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Report 6/16-22 - Rainy & Windy Days

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Arrived at Rainy Lake early Saturday evening to beautiful weather. Got out a little bit late Saturday and landed one nice 22" walleye. Had an all day trip booked with Rainydaze for Sunday. Met RD at the ramp at 8:00 AM Sunday in the rain. The rain and lightning ran us off the lake after just 2 hours. We had one hard fighting 20" walleye to show for our efforts. Caught it on a minnow under a split-shot in about 24-feet. We decided to finish out the trip on Monday from 4-10 PM. The wind on the main lake made it unfishable Monday so we headed to the river just west of the bridge at Rainier. After 2 hours, no fish and tornado-like winds we called it a day. Decided to let the wind die down Tuesday and to resume the trip on Wednesday. Finally got in 4 hours of fishing Wednesday morning, limiting out on walleye by fishing Sand Bay humps in 22-feet to 28-feet with a crawler below a split-shot. We released a number of walleye over 17-inches and one fat 18-inch smallmouth. RD showed a lot of patience with me, taking 3 days to complete an 8-hour guide trip. We still battled 6-ft rollers on the main lake around 11:30 AM Wednesday. Thursday and Friday were much better weather wise. Found water surface temperatures during the week between 77-degrees Saturday evening in Black Bay to 56-degrees Wednesday afternoon around the north side of Dryweed Island. Best lure, by far, was a size 10 glass perch colored husky jerk. Thanks to RD for the education and to Bill at the 1-stop for all of their help.

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Hey Buddy!

It was great having you. Weather of course was a bit sketchy, but oh well! Not worth a lightning strike I guess huh! Glad we were able to get your trip in and land some nice eyes! Give me a shout next time your up! I'll be sure to put on my wind jacket! Ha! Take care and Good Fishing! Hey send me your email address again to I think you should give Ice fishing a try! At least we'll be able to get into the heated house then.


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    • Mossy19
      Just wondering if any one will give me pointers on this lake??  Not specific spots.  Going to be at Pocahontas Resort July 1 - July 8th.  I am bass guy for most part but have kids (6 & 4) that love to fish for panfish and want them to keep entertained.  Any tips or information would be greatly appreciated!!!  Thanks! 
    • Mossy19
      Hello FM family!!  I HAVE A 2000 18.5' Fisher DXV boat and am having problems of water getting into the boat.  I have filled up the bottom of the boat with water to see if something is cracked on the boat itself and have found nothing.  It seems like the only time water comes in is when I use live well pumps. I have a guy replacing all the hoses that would have water going through them to see if one is cracked.  The water that comes in is enough that I have to run the bilge pump about every half and hour.  If I forget to run bilge then I have so much water I can't get up on plane when I take off.  Once the hoses are replaced and water still gets in, what would be my next step??  Cracked livewells??? I have two of them in this boat.  Any ideas??  Thanks!
    • birdguy
      I'm doing a day trip there on Saturday, will post afterwards. I plan to just fish the big basin area humps and points.
    • Poutwhacker
      Just looking for general advice... Taking our grandson on his 1st Rainy Lake boat camping trip, 7/01-7/05. We'll be near Kempton Entrance on the east side. I've been here many times before, but never over the 4th. Plan to target all species, but want 'eyes for supper. Are the walleyes on the reefs yet or still transitioning? Depths? Leeches or minnows? Bass/pike still in shallows? Main goal is to give him some opportunities for some fish. Thanks 'Pout
    • Luttes
      Hay Creek in Red Wing is probably your closest option.  Otherwise the Kinni, Rush, etc, just over the boarder in Wi is a good fishery. 
    • paceman
      I was kind of restless last night so since it was a bit windy I decided to go for a quick trip to a nearby small lake that I rarely go to. Tried lindy rigging leeches but the sunfish were on the chomp! I eventually went to a shallow weed point and marked a bunch of fish. Started pitching small jigs/plastics and absolutely pounded the crappies. I have never in my life caught so many small ones. Lots of 5-7" with the occasional big one 13-14" mixed in... I did not feel like cleaning fish so tossed all back. Should be a phenomenal crappie lake in a couple years...
    • Cheers
    • leech~~
      Welcome Rachelkate21 to the forum.  "brooks/steams/rivers that would be full of trout?" That is a pretty high order around Lakeville or anywhere. You may have to go south of you around Whitewater or up north in the arrowhead area. Best bet is check out the MN DNR site for Trout streams and their locations within the state. Good Luck!
    • Sleder
      Wanderer ,I believe Ely seizure was something to do with the BWCA . Lots of articles in newspaper .Some law about no commercial activity ( an active viable fishery) in side of park unless it enhances park like canoe rentals ect.... They were trying to stop Fishery for last number of years. I believe DNR does not want to do away with Frozen Bait Market , they just don't want fish from the Great Lakes or other contaminated areas to bring diesese to inland lakes.  If fish does not have a VHS Certification Number on its package , I would not be using it for bait.  Grocery store stuff totally Illegal ...  I emailed a Bait Company that has VHS Certified Smelt and Alewifes     They gave me a list of stores that carry their products ... Save hunting around for Legal Bait   Hope this Helps
    • Sushilicious
      We only fished for 5 hours (only 2 hours were worthwhile 29 ft).