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I'm heading up to mille lacs this comin weekend and was wondering how the walleyes and smallmouth are biting and what techniques are working (Crankbaits, rigging, etc.)

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By the way this board is going, I would say pretty slow.

But! get up and have some fun. Who knows, you could get in on some good fish.

Like they say, a bad day of fishing is still sure better than a good day at work. IMO tongue.gif

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went out last night and caught 9 walleyes but the weather was horrible and we only fished from 7 30 to 10 00. The biggest was 26 1/2 and we only got 2 keepers but it was a good time for the most part. Heading back out today hopefully

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The Grebe

We were up yesterday and got into the perch, lots of little ones..had to really work for the jumbos, but it was fun doing it. Artificals out fished live bait by alot! We were kinda monitoring the other boats.

The wind was really kicking and it was hard to hold, for us anyways. One time we thought we had really dug in, we had..the anchor got hooked around a huge cable and we had to fight that thing for about a half hour before we were able to get loose....up it would come, then down it would go...finally with cranking and tugging we got it to the surface and got ourselves free...I wasn't about to give up my anchor without a fight!

The anchor deal was the first thing....then we are sitting there fishing, minding our own business and a boat with two young 20 something lads pulls up, anchors into the wind and within 5 minutes with the whole of Mille Lacs lake out there for them, one of the nimrods casts about a 4 pound orange beetle spinner right into our boat!

It wasn't the wind, the wind couldn't have moved that thing!

I had serious thoughts about whipping out my Buck knife and cutting it off....using it for an anchor to help us stay put! I opted to just ignore it for a minute or two, let em sweat...then I just plopped it back over the side...the fella did apologize, but if that thing would have hit me in the head? I would probably be drinking soup through a straw right now! grin.gif

All in all it was fun and I really didn't get angry with that young fella with the bad aim...I was just puttin for thought.

Gotta go up again next week-end, maybe the wind will cooperate a litte better....which reminds me, I best go buy me one of them 400 pound Mille Lacs anchors.

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    • Rick G
    • Hines R
      Tamarack Island Wilderness Lodge is pretty accommodating. Grassy Narrows Lodge is one of the nicer lodges in my opinion on the Canadian Southern portion. We made a point of stopping at a bunch of locations last year and this is good sized and really nice. At this point it would be my preferred Lodge on that portion of the lake. Both of these are boat into and on an island. Ryan
    • HugeHogChaser
      any luck there? i've never had luck. hoping to break my unlucky streak soon.
    • HugeHogChaser
      Good afternoon guys, I live in Burnsville and I was wondering if anyone has had much luck on Crystal Lake for bass and Pike? I've fished it a few times and only caught 2 bass in a total of 8 hours.  Not looking for any specific locations, but any tips would be much appreciated!!!   Live bait? Plastics? Troll cranks for pike? thanks guys, have a great day. Gabe   
    • smurfy
      i hope soo!!!!!! but being it MEA weekend 'm guessing it will be a zoo till sunday!!!!!!!
    • gunner55
      There were 5 maybe 6 boats over at the resort Thursday - Sunday. Heard they were doing some hunting too. Pretty quiet on the bay, most of the docks & lifts are out. Probably going to get real quiet after you show up.
    • jayway
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    • Smoker
      I will check it out a little latter. It looks like a good idea. I do a small diamond wrap on a lot of my ice rods.
    • gimruis
      I'm gonna go but not before some of these crops get harvested.  It may not be until Thanksgiving but at least I'll increase my odds if I wait for a better chance of success.
    • monstermoose78
      I have not seen a bird during season yet but I will get one or two I hope