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Camping Sites

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Tearin Lips, FM, Rainydaze, Uffda, etc.

I know that this is really late, but I am headed up to Ash River this weekend for a family 5 day camping/fishing trip. I've done the Namakan camping thing for the last 10 years and made about 40 trips, but my only experience on the east end of Rainy has been when staying at the KFH. I've never camped that end, but am considering it this weekend, and doing the KFH portage thing.

My question is this...I know where all the designated sites are from KFH to the narrows, but I'm thinking it may be very busy this weekend with the warm forecast.

What i am wondering is if anyone would be willing to share any non-designated sites on that side of the lake that they know of for a backup plan. If you'd want to send them directly to me, do the trick.

My 5 year old just got a new "spiderman" fishing pole for his b-day and we need to break it in on some VNP walleye's/smallies this weekend!!! Thanks for any help if anyones got the time/is around.

Will be leaving Cloquet early AM tomorrow.

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I hope this is not too late. I don't know of any non-designated sites that would be any good off the top of my head. I this you should be able to find something on the east end of the lake, or at least something on the Namakan side close to Kettle.

As for fishing, the Smallies are a little slow right now. Look for them off the deeper points and breaks, with a few small males up in shallow. Walleyes are on the shorelines and reefs. Focus on 20-30 feet of water for most of your fish. Jig and a minnnow, lindy and a leech/crawler are working just depends on the day. I know you know how to run the electronics, etc. That shouldn't be a problem. You FM guys down in Duluth know what your doing!

Take Care Xplorer and Good Luck Fishing!

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Tearin Lips,

Thanks for the info. We ended up finding the first nice camping spot heading towards Nam open, and settled there for the duration. Did take a ride up to Kettle on monday and played some pool and talked to the guys up there. Sounded like things were still a bit slow on the east end, they had one really hot week and then it slowed down with all the fronts coming thru lately.

And you are right about the electronics. I dont even fish a reef until i have made a pretty thorough look see of the whole area on and just off the reef, and can see hooks in the area. I just added a color lowrance finder, and seperate color gps this year and really like them so far.

I'll be heading back up on the 25th for 5 more days and have pretty much decided we're gonna portage over and stay on Rainy. I figure that the eye's should be on the reefs pretty good by then.

I did OK on Nam and Kab, tho the mayflies had the fish on kab on a very light bite to be sure. Most fish I marked/caught on kab were 30-36', where on Nam (no mayflies) my best depth was 22'. Lindy/leeches were all that I used.

Have a good one and I'll keep my eye's on the forum for any east end reports in the next couple weeks.

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    • certified jumbo
      Bugs have been brutal all summer up their.   Glad you had fun!!!
    • JBMasterAngler
      Well, we went back up there to make up for last month. There was no making up anything! Bugs were horrendous, and the fishing was slow to nonexistent. The biggest point of going back up was to fish West Bearskin and Two Island lakes, and we didn't make it to either this time around either.    We still had lots of fun. Did a lot of hiking and sightseeing, particularly on the way up and he way home. Seen a lot of things I've never seen before. Was nice to sit out by the harbor and eat Sven & Ole's. Definitely a lot more people up there in July, as opposed to June. Well, we'll be back in October. 
    • monstermoose78
      Yeah I like decoys this thread used have some on here. I will try to hit a show Thank you
    • delcecchi
      BTW the "no fish on my spots" was just a riff on Tom''s "no fish under my dock".  Sorry for any confusion.  I'm not much of a musky fisherman, so wouldn't know if there are or not, really.
    • delcecchi
      It spit her out after the first bite..
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Have heard of people getting bit before but that was a really nasty looking wound!! And some claim that Muskies do not like to eat walleyes! People must taste better! Cliff
    • DLD24
      My last trip to Mille Lacs I lost a big eye right before I saw it with the jiggin rap...Then 10 minutes later I hooked a 28.5" eye and that was the most scared I've been fighting a fish lol... Every head shake I was darn near dropping my rod tip in the water lol.
    • monstermoose78
      What kind of hand auger and shape is it in
    • LBerquist
      Heard island lake was a hot spot. Any lure that resembles a small foot should work well.
    • going4it
      I'd go with 112 if you have the room more power and I believe last longer on the water. I pilot is worth it. Spot lock to fan cast an area or to stay outside the dock that you just got broke off of are two benifits. I pilot link links up with your hummingbird unit if that's what you have for a depth finder. Let's you follow depth contours. Good luck with the purchases