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Houseboat Where-To How-To

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Our maiden houseboat voyage on Rainy is set to begin Saturday the 21st. My plan is to head east and fish the U.S. water. I'm thinking about Blueberry Island area specifically. If it were YOU with family and kids on those dates, wanting good swimming, safe tie-ups, some sandy shorelines and excellent fishing nearby ... where would you go, what would you do??

My buddy and I will go after walleyes alone sometimes, and then want to be able to take the kids out when conditions are good. Is there good fishing, bobber-type stuff closer to shoreline structure at all for the kids? Could a person expect to cast bobbers from a tie-up spot in the eve and catch any fish?

Thanks ALL.

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Welcome to the Rainy Lake Forum!! If it is good swimming, safe tieups, sandy shorelines, and great fishing that you are looking for...Look no further than Big Island! The Saginaw Bay, Kempton Channel, and Big Island area is the best areas that you can pick if you are looking for all of the above options that you listed.

For Sandy Beaches look to sites on the backside of Saginaw, there are two or three nice sandy sites back there, as well as a nice sand site on Duckfoot, and don't forget the east side of Big Island and South side of Blueberry island have some nice sandy sites. These areas will be great for swimming, and better yet the area on the east side of Big Island will be pretty well protected from winds and weather.

As for the fishing there is lots of great fishing coming from the reefs in that area now. Look to the ones north of blueberry to be solid producers. I have been catching most of my fish in 24-32' of water. Dragging a lindy and a crawler or a lindy and a leech has worked well for us, but there are still days that a jig and a minnow will produce fish. Run your electronics till you find a concentration of fish...mark that spot and come back to work it over.

You'll have a great time and if you have any further questions just give us a shout here on the FM!!!

Take Care and Good Luck Fishing! grin.gif

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    • jskatt21
      We are looking to take the boat out for maybe the last time as a family.  Any advice on where to try this time of year?  We were thinking of Pearl.  We went to Grand a few weeks ago and it was really green, not sure if that cleared up now or what.   Any help would be great!  We don't care what we are catching, however Crappies would be great!
    • eyeguy 54
      I want that sweatshirt !  
    • james_walleye
      Heading out again shortly.  Quick report from yesterday.  It was inconsistent for us. That's probably because it's my first attempt on Vermilion ever after labor day.  4 of us spent our day vertical jigging with a little lead core mixed in.   We kept 11 and had a couple 23-26" fish.  We never really found a big pod. Almost everything was caught jigging. Trolling was tough although i know it's been a good trolling bite yet.  Depending on the spot we fished 24'out to 40'. I'll have another report tonight. 
    • Steelhead Chaser
      Hudson area report.  Fished yesterday morning with a buddy from 8:30 till 2:30 and found some active fish.  Water temp was around 54 degrees.  Speed right around 2.2 mph.  Same program of snap weights and scatter raps.  Caught around a dozen eyes/saugers, 1 surprise 18 smallie, and 1 white bass.  Keeper eyes/saugers went 15, 16 17, 19 and one around 20.  Best water seemed to be between 24 and 27 feet of water.  Good luck out there.  
      This site has really tanked, and I haven't been on here for about a year, but I felt compelled to fill some of my old duck blind buddies in on the latest happenings in NW Minnesota. From what I can see we've really hit that Late October lull time.  The vast majority of our local birds pulled out with that big full moon, and the cool clear nights last week.  I've been back and forth across the countryside quite a bit, and I'm seeing very few migratory waterfowl in the area. With temps being what they are, and now that everything has dried out quite a bit up here, the majority of our farm fields have been cultivated and turned up black.  Pretty balmy now for this time of year.  I wouldn't expect any kind of big migration over the next week or so, but I'd imagine a few will start trickling down out of Canada here and there. I hear things are going pretty well out in the Dakotas.  Prolly smart to head over there if you really wanna get into birds.  Just not much to speak of at all right now in Northwest Minnesota.