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East End June 1- June 15

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My wife and I have just returned home from a fantastic 2 week trip to Lake Vermilion. As usual, we stayed on the east end. The only negative of the entire trip was the enormous quantities of mosquitoes this year. Obviously, mosquitoes are synonymous with wet conditions and one of the local TV stations reported that Lake Vermilion came up 18" between the opener and the first week in June.

Weather-wise, we dealt with wind and rain the first week and sun and breeze the second.

We generally get out on the lake by 7-8am and never stay out past 1pm. We fished from Moose Island to Armstrong Bay and found our "best" fishing on mid-lake reefs and humps. Our most productive spots involved adjacent deep water up to 40+ft. I like to cruise around the structure and check for outside or inside turns that falls off fast into the deep water. I always check for fish on the sonar but some of the "best" structure doesn't show any. When the bite is good, the active feeders move out onto the flatter areas. We found all of our fish between 25ft and 32ft. Some of our best areas was directly adjacent to 23ft that dropped rapidly into those depths. At times we found them on larger flats that topped at 27ft out of 35-40ft of water.

We slowwwwwwwww back trolled leeches straight down with 1oz bottom bouncers and plain red Gamakatsu size8 hooks. The smaller sized hook doesn't snag up very often. Early on in the trip, I accidentally discovered that "short" leaders worked wayyyyyyy better. Actually, 3ft was great and even shorter worked fine. I generally start with 4-5ft leaders and laziness after cutting the line on deep hooked fish allowed us to discover that shorter was better. We used leeches exclusively and bigger was better.

22% of all the fish we caught were "slot" fish. We had days where slot fish made up almost 50% of the catch. One particular morning, the first 3 fish measured 24.5",23",22", and we caught 3 additional between 17" and 20" that same morning. The bulk of the "eaters" were 14"-16" and all of the fish were in great shape. The only "dink" walleyes we caught were off the dock during the first week.

I was an opponent of the "slot". I have changed my thinking to believe that Lake Vermilion has the potential to be a "real" trophy walleye lake because of the slot. I also agree with the 4 fish limit. It takes 3-15" to 16" walleye to feed my wife and myself. That leaves 5 walleyes in our limit that we don't "need" to have a meal. If the majority of the fishermen take only what they "need" to eat on a day-to-day basis, there's going to be lots of big walleyes for catch and release trophy fishing in a few years.

We will return in August as usual. Good luck to everyone in the meantime.

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Great report....can't wait to get up there and do some searching myself...It's going to be a long 2 weeks..

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    • Wanderer
    • Rick
      The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has released a draft operational plan for management of the Sand Dunes State Forest, located in central Sherburne County, about 3 miles west of Zimmerman. The draft operational plan will undergo a 45-day public review from June 21 to August 4. Members of the public are invited to read the draft plan on the DNR’s website and provide comments through an online form; both are located at The DNR will hold a public meeting to discuss the plan on July 10, 6 p.m. to 9 p.m., at the Big Lake High School cafeteria; 501 Minnesota Ave., in Big Lake. Members of the public will be invited to interact with DNR staff and learn more about the draft plan. The meeting will begin with an open house, followed by a brief DNR presentation about the plan and, conclude with an open microphone session. Last summer, the DNR organized a group of local residents, government leaders and other interested people to provide perspective and advice on management issues in the Sand Dunes State Forest. The group held six open meetings, and there were often additional people in the audience who joined in the discussion. These citizen-centered discussions helped shape the new draft plan released this week. Sand Dunes State Forest, established by the Minnesota Legislature in 1945, includes about 6,000 acres of land owned and managed by the state. It features pine plantations, rare sand dunes, wetlands, woodlands, oak savanna and prairie and is home to more than two dozen rare plants and animals. The forest is a popular recreation destination for hikers, horseback riders, hunters, campers and others. For ongoing news regarding Sand Dunes State Forest and future meetings of the advisory group, sign up for email updates . Enter an email address and then select Sand Dunes State Forest from the drop down list.  Visit for notes and resources related to the meetings.
        Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • phishnerd
      Welcome FM Chevy!  There's lots of fish to be caught in the Mighty Mississippi.  Plenty of spots to fish from shore right in or near Hastings as well as a little up river by the Wakota Bridge.  The great thing about the river is you never know what you are going catch. Carp, Suckers, Catfish, Walleye, Sauger, Bass, Gar, Big Ol' Snapper, Leather Necks etc..Cats are just starting to spawn so they might be a little challenging and inconsistent right now.  Try some live bait straight line rigs or cranks and keep moving.  I usually don't spend more then 20-30 mins in an area before I move on.  Good luck and let us know how you do!
    • proguide
      One word comes to mind for the catfish bite the past couple weeks, CHALLENGING.  The spawn is in full swing and it seems that nearly all the fish went to the nest at the same time.  As always, there are fish to be caught but we have to work a little harder to find them.  The best spots have been tight to structure for smaller fish with the bigger fish being very close to a drop off or areas of current.  Sit times have been 25-35 minutes to let the bigger fish find the bait and decide to bite it.  One good tactic has been to change from circle hooks to regular J style hooks and be quick on the hook set for the shorter bites.  Bait has been try it all and see what is working at any given time.  Stink baits have been working great for smaller fish.
        This weekend is the 3rd Scheels Boundary Battle Catfish Tournament.  Even with the less than stellar report many fish will be caught and weighed in this event that brings out some of the best anglers in the area and beyond.  We still have a few spots remaining if you wish to fish.  For more information and to enter call Brad Durick 701-739-5808
        Join us for the weigh ins, Saturday about 2-3pm at the Whopper John Little (north) Boat Landing in Grand Forks and Sunday at LaFave Park in East Grand Forks.  Awards to follow on Sunday.  
    • Jiggin Machine
      Do you know if a Remote Border Crossing Pass is still necessary? Thanks
    • Satchmo
      Water level is a little higher than normal, but not outrageous.
    • Kaz
      I'm not sure if it's a Minnkota or other after market brand. Cabela's service center installed it and provided the quick release mount. When I took it back to them and showed the problem, they did not question the failure. Look at the lock on yours and see if when you push the locking lever over if the part of the lock is plastic or some other type non metallic material. The stub on the bottom of the motor itself is metal and connects to the plastic in the base. That's where the issue of failure lies.. If your is plastic too, then I'd question the safety and complain to who ever sold you that mount and get one that is much stronger and will not crumble like mine did.. Good luck.. I'll post the results after I find out what Cabela's comes up with... Kaz 
    • Satchmo
      Mayflies were just getting started on the west end of the lake last weekend. 
    • TNtoMN_HuntFish
      Thanks! I'm glad to be here and so far absolutely love this state. The cold didn't bother me one bit and I learned that ice fishing is fun.    People look down on spinnerbaits? Never heard that but it wouldn't bother me if they did. I'll fish my way and they can fish their way.   Roland is absolutely right. I've noticed that there seem to be an abundance of bass in that 2-5 pound class, at least where I fish. I hardly ever find a skinny bass, they're all footballs.   Really I enjoy the pike though. They are great fighters and great tasting. Of course we don't have those down south and I've really grown to appreciate them. 
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Jeff_s, Welcome to FM and the Vermilion Forum! Cliff