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Fall Fishing Suggestions

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I'm wondering if anyone can tell me what to expect on LOW in late september. This doesn't seem to be a real popular time to fish the lake and I would welcome any comments anyone has that is familiar with LOW at that time of year.

Thanks in advance for your help!


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September can be a transition time and it can be difficult to

pin down anything in perticular. It all depends on what

is happening with the weather. If it cools off and the

shiners show up, fishing can be pretty good in the fall

pattern (anchored & jigging with the shiners). If it stays

warm and the shiners arent around yet fishing could be

pretty tough. There are always fish to catch but you may

be unsucessful at your first few attempts. In early Oct

things begin to change pretty fast and things just keep

getting better until the ice arrives.

This is pretty general stuff but Sept can be a puzzler until

the cooler weather arrives and the fish come back in and

around the River.

Good Luck

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Thanks Curt. I appreciate the feedback. Joel

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I kind of agree and disagree with Curt on this one.

If you are going to fish the Rainy / Gap area you are a bit at the mercy of the shiners, and yes the later the better is a general rule.

But, there is an upside in that not all of the fish in Lake of the Woods chase shiners up the Rainy. Fall reef fishing can be some of the absolutely best big fish fishing of the year. Many of the basin baitfish migrate near reefs as the water temp drops, in turn holding walleyes.

Just think of the early season ice fishing spots, well guess what, the fish don't wait for ice. As soon as you can get to rocks the fish are there, and have been for awhile.

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You are right KING, rocks are always good. Fall, Spring and

Summer North Star Walleye Classics have been won on rock

and gravel bars. The results of this tactic will rival

anything else any time of the year.

Those rocks can be pretty far away when the fall winds

start to blow.

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