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Hiya -

Thinking about taking the kids on a field trip this weekend, and heading down to Orwell. Anyone been down there lately? Fishable form shore these days?

- Thanks

Rob Kimm

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Rob, I was down there last week. Flows have been dropping out of the dam;, the latest gauge reading this afternoon was down to 480cfs. The shore is definitely fishable. As a result, people think it's their god given right to leave their garbage their too mad.gif

Plenty of buffalo in the shallows. Lots of crappies and panfish as well, upstream and north of the overpass. Drum are biting well too, especially downstream of the overpass. Early morning has produced walleyes. The smallies have been pretty slow this year, though it has picked up slightly, but still pretty slow. Every once in a while you'll get picked by a hammer handle. There have been reports of some larger pike being caught. Upstream near the spillway, the bass action is better, and you'll be able to catch a few goldeyes. Good for if you need bait for the channel cats.

I have been able to catch all of the above mentioned fish with a simple 3/16 oz jig and 3" white twister tail. cranks can produce fish, and of course the veritable worm. I've caught a few fish on the fly this spring/summer as well. Everything from hare's ear nymphs to clousers.

If I get down there again before the weekend I'll give another report. My advice is to get there early AM, it's been pretty crowded there on the weekends. Beware of the gamekiller out there who will literally cast his line right under your nose from where you just retrieved, and act like it's no big deal mad.gif. When told that it wasn't cool to do be doing that, he remarked to me once that he drove 40 miles to be there (I drove about 60), and another time that "most people catch their limit of sunfish and leave". I replied that "catch and release is pretty fun too". I finally moved on before it ruined my day.

Good luck and have fun!

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Hiya -

Thanks for the report Deadhead... Love to see one of my girls tie into a big buffalo smile.gif They've never fished cats before either so that might be something new. Might even bring the fly rod. One of my girls is getting into it a little.

I know what you mean about the garbage. Man that gets irritating. We might bring some garbage bags and do a little public service clean-up while we're there.

Casting over your line? Sounds like steelhead fishing... There's one in every crowd...

Thanks again for the report.

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Hi Robb,

We were up there last Monday evening and had a great time with a bunch of different species. Cranks were typically the bait of choice. Walleyes, goldeyes, cats, smallies, redhorse, even a decent white bass were all caught. Should be a great time for your family to have fun action.

It is true that there is lots of garbage around there. Could spend a whole day collecting it.

Good luck!


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    • Mark
      Catching a lot of them in 34 feet
    • tca12
      Back on the Horseshoe chain I put in another 7 hours seeing zero pike yesterday.  I must be using the wrong decoys since I can draw in sunfish, crappies, bass, and catfish all day.  Finally caught a pike on a tip-up outside the house so at least I didn't get skunked again.  Looks like that will do it for spearing season unless I can figure out a North Dakota lake to try...
    • Reid Saarela
      Quick report from last weekend: Fished a couple midlake reefs in big bay and the walleye seemed to be non existent aside from a few dinks, although, the action was pretty decent. Jumbo perch, tullibee, and a few crappie kept me busy. From hearing other people’s late season reports along with my experience last weekend it seems like a lot of the walleye have moved to different types of structure, perhaps shallower?? I’m not sure, but had very few marks that appeared to be walleye.  
    • IceHawk
      Agree Pike they new there Stuff bought a few guns there and great prices!
    • IceHawk
      Anyone one of you guys ever use Dave Smith decoys?  They sure look realistic but wow come with a price. I like the avian X and I have a couple custom painted from a artist friend that look real good also.  Yes I  realize  a lot of people  don't use decoys. And I realize there is a time and situation for that  But I'm kind of a decoy junky lol! i rarely find my self going with out any. 
    • mrpike1973
      I agree Ice Hawk. I liked Sportsmans seemed to have more people that actually fished and knew what they were talking about for help.
    • IceHawk
      Great vid on my bucket list also. I always loved seeing those peacock fisherman throwing  those woodchoppers. Seems like a very aggressive fish I need to target someday 
    • IceHawk
      Bring a scoop of each and try a variety the fish will tell you what they are preferring. 
    • IceHawk
      Boy your lucky sure miss the one in St Cloud  they always seem to carry a great selection for everything. We are kind of limited with only Mills and Scheels . Dicks just doesn't have it for me. 
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      I did not have as much of a problem with them eating my crawlers on my lindy rigs last summer either! Maybe they are finally getting thinned out by the fish and other predators! Cliff
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