been drinking might discourage commissioner Roger Goodell from reducing the suspension.

Once the Bears learned of the Arizona incident, Johnson was immediately released.

Johnson will have a half-season to learn the Cowboys' nose tackle position, as starter Jason Ferguson suffered a season-ending biceps injury in Dallas' season-opening win over the Giants

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The police go to his house more often than the paper boy. I'll bet he never plays a snap in Dallas.

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He'll play. There were a few teams I thought of and the Cowboys are one of them, the others would be the Raiders or Bengals. Hey, he would be one of the lesser charged guys on the Bengals, they have some convicted murderers on their taxi squad, don't they LOL (just kidding)

A million dollar body and a 10 cent brain. We will miss his talent here in the Windy buy not his antics. Good riddance to bad rubbish! You can take the boy out of da hood but you can't take da hood out of the boy.


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    • HugeHogChaser
      Good morning all,   I will be heading up to camp with a couple family members at Devils Track Campground this weekend. I've caught plenty of smallies from shore there, but I was interested in the walleye population. This time, I will have my boat with me. Not looking for any honey holes, just some recommendations on what they may be biting on, or what depth they may be hanging in. I see some groups of islands near the south side of the lake... anybody know anything about fishing around those?    Any information is much appreciated. thanks in advance and have a great week!!    
    • delcecchi
      Been pretty stable in the low 70s.  73, 74, depending on time of day..   With the cool nights, was 55 last night, and moderate days in the 70s, it seems likely to stay there.   Pleasant for water sports.
    • TNtoMN_HuntFish
      I've heard some discouraging information lately as I chat with folks at the bow range. I was looking forward to the unlimited antletless harvest in 601 so I spent some time scouting the rather small WMAs we have and found some good sign. Word is that although the pressure isn't too bad for deer during archery season, the squirrel hunters will be thick. Not only will they crack at one in the tree you're in with a .22 but they just walk all over the place with no regard to your being there and ruin the woods as far as any possibility of deer traffic. Is it really that bad?    The problem is that our WMAs are so tiny that a few squirrel hunters can trash the whole morning hunt easily.    I love small game hunting too but anytime I'd see a hunter in a tree I would travel very far around him out of respect for other hunters. I realized last waterfowl season the majority of metro hunters don't have that respect though. 
    • TNtoMN_HuntFish
      Thanks, it was a great morning. Now that I'm addicted to the fly, what do I do with all that expensive spin gear?? 
    • PSU
      Any updates on water temps?
    • nmitchell17
      No idea the brand, it's an 8 inch, it's in good shape needs a sharpening I would imagine.  Haven't used it for a couple years
    • otterman91105
      Hey guys heading up to the canadian side in a few weeks just wondering when fishing over rocks what works better 1/4 or 3/8 for jigs to stay out of the rocks?
    • ANYFISH2
      7/20 day 6 Today was was the feast day. Spending most of the day hanging on shore visiting and eating the weeks catch of fish for lunch and burgers and salads for supper.  Some water time for the kids and the wife.  Avas' parents also drive up to spend the evening around the fire.  It was quite the family affair.   Fishing today was targeted towards finding the big panfish for my folks to catch.  This plan was an utter failure.  Both boats out this evening and no one could find the panfish!  Frustrating to say the least. I decided late in the evening to go back after walleyes to try and put the folks on some fish.  I ended up boating only 1 northern 20", Dad landed a 18", 17", and 14" walleye, while mom boated a 14" walleye, and 2, 8" bluegills.  Not bad for a fall back plan the last hour and a half.   7/21 day 7   Today was a day to say goodby to My folks and the borther and sister inlaw.  As well as to start to sad action of packing up and being ready for our trip back home early the next morning. Our late afternoon was interupted by a nice strong thunderstorm that would rattle cabins, dump a ton rain, and light a couple of trees on fire around the lake from lightning strikes!  Also leaving us without power for 7 hrs.  It was a good storm. With the kids off to a movie, and the in laws on shore with boat.  It was just me off to lake for one last fishing outing after the storm.  With only a little over an hour fish i hit our standard walleye spot.  With old faithful providing me with two small walleyes 12" and 14".  The darkness came and fishing for the week was over.    
    • curt quesnell
      I was to Graceton a couple of times and saw the boats but never saw the fish. I really like that are but missed it this year. Bouncers in reeftops is hot as heck right now. Lemms was loaded with big biters yesterday. Good plan. I have been jigging out in the mud, more and more fish out deep every day. Good luck
    • srj
      Hey Curt, not me. But I might get over that way tomorrow as I'm coming up this afternoon. Depending on the wind, I hope to go reef hopping pulling bouncers rather than trolling. I'm curious if the big school is still sitting over east of LP, more or less in front of the Graceton cut. It was a big bunch of fish. A week or so of stable weather would sure be nice. The only  time the wind seems to blow from the same direction for more than a day is if it is somewhere out of the north.