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Saganaga Report 6/14 - 6/17

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3 of us spent 4 really good days up at Saganaga, Thursday thru Sunday, one being my 10 year old. It was my first trip to Saganaga and I was extremely impressed with the Big Pond.

First off, we did not catch ANY Walleye, but I think it was our stubborness that caused that. After the fact, I believe the Walleye were there, but there were much shallower that we expected. We used 30 year of Walleye fishing experience from Mille Lacs, Winnie and Leech and we found out that Sag is a whole different lake of its own. We saw a lot of locals tight to the shoreline fishing with bobbers in about 10-12 feet of water and just ASSumed that they were fishing Smallmouth, but I think we were wrong, they were fishing Walleye. I did talk to a couple of guys that make me believe that, but they also stated that fishing was slow none the less. Next time I will be more open minded.

We did catch all the Smallmouth we wanted, and my son absolutely loved that. The airborne acrobatics made him fall in love with Smallmount. And we occcationally hit a toothy critter to excite things up a little. My son had a big dog Norhern on that we did get to see a couple times before it cut the line.

My son did hook a 210 pound sucker also. Actually, he had a nice 19" Smally on a Rap that had both hooks burried so he was handing it to me and the fish did one final wiggle and set the hook right in my leg. I cut the hook, pushed it through the skin and pulled on it with a pliers and snapped the point of the hook off. The doctor this morning had a good laugh about it though while he was pulling the rest out.

I am Big Sag adicted now, but at least I can admit it.

Thanks to everyone on this board for the pre-trip tips and assitance.

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Locals don't fish for smallies on Sag. smirk.gif

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    • Cliff Wagenbach
      At least10% of all eggs hatched at the Pike River Hatchery are returned to Vermilion waters every year. According to DNR statistics that percentage is usually a much higher survival rate then if they had let the walleyes spawn naturally! I consider that a good trade off! Cliff
    • trolloni
      They should not be  going  back to area waters or traded to  other dnr  districts they should go right back into LAKE VERMILLION !!!  Don't ya think its time the dnr   should start to listen  to the paying public, us ! [trappers, hunters,  fisherpeople ,boaters and snowmobilers ] 
    • Spearing Machine
      Yes, they are all done at the hatchery. Finished up two weeks ago this Saturday (4/15). Just waiting for eggs to ripen and hatch to go back out to area water bodies.
    • monstermoose78
      Cold morning 
    • loadmaster
      Can not say for sure, but there is parking outside of the park next to the boat ramp and also a turn a round road.