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Deitz Dittrich

Podcast 22 Archery Talk W/Tom Hatlestad

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We have a little over a month left till another of my passions starts. Bowhunting… I cant get enough of it. ITs really one of the few times in my life where I actually relax! Todays podcast is with Tom Hatlestad,who shares his tips for early season hunting. One I really like!!!!

Be sure to Join us at Cabin Fever this weekend!

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Great podcast guys.

Tom, excellent tip on tying off branches. Sometimes you only need to clear a half a foot to make that clean shot but you need the rest of the branch to conceal any movement.

See you at Cabin Fever


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    • borg0196
      I have had good luck with a #4 red hook. About 5-6' of 10lb mono and tie the hook directly to the line. Hook the minnow along the back.
    • cwmn
      Fished Owasso last summer for the first time since the winter kill, caught one bass in 4 hours. My wife was fishing for pan fish and didn't get a nibble. You might want to look for another lake. CW
    • hardcore365
      I use about a 6' leader of 10lb flouro tied to my main line with a small barrel swivel. As far as hooks go I don't use just one. I prefer a treble of some sort, usually a small glow spoon. If it's a single hook I lean towards bigger is better, but also in glow. Set it up at your desired depth and don't just forget about it. Check it, move it, check it, move it. You can cover a good amount of water if you aren't lazy about it. Also I use just a simple bobber tie for my depth marker instead of those little bobbers. No real reason why that's just what I'm used to. Good luck, half the fun is learning what works best for you. 
    • leech~~
      I use to love fishing out on Sherman's and I will have to say holy craap that is a long ride over from Rockys.
    • Fishin machine
      Hey everyone, picked up a frabil insulated tip up last weekend and I want to use it for a set line for walleyes when I want to set up another line in different depths. So I put about 100 years of 20 pound braid tip up line on it. My question is what do I use for my leader? I've herd mono and flouro work good but I don't know which is best? And as far as hooks go what to you guys use? Single red hook? Treble? Sure set? Thanks!