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For users of Amsoil in their trucks

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I am looking at converting to Amsoil and was wondering what others have done with the oil filters. Are you using the specified Amsoil oil filter replacement or are you using one of the other major brands? I run around 12k per year and would like to change oil/filter once per year

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Ralph Wiggum

I've been running Amsoil in my Honda Accord for the past 30K miles and have just been using either Bosch or Purolator filters with nothign but good experiences!

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I have been running Amsoil in my car since new and have nearly 80k on it. I have used the amsoil filters with it and they work great. They really are not much more than a regular filter and having the piece of mind knowing the filter was designed with that oil in mind is nice. I would just go with the Amsoil filter.


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I ran the oil a long time, but changed the filters more frequently.

I used non-Amsoil filters. On one of my cars, I use a fairly expensive Donaldson filter that has much finer filtration capability than a standard filter.

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Yes, there is a lot of difference in the quality of filters on the market.

What size particle causes wear? Particles under 5 micron are so small that they float in the space between the shafts and their bearings that they don't scratch or wear the surface. So ideally you would want to filter to that small. The catch, a full flow oil filter is too restrictive at that small filtration level to allow enough oil flow to lubricate your engine. So particle size removal versus flow is a compromise.

First of all, the AMSOIL oil rating: It depends on which AMSOIL engine oil you are using. The XL series is rated 6-month/7500 mile or vehicle manufacturer interval whichever is Longer; the XL is AMSOIL's lowest grade.

For the rest of AMSOIL automotive/truck engine oils (gasoline or diesel) the rating of the oil is up to 1 year/25,000 miles whichever comes first normal duty, 1 year/15,000 miles whichever comes first severe duty (and almost all of us drive in severe duty). Exception, the Series 2000/3000 are rated even longer.

If you use a conventional paper or paper blend filter, you should change the filter at the car manufacturer's recommended interval (for most of us that would be 1 or 2 extra filter changes when using AMSOIL engine oils).

The current AMSOIL oil filters - the EaO series are a full synthetic nano-fiber media - that will trap more and smaller particle dirt than ALL other filters on the market. The EaO filters are rated to go the full 1 year oil change. (If you still have the previous series SDF, the rating was change it 1 extra time mid oil change interval.)

Technical: First of all a definition: A filter is defined as absolute at a specified particle size if it removes 98.7% of that size dirt (filter industry definition). There are several different tests being used by various filter manufacturers today. AMSOIL is using the ISO 4548-12 test because it defines efficiency by the particle size removed. The SAE HS806 series uses a defined 'test dirt' that generally is around a 25 micron particle. AMSOIL has dropped using the SAE HS806 tests because the test doesn't test for dirt in the size that the AMSOIL filters can remove. The AMSOIL EaO filters are 'Absolute Efficient' at 15 microns. (The Donaldson ELF series are similar to the AMSOIL, but the only ones that test as good.) Most of the quality filters on the market, those typically priced $7.50 to $12.00, paper-synthetic blend, are around 80% efficient at 15 micron, include Wix, CarQuest Blue box, NAPA Gold, Pure 1, most Fram (though because of poor quality of construction I personally hate Fram) and others. Most of the cheap filters, typically under $5.00, traditional paper only, test at under 40% efficient at 15 micron (including CarQuest Red box, NAPA Silver, almost all store branded filters).

If you want to be really serious about filtration add a secondary bypass oil filtration system. AMSOIL's bypass filter is 'absolute efficient' down to 2 micron, even removing most of the black carbon in diesel engines. The catch, it is pricy - initial installation kit and filter over $200.00 and there are some other brands on the market at over $400.00 and they don't test as good as AMSOIL's. If you want more info e-mail me privately.

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    • leech~~
      Thanks, for the info.  I'll just look at the Steelhead and Looper on my wall to refresh my memory!
    • oilandwater
      Have heard of very few.  An occasional rainbow (looper and steelhead, make sure to learn the difference) mixed in with the catch in Two Harbors, along with lake trout near the bottom on the right day.  I've seen a few cruising under the ice in McQuade, but pretty slow there.  Rainbow action will pick up as spring progresses. 
    • smurfy
      sheez got that right!!!!!!!!!
    • hunterdown
      I might be able to make this, I think Jr. will have the time off as, maybe him and I?
    • Rick
      Spring turkey hunters hoping to bag a tom during the first two weeks of the season have until Friday, Jan. 26, to apply for a lottery permit. The season runs from April 18 to May 31 and is divided into six hunt periods, A through F (see table below). Hunt A and B licenses for firearms hunters age 18 and older are limited in availability and assigned via lottery drawing. Turkey lottery applications cost $5 and can be purchased online at, by phone at 888-665-4236, or in person from a license agent. Successful applicants will receive a postcard in the mail by mid-February and can purchase their hunting license starting March 1. Firearms licenses for hunts C, D, E and F are not lottery-limited and will be available for purchase over-the-counter beginning March 1. All licensed turkey hunters can participate in Hunt F if they have an unused tag from one of the earlier hunt periods. Archery and youth hunters (under 18) are exempt from the lottery and may purchase a spring turkey license valid during all hunt periods, including hunts A and B. Surplus lottery licenses from hunts A and B, if available, will be sold over-the-counter starting in mid-March. Visit for more information about turkey hunting in Minnesota. 2018 Spring Turkey Hunt Periods
      Hunt A: April 18 – 24
      Hunt B: April 25 – May 1
      Hunt C: May 2 – 8
      Hunt D: May 9 – 15
      Hunt E: May 16-22
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    • Rick
      Youth and adults can learn to hunt turkeys this April with experienced volunteers who will cover safe hunting techniques, how to call-in turkeys, hunting tactics and field dressing a bird. “We teach the skills and techniques that allow new turkey hunters to become lifelong hunters,” said Mike Kurre, learn-to-hunt program coordinator with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. “This has been a successful program and as a bonus, we love hearing how former participants go full circle to teach others how to hunt.” Participants can apply through Monday, Feb. 12. The hunts are Saturday, April 21, and Sunday, April 22, and provide opportunities to access locations that may otherwise be closed to hunting. “We get volunteers from the National Wild Turkey Federation and this is the 16th year we’ve cooperated for these hunts,” Kurre said. “Over the years we’ve introduced more than 5,000 people to these hunting experiences. We also work with the Minnesota National Guard to get military adults and their families into turkey hunting.” Details about how to apply and costs to participate are available at A pre-hunt orientation is required and all participants will need to have a valid firearms safety certificate or its equivalent. Youth must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Overall participation in the hunts is restricted by the number of volunteers and private lands that are available. Anyone interested in providing turkey hunting land for the mentored youth hunts should contact the Keith Carlson, Save the Habitat Save the Hunt coordinator for the National Wild Turkey Federation in Minnesota at   Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • Rick
      Gov. Mark Dayton has proclaimed Jan. 20-28 as Snowmobile Safety Awareness Week in Minnesota. This an opportunity for the Department of Natural Resources, volunteer safety instructors, the Minnesota United Snowmobilers Association (MNUSA) and its 250 member snowmobile clubs to join together to recognize the importance of safe, responsible snowmobiling. “It’s a fun and exciting activity, but snowmobilers should always remember to make safety a top priority,” said Conservation Officer Bruce Lawrence, DNR recreational vehicle coordinator. “They should also always use common sense and keep a clear head when riding.” Here are some other key safety points: Snowmobiling and alcohol don’t mix – don’t drink and ride. Smart riders are safe riders – take a snowmobile safety training course. Always wear a helmet and adequate clothing. When night riding slow down – expect the unexpected. Know before the ride  – always check local trail and ice conditions. Cross with care. Know risks and be prepared – make every trip a round trip. One is the loneliest number – never ride alone. Ride safe, stay on the trail – respect private property. To legally ride a snowmobile in Minnesota, residents born after Dec. 31, 1976 need a valid snowmobile safety certificate. Options for both classroom and online classes can be found at People can find Minnesota snowmobiling events and activities on the MNUSA webpage: Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • eyeguy 54
      sounds like a hoot. hope to get there. 
    • Roscoe010
      Hi Wanderer, I am going up this weekend too.  Glad the weather will be warm! I will try a different pit this time, but had good luck last year.  I hope the fish will be active and hungry.
    • IceHawk
      Thanks Rick! Jeff hope to make it always a good time and laughs when you get a group of great people together. I usally do more jaw jacking  then fishing at these things but for me its just as much fun 
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