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Trail Cam suggestions

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I am looking at getting one of these. We are having some theft problems in our neighborhood. Do they make any that work during darkness that don't flash? I obviously don't want them to see it or tear it off when they see a flash. After we catch them I can use it for the indented purpose. Just such thing as a dumb question:)

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Infared flash cameras are your best bet for getting nighttime photos without the bright flash. Another obvious thing to do is use a locking bracket with a cable for anti-theft purposes.

Moultrie, Stealthcam and Wildview are gonna be in the under $300 category. There are a few others that are more expensive like Cuddleback and Leaf River that offer the same technology, but the cheaper cameras have really caught up in features.

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Also check out the hunting forum... there has been lots of discussion on this topic in there as well.


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I saw a Moultre Infer Red trail cam for 209.00 last week at gander Mt. thats the cheapest ive seen yet.

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Spend the money on a Silent Image camera. With a 1 gig card you will hold up to 20,000 photos, best trigger speed on the market and the ability to record near video quality with up to 3 shots a second. Infra-red flash, and the ability to use a RAM mount to adjust the angle of the camera. There are other features too, that other cams don't give... barometer trend, a mapping function to tag and store photos from different locations on your computer, one button start up etc...

My buddy too has put one in his shop to try and nab a thief and will use it for deer hunting after that. You can get multiple views of the person or animals with just a brief couple seconds of exposure to the camera. Very easy on batteries... even during the cold I had mine out from Oct. 1st till Thanksgiving on one set of 8AA and it was taking 4000-5500 pics a week.

In my humble opinion it is hands down the best camera in camp! We have people who own a couple kinds of cuddies, wildviews and stealth cams. We have at least 6 different models and most guys are lucky to get one or two views of a deer unless it stops dead in it's tracks in front of the camera. I do think some deer are afraid of the flash. Many times they get one shot of a deer at night and after that, they can see them in the fringe of the photo when it is taking a pic of another deer. Without a flash I don't have that problem. The night views are very clear also. I can really pattern animals with this camera. I get many shots and I only have mine set for 1 photo per second (up to 3), a 10 second delay and then 3 more. You can set it for whatever you want. They are programable and you can change the settings on each card if you wish. I get "old" silent movie footage. But I get to really judge the animals I'm looking at. It would give you many 'views' of the person you are trying to catch to give to the authorities.

Watch this...

Good Luck!


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I just picked up the Moultrie that has infra-red and moon phase info etc.

This is what their website said.

Leave nothing to chance when you scout with a Moultrie infrared trail camera. Equipped with a quick one-second trigger time, 150-day battery life and no visible white flash you won’t miss a shot.

The Game Spy I-40 scouting camera features:

Infrared cameras with no visible white flash

4.0 Mega pixels

One-second trigger time

150-day battery life

50-ft flash

Easy-read photo strip

Temperature, moon phase, time, date and camera ID on every photo and video

Color day pictures

Day and Night video clips

Laser and IR aim for quick and precise camera set-up

Time lapse mode

Multi-shot pictures (up to 3 shots)

Upgradeable software

Weather-resistant, airtight camera housing and seal

Operates on 6 D-cell batteries (sold separately)

I am pretty excited by this camera -- At only 189 that is a good deal--

I had an older moultrie that I liked but the 6 volt battery did not last very long.

I can't wait to set it up.


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