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Propane leak?

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Was out passing by my 500 gal tank last night thought I'd check it to see where the needle was. I knelt down and couild instantly smell gas, and the needle was at 0.

I only need propane for cooking in the summer.

On a normal year I fill once. and its always been in august, so im suprized that here in June its empty and leaking.

We call the propane Co. to fill but to come out to fill us today they want an additional $100 over the cost of the gas bcuz of a "special trip" we're only 8 mi from town and see their trucks regularily. so no to the fill, but have them send out someone to inspect "thier tank" for leaks. they come out and in the end say to my daughter, "there isnt a leak! but the reason why you smell gas is because ITS EMPTY"

Time for a new Propane Co??

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    • leech~~
        Oh, says the guy that just took the plunge! I'm sure it will do your little pan fish ok. Let me know if you need a few Walleye's to try?
    • ZachD
      My buddy dulled his blades against a brick first thing when he got his. still cuts awesome just not through bones 
    • eyeguy 54
      you should have taken lessons    
    • leech~~
      I had a battery op Repala a few years ago and sold it to someone else at our campground. Didn't like the way they just zipped through without following the fillets and lost a lot of meat. Really suk's on a partly frozen fish!   Mine came with a case.
    • eyeguy 54
      decided to take the plunge and bought a Rapala Ion rechargeable. anybody have one and what do you use for a case?