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MN River shore fishing

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Hey all.

I'm New to posting here. I'm also new to flathead fishing. Just wondering in general where are the spots one should NOT fish.

I mostly fish alone, and have fished in some odd places.

I fished a couple of spots late in the night on the MN river last week that freaked me out a bit. The spots were a good 15-20 minute hike away from roads and other people. The access spot was loaded with gang graffitti and looked to be a pretty well used party spot. If the stretch of water didn't look so dang fishy I would have never stopped.

Any problem areas?

Also, I was hoping to go back to some of the spots I have seen on blackdog road. Is that place still full of wierdos and cops? I Don't mind the cops one bit, just don't want to be caught in the middle of anything, if ya know what I mean.

Thanks for any ideas, Eric

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I Don't mind the cops one bit, just don't want to be caught in the middle of anything, if ya know what I mean.

Welcome to FM erickol! Black Dog is frequently visited by squad cars (thanks for that). They will log your fishing license, at the most. I'm planning on being there Mon morning. Nights were slow lately. But I know this area holds some big hogs. Fishing from shore simply makes it a bit more challenging. But where would we be without a challenge? grin.gifgrin.gifgrin.gif

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    • Wanderer
      Considering how old a laker has to be before reaching reproductive maturity, a slot may help.  The only thing I'd worry about there is having to put a bleeder back down the hole because it wasn't legal.  Then if a person wanted to keep their limit, that would just mean a wasted fish should they be able to get two more.   When I first started laker fishing, catching and keeping "my two" was a given if I were to have that good of a day.  Then it changed to releasing pretty much everything over the mid - 20 inch range unless it bled.  Now 1 fish in the 24 inch range would be my perfect weekend limit if I could choose.   When a person gets introduced to these addictive ghosts, it's tough to put em back.  There's a lot of excitement and pride in earning such a prized fish.  And I really enjoy eating them.  But in the case of Burntside, I would support a 1 fish limit, no slot.
    • Horseshoe_Don
      I decided to go watch them pull it out.   Never seen that before.   While they are working on pulling it out, another car is driving at them down the riverbed.   The officer has to run over and shoe them away.   The DNR might need to close that to traffic since there are a lot of dumb people.   Don
    • JerkinLips
      Great article; very educational.  Thanks for sharing.  I would be interested to know if having a slot limit on lake trout would help populations like it has with walleyes.  If so, why hasn't the DNR implemented it yet?
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Mr. B, Welcome to FM! June is almost always a good tome to fish for bass on the shorelines! Plenty of good bass country on the whole lake too! I do not fish for bass much but there are plenty of people on this site that do so you should get some good info.! Cliff
    • Ref
      Evergreen Lodge  -  Big Sand Lake  -  Park Rapids   Clearest water and greatest sand beach in the area!