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Motor/Technical help needed....

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I have yet another question. First of all, is their a place to post maintenance questions? other than here?

Second is, yesterday I took my new rig out on a quiet lake in Hastings (Isabel) not sure if you can have motors on that lake, but I did. It seemed like a good place to practice backing up the trailer without an audience. Anyway, with a few pulls and the choke out on my Yamaha 4HP OB, she started right up. I left the choke out for about 5-10 minutes to warm up. After cruising for a while, I pushed the choke back in and the motor killed! The only way it would keep running is if I had the choke all the way out. Now I know enough to not keep the choke out, because it can foul the plug and ruin the engine. Any ideas on why it would not run with the choke in? Now, I did realize when I got home, that I did not open the vent on the gas cap on the motor. (It has a small gas tank on it)The manual says to open before starting it. But with this being my first time, I forgot to open the air vent on the gas cap. Could this have been the reason it would not run with the choke in? if it is, this is a good thing, then it's nothing serious, and next time I will remember. But if not, I have a problem, and not sure how to fix it.

Thanks to all for any help or advice you can give. And if I should be posting this in another forum location, please advise as well.

Thank you..

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Hi Alan,

Not familiar with that motor, but yes, the vent cap being closed was nost likely the reason. On our '82 Merc 50, we went so far as to put a tie wrap on the threads when it is open, so that it will not vibrate shut after hours of use, as it can happen. And then it does just as you mention.

Give it a try with vent open, and you will fire right up. Also, at this time of year, you will only need choke to get it started, when it fires up, then turn choke off right away. When it is cold you might have to choke the snot out of it, but should not need it in this warmer weather as much.

Good luck!

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Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. This is all new to me...

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      Thanks for sharing those pics ... really enjoyed that!!     Bob
    • eyeguy 54
      pretty neat that the train went over. 
    • Muskies
      Was out opening weekend walleye fishing. Caught walleyes in 10 -12 ft slow trolling minnows. Looked like the spawn was over and this coming weekend should be much better. Water was 55 degrees in the area I was in and didn't  get any other species.
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      Good evening hooked up as a non resident you are allowed one walleye between the sizes mentioned per day no matter what license you posses. As others have stated, the smallness should be off their beds and the walleyes will be transitioning to the deep water reefs. Wind blown points or current are always good places to start.
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      I'm not a big bass chaser, but last year I started tossing senkos rigged wacky around rock piles and docks and did pretty well on Smallies.  Green Pumpkin color seemed to work the best.    Stay away from white bouys, they mark hazards..... Unless you are creeping up on them with your trolling motor to pitch senkos on top of the rock pile.  I'll be on Trout Lake June 7-10 so if you want to text me when you get up to Vermilion I can give you a report on how it went for us.   Lots of resorts on Vermilion rent 25 HP fishing boats.     matt 612-868-1282
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      Boat traffic isn't all that bad, there's a million places to escape it on that lake anyway. Bugs are usually pretty bad that time of year, and we've had a pretty wet spring so far also. But they're not an issue out on the water. You can launch at a different access each day, and it'll be like being on a completely different lake.
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      Thats a great view
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      This time of year inside weedlines with sand have been good historically.  Find some cabbage and you should be golden.   Those walleyes could show up here and there on cranks in that 10 foot range too.
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      I do not fish bass very often but have had good luck using straight braided line for bass and walleye. Very few bugs out on the water! Shore bugs usually only out in the late evenings. Very few jet skis and water skiers on most of Vermilion most of the time. Weekend Holidays can see a lot of traffic. Some one else will surely answer your bass bait questions ! Tons of rusty crayfish in the East end that the bass love! Cliff
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      Hey guys. My wife and I are coming up June 10th for a week of bass and pike fishing. Staying in Niles Bay area. Had a few more questions, hoping for some insight from some locals/regulars.  I was wondering ab ou how bad the bugs usually are in mid June, mosquitos,  biting flies and no see ums. Hoping when are are out in the boat fishing they will pretty much leave us alone.         I mentioned going to Vermilion on a thread on our local Ohio fishing forum. A few guys commented that it was a very busy lake with lots of jet ski and tubers. I was thinking if I wanted a more remote feel for a day maybe renting a boat and taking the portage to Trout Lake. I know our 40 hp is too big. I was also thinking of trying the river below the dam launching on 8 mile creek. Saw that on an episode of Ultimate Fishing Adventures. I was wondering if that area is limited to 25 hp motors. What would be the pros and cons of each spot?     I know V is tannic stained. We use pretty much braid on all our poles. Do you braid users feel you need a flouro leader when  bass fishing. Here in Ohio our water is rarely clear enough to worry about that.   One last thing what are the go to colors for tubes and senkos for bass?        Thanks for any help info you can give.                    Mr. Basskisser