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Tackle Bag Advice

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I'm giving advice here not asking for it. When using a tackle bag, you want to make sure to zip the bag closed when not in use. Never having considered this important until earlier this week I have decided to share my experience.

After I removed a 19" walleye from the net for a client and showing off my vast experience in handling fish in the boat this particular "walleye with an attitude" decides to flop out of my skilled hands and proceeds to do a beautiful 1 and 1/2 gainer concluding with a graceful head first dive into the 6 inch opening in my tackle bag. Two things I discovered when this happens.

1. When walleyes are in their comfort zone (a dark space) they have no inhibitions what so ever about relieving them selves.

2. When a walleye lands right side up in a confined space, all of the sharp and pointy parts of the fish are at the fishes advantage.

After explaining to my now amused clients that I do this all the time I gathered what dignity I had left and showed this fish who the boss was. Did I mention that I stepped on the leech container and spilled 4 dozen leeches all over the deck during the battle. Just another fine day on the water. smirk.gif

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Good advice. I've learned the hardway with tackle boxes and tool boxes that if you close the thing, latch it. Invariably, you'll pick it up assuming it's latched and then it all dumps out. Kind of bites when you do this in the snow. Worst part is I've done this more than once. I'm a bit of a slow learner.

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    • Knowknot
      Sounds pretty slow, I was up and out of Zipple Bay on Monday and Tuesday in about 26 ft. of water and did OK. Good mix of nice sauger and walleye. I think they closed the road to trucks and just letting atvs out now. Good luck on the river. 
    • DLD24
      We got ours from springsteel, they had some at the bait store in warroad. Couldn't find ciscos, warroad had smelt though.
    • eyeguy 54
      nom nom nom ! !  @monstermoose78  @Rick G
    • ripstick
      Is it filling up with tables yet?
    • Ray Berg
      Arrived at Morris pt. Fri. afternoon fished a spot I did well on earlier in the year in 18 ft. Ended up catching 10 walleye of which 8 were under 12 inches. The 2 keepers were 16 inches each. That was between 4 pm and 7 pm Used the snowmobile there was enough slush to keep the slides cool. Sat. morning went deeper because of a report I heard. Caught 1 small walleye moved several times between 29 ft and 20 ft. At 1 pm went back to my spot in 18 ft banged 3 more walleyes 2 15 inchers and a 12 incher. then nothing .Off the lake by 2pm had work to do. Wished I would of started there but that's fishing.Talked to 3 guy's in the cleaning house that road there wheelers to Bridges they had there limits plus 3 huge perch and a few tullies. On a side note coming home today saw numerous boats both coming and going. Time to jump on board and hit the river..