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Working some more slabs and bulls

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It was 48 degrees thismorning.

Overcast and looking like rain.

Rick & I headed for the crappie lake and hit our usual spots.

WRONG! the slabs were not looking for protection from the sun .

So we decided to hit the river.


It's gill time!


I drilled a few bulls then it's slab time!


We worked the river and picked them off 1 ata time.

I had a bowfin attach!


Boy did I get a run for my money there.

Rick caught a goegous slab..


Then I did too.


We had a great day & I'll say that hitting the river in the morning will be awesome or at least really freakin great.


Everything was huge but about 7 fish.


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After yesterday of drilling them in the river we head out again for some great action.

I got the 1st one under the bridge and that was it.

We casted for an hour with nothing to show.

What was that?


So up the river we go to where we got them yesterday .

Nothing...nothing...and some more nothing.Now what?

Where did they go?

Are they done?

Is the pressure too high?

Is it too windy?

Is it too early?

Well we decided to go back to the bridge and walla,they are back.


We caught gills and slabs and this rocky even.


We cast into the shade & there they were.

We smoked several dozen for a few hours.


I think with grousing starting these will be the last until ice up.


I took Rick for a buck both days and with the Vikings winning over the Dirtybirds I'll add anothe 5 spot.

T'was a good weekend all around.

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I love your posts, they always make me want to hit BSL. One question for you, did you use any live bait, or did you just use the little jigs in the pictures and video? Keep up the good work.

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I never use meat on my hand tied need.

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Impressive! Do you just keep tapping the line to make it move? I've always been amazed at people who can catch fish without live bait.

Thanks for the response!

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I put a small cork above it 2-5 feet depending on the depth I'm fishing.

If there is a ripple or wave ,the rocking action moves it for me.

If it's calm,I'll give the reel a crank or two making the jig rise and then because they are so light they fall slow.

That's the key...slow fall triggering the bite.

I know I've caught several thousand this year doing that plus,gills,bass,pike and whatever else is down there looking to eat.Not to mention several other guys doing the exact same thing,rearing on slabs!!!

Come fishing for a day....the rest will be history

and you'll no longer need meat!

There's no charge.....I'm just there to help you get better at what you love to do.Plus I get a new fishing buddy!

PS...would it help to know I have 5&6 year olds hammering slabs the same way?

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Hey CK,

I have a place at Ole's and I'm usually spending time on the pontoon with the kids,so getting some quality fishing time can be tough. I have caught some nice slabs out there but fishing with the wife and youngsters....well you can sum it up in my first sentence. I will be up there the 22nd & 23rd. If your looking for a fishing partner shoot me an e-mail,I'd like to get out there for some quality fishing time.Thanks.

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I'm always looking for a partner.

I sent you an email...lets talk fishing.

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CK,does that same technique work on BSL in the winter too? I'm hoping to hit the lake up this winter (probably late winter though). It's aways away, but I'll let you know, maybe we'll bump into each other on the ice?

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No,ice fishing is way different.

Most lakes with 25-35 foot holes the crappies are usually stacked and suspended.

There you'd drop the jig to the top of the pack and lift a foot or so.

The top fish will come up to inhale it.

On BSL the come through onesy twosey along the bottom say a foot off or so.

There are a few deep hole where the stack up ,but not on the horn.

Anyway I may lift that fish up to 5 foot before it will strike.

I'll pull away 2-4 feet before it'll take off ,then as it gets close I'll pull away even further.

You should see how they speed up & pound it like they are after their last meal ,which it is really unless it's a releaser.

If it stops prior to drilling you and will not lift higher getting smaller helps or next time stop just before the place it stopped.That's what I call the ceiling.

You will always see the ceiling on the 1st couple if you lift too high.

Then stop 6" below the ceiling and when it makes it's run at the jig and is almost too you have the guts to lift that 6" and whammo.FISH ON.

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    • kayakfisherman
      Hi guys!  I used to be on this site long ago (participating mostly in the Mille Lacs forum), and the system wouldn't recognize my email.  So I created a new user name.   I'm planning to spend May and June in Ely.  My project is to autochart and create maps of a few small lakes I like off the Echo Trail, which I'll do via my Helix I have mounted on my bright orange fishing kayak.   I don't need any advice, as I pretty much know the area and what works to catch fish.  I'm just looking to possibly connect with other Ely anglers while I'm up there.  I'm tentatively planning on starting next week, assuming the "wintery mix" and wind in the forecast abates.  I'll be paddling around a bunch of different small lakes, going back and forth and back and forth, listening to either WELY or WEVE on my radio.  So if you see me, stop by and say hey.
    • huntnfish
      First off, welcome to the site. The Red River page gets kind of quiet but if you look back at previous posts there's a lot of good info. I've never fished much for cats but when I have I have always used cut up goldeye. I've also heard frogs are good but I have no first hand experience with that.    1- I feel that the fishery in Fargo is excellent and overlooked by a lot of people. The biggest eyes that I've caught have been on the river.  2,3- I normally use a chartreuse twister tail on the river with a jig head. The main reason for the color choice is because that is what I have an abundance of. I've caught them on white and yellow also. I don't use live bait at all unless the kids are along. They're not really able to do much pitch and retrieve yet and the minnows give them a little better chance I feel.  4- the only thing I've used is cut bait so I'd recommend finding some gold eyes or some suckers and chunk them up for bait.  5- last time I looked the ND NR license was something like $35.    My biggest tip for the river and pitching jigs would be that if you aren't getting snagged once in a while your jig is too light. Hung up too often and you are too heavy. I'm normally in the 1/8-1/4 ounce range. I have also caught a bunch of fish pitching cranks. I wasn't a believer until I watched Ed Carlson fish next to me and reel in fish while I kept on pitching my jig and not getting anything. Try something that's got a nice wide wobble. And if you are going to toss anything into the river be sure to remember that anything thats tied onto that line may not come back. I have donated lots of tackle to the old river gods over the years but I have also been rewarded with a lot of fish and some real dandies. These river fish have a lot of fight in them.     Remember that if you're keeping any walleyes or sauger on the red is that the limit is less than the MN and ND bag limit. I have seen more than one person ticketed at the north dam with their stringer of 4 eyes.     
    • eyeguy 54
      Hit the secret beach on the sippi for a couple hours today with some crawlers. wind was pretty crazy. smally bit first then a sucker. then caught 4 eyes and decided to leave. a young guy came down while I was fishing and was casting a spinnerbait and I asked him what he was after. he said bass so I let him know that it is illegal to target them and eyes till next month and that the game warden watches people in the area quite often. He said he had no idea he could not fish for them, thanked me and said he wont cast anymore. nice young guy. I bet he will be down again with some crawlers. 
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      I've seen a lot of people dragging raps for "crappies" before the opener
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      Bummer Erik