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Mark Christianson

Newest members to my trail camera family

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I shoulda got these darn things done a month or two ago, but I got to busting my butt Friday afternoon, and finally have finished products.

My two newest trail cams, the homebrew way.



Sony S40(4 mp cameras), snapshotsniper board, and a good amount of hours invested.

I have a total of approximately $130 per camera invested. Add on $10 an hour for my time, and maybe the cameras are about $1500.... LOL

Seriously, they are kinda fun to dabble with.

These cameras will kill most commercial cameras on the market for pic quality, trigger time, battery life, ease of use, etc.

They are a lot of work though. You can spend a few more bucks and save a bunch of time, especially on the cases. I bought cases, painted them, and drilled them out. The drilling is more work than it sounds, and I think next time I will spend the $25 extra and order predrilled cases. I got a couple of the holes drilled slightly off where I wanted them, but its by no means real bad, but getting things perfectly centered would be nice.

Why is this worth tackling???

These things are awesome. You can choose from MANY different camera types/models/resolutions. Each camera has its positives and negatives as far as how they work, and how you get the work done inside to make them work as trail cams. The internal work is NOT easy in most cases. I am fortunate to work at a computer company, and I have a guy in my engineering dept put these cameras under a microscope, and do the soldering. Its only 3 wires, but its some very FINE points.

Whats the downside to homebrews????

If you mess up on the camera hack, you are out a camera. I was doing a mod on a Sony P32 last week, and I tore the ribbon cable between the LCD screen and the main board. LUCKILY, I posted on a number of homebrew trail camera sites, and I found a guy that had exactly what I need to spare that camera, and he sent me the parts for FREE! He wouldnt even give me contact info to send him money for shipping. So hopefully I can spare that camera.

Long post, but fun stuff. I am pumped to go hang em, and get some pics to prove these things are worth the effort....

I sure hope I can get some good pics. shocked.gif

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Nice. You're addicted. When do you start working on the digital video trail cams wink.gif

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I can set these cameras to video mode, so check that off the list. grin.gif

PS - hows the quality of them holes PJ??? No oval holes for this guy. LOL. OK, inside joke to everyone. wink.gif

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What are some of the websites where you got your info on how to make these. Thanks

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Send me an email. I cant post web site addresses on here.

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    • jkrash
      I heard Casey retired and sold his boat.
    • Rick G
      Gills should be on or real close to beds. Crappies are on beds on some lakes, done spawning on others. Btw, welcome to Fishing Minnesota!
    • bowhuntingboy1
      It was on the opener last year.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Frazer Bay is as far as I venture West but that bay can be very good at times. I prefer Lindy Rigs with a 5' leader,#2 or a #4 hook, red or green bead by the hook, and a 3/4 oz. sinker. That time of the summer minnows and leeches work best but do not be afraid to try 1/2 crawler on this rig! Like PSU said, look with your electronics for the fish, then fish for them! 12" to 32" depths. Cliff
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      Fished the big lake this morning ,,, Weather didnt start out nice but the fishing more then made up for it ,,, Got my first double and triple in the new rig today ,,, There is a lot of mud covering this side of the lake but finding clear to tea colored water paid off ,,,Natural colored sticks took a majority of hit today and the cohos have grown 5 inches in the last month ,,, I had one 23 inches today 
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      Welcome to our Forum Muzzy!  You may want to consider hiring a guide for a day or even 1/2 day to start your trip.  They can give you a lot of good information that will help you put fish in the boat for the rest of your trip. Cliff & Casey are regular contributors here and members of the Lake Vermilion Guides League.    Good Luck!
    • PSU
      Hello Muzzy,   Lots of good spots close to Oak Narrows. I will let the experts pipe in, but I've been doing well in 20-30 feet of water in the Frazer / Smarts Bay area. I would trust your sonar and find spots off reefs and follow down to 20-30 feet. Either jig or Lindy has been working for me with a Rainbow minnow 
    • Mike89
      2nd Lucas thoughts
    • BulldogInTC
      Finally making it up this weekend to the cabin since January.  Looks like hit and miss weather conditions over the weekend, but I'm hoping to get some decent time in the long as the father-in-law isn't cracking the whip too hard  . That's good to hear about the success in Frazier, Matt.  Always seems like we are fighting for walleyes, but I'm hoping to change that and try a few new spots this weekend.  Hope everyone has a safe and good fishing holiday weekend.
    • Muzzy33
      We are from Indiana (land of terrible eye fishing). Staying in a cabin in the oak narrows June 3-10.  This is our fourth year fishing the big V, but have always fished the westside.  Never had great walleye fishing yet.  We normally stay father on the westside like around wolf Bay or Norwegian, so we wanted to find a cabin closer to the Eastside.  Figured the narrows would be closer so we can fish spots on the west side that we've already learned and also venture to the east where I've heard the walleye fishing is better for keeper walleyes.  I'm looking for any tips or locations to try.  Maybe someone could help us out.  It would be much appreciated.  Thank you