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East End Reefs

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Myself and my 5 year old son are heading up tomorrow afternoon and meeting my in-laws, who are camped on the West end of Namakan. I am strongly considering portaging over for the day on sunday to the east end of Rainy.

I havnt seen anything on how the reef bite is holding up. I was camped up on Rainy for 5 days, but that was 3 weeks ago now. We had excellent luck for both eaters and over's for the 5 days. Anyone have any word on how its been the last week? A friend was up with 8 others 8/18-22 at Kettle Falls, and they had slower than usual results, with alot of their fish caught on downriggers in 45-55' over the basin. Thats just not my prefered method of fishing eye's, and the little guy's Spiderman pole can only jig/rig down so far grin.gif

Thanks for any current info.

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I too will be up there this weekend. I have been doing well on kab (east end) 10-15 fish days have been the norm. I have heard that the bite on rainy has been good depending on the weather. My info is from last weekend though.


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    • Vexilar
      Thank you for the zip code, for the last 3 years I lose the tailgator reception at night around 8 I never know what zip code to try I sure hope it works.  All day everything is fine, evening comes I lose signal.  
    • Borch
      I used the thumbnail method with all but the heavier split rigs.  If you're doing a bunch it gets sore.  I then use a small eye glass screw driver.  Once I get it started to remove the old one I slip the new one in behind it.  One falls off and the other on.   Careful, those small trebles are hard to hang onto and sticky sharp.
    • ozzie
      really neat to see the lake from the aerial view!  Cool to see all the roads and the paths out there.  Kinda fun to look at the road systems and name what resort they are from... 
    • TheTuna
      Was just out on ice and a big difference from yesterday.  Most water has found a hole or two or ten to drain back down.  Minimal water on the lake once get away from the accesses at least on the north end of the lake.  Houses should be fine unless in a low spot with no holes anywhere near.
    • dfv87
      Did not like how they ended the reg and OT, they got a shot to go in Reg but in neither situation did it look like we had a plan other than "somebody make a play"... But overall I really like this group.