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    Hit a north metro lake for panfish and stuck this 16" white crappie.
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    Well yesterday we had a little mini get together. Fishing was the plan of attack, and to say we had a great time would be a understatement! Myself and a few other Pro Staffers (Borch,, Eyeguy54,Tom Sawyer,Rick G )met up on a Alexandria area lake for a little fun. Talk about a good group of sticks. You hit the ice with a group like this and you know good things are going to come These guys have a little farther distance to drive so I opted to head up early to try and lock down a few active fish before they arrived. Hit the ice at daybreak and started to dissect the area by cutting a series of holes. Fortunately I was lucky enough to get on some schools of fish right away. The schools were a good mix some brute crappies mixed in with some decent gills with a few big tankers mixed in. . Found the fish on a previous waypoint basically a nice inside corner. The pods of fish were hanging in 15-18 foot range it was a good area. The good sign was the fish were suspended indicateing we should be able to turn them. The guys finally hit the ice and it didn't take long and fish were comeing topside. Everyone in this group has a different approach , technique , and strategy to put fish topside. A great mix. We all had fun putting numerous fish up saw a few 12 inch plus crappies measured and I would guess about 10 gills between 9-10 1/2 inches. All these big fish were put back. This group is very serious about protecting our resources! The gear I was using was a Thorne bros Power noodle 13 fishing black betty free fall and 3 pound P Line shrimp and 4 mm fiskas changing colors quite often. Fun times on the water looking forward to doing it again in the future .
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    The crappie bite is HOT right now in Minnesota. Get out and get some late ice action!
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    Hit a couple spots before finding some quality. The key was finding live green weeds close to a shallow flat. Color and size of baits also played a role in bringing the bigger fish topside once we located them. A 1.25 inch Impulse slugbug "pink" rigged on a 4mm Kenders glow uv was working best for me.
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    Fun time for sure. Highlight of my day was watching Jeff once he dialed in the crappies seemed like everyone he got was a
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    Brian's son Adam always seems to win....
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    That was/is me. It's been at least 2 years or more since I logged on. When the old site was altered I got confused and started chasing elsewhere. Was able to get a boat that my son (pictured holding Walter) nicknamed the "Rager"(not quite a Ranger). '84 Mirrocraft.
  9. 6 points
    Enjoyed seeing everyone today. I didn't catch a single fish and was one of the better days on the ice this year. John took a bunch of pics and can be seen here.
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    This topic comes up again from time to time, and it's a good thing to be conservation-minded about this amazing fishery. Since this is an open forum, I'll share a few of my observations of this lake. Please keep in mind, I currently live 1 1/2 hrs south of the lake, and I've fished this lake for roughly 40 years of my life. I'm also a very conservation centered person, and I'd be the first in line to make personal sacrifices to see the long-term improvement of this lake, and it's surrounding wildlife. These are issues I find troubling. 1) Summer resort guided fishing pressure. Literally dozens and dozens of launches leave the resort docks every morning during the open water season, with hundreds of guests. These launches invariably return each day with coolers full of walleyes, day after day after day. Even though this harvest is closely regulated, I worry about the long-term impact this level of harvest might have on the fishery. 2) Sport fishing pressure during the Spring Spawning run up the Rainy River. Although the allowable harvest (daily bag limit 2/person) is very conservative, I still worry about the impact this catch and release fishing pressure has on the overall spawning pattern of these fish. Yes, there are millions of fish in the river, but there are also thousands of anglers catching and releasing these fish, many large spawning females, during a critical time in their reproductive cycle. I'd personally like to see them left alone during the spawn. It's not allowed on inland waters. I'm not sure why it's allowed on these border waters? 3) A body of water this size (and in consideration of the overall increase in sport fishing pressure) should have more Conservation Officers assigned to it's management. I'm not sure how many of you routinely read the CO reports from this lake, but each week the few officers we do have canvas large sections of the lake. There isn't a day that goes by when they don't find multiple people overharvesting fish, fishing without proper licensing, fishing with too many lines, or fishing with unattended lines. I believe the reason why this behavior is so common is because most people know it's unlikely they'll ever be checked by CO's while on the lake. I really think we'd see much less of this behavior if there were a few more CO's regularly assigned to enforcement on this lake. These are issues I'm pleased to see have been changed. 1) The overall harvest of shiner minnows during the fall run up the Rainy River. When this first really got going it was a "Silver Rush", and the harvest of minnows was out of control. Everyone was seeing dollar signs in their dreams. There's no way to quantify how many 5-gallon buckets full of minnows were lifted from the river each night, but it was a free-for-all, and there's little doubt it was having a negative impact on the forage base of the entire southern basin. In my opinion, it's likely one of the reasons why the Fall Walleye run up the Rainy River trickled down to darn near nothing for a few years. There were WAY fewer minnows going up the river. Since then, the MN DNR has implemented reasonably stringent regulations on the overall harvest of this incredibly important resource, and it's my humble opinion that this one single conservation agenda will greatly help to stabilize this whole ecosystem. 2) Commercial netting has either been eliminated altogether, or dramatically reduced and closely regulated across the entire expanse of this lake...including the Canadian side. 3) A much more conservative slot limit was placed on Northern Pike. I don't know how many of you were fishing this lake 25 years ago, but I was, and I distinctly recall watching people fishing pike in the spring and stacking them like cordwood on the ice. Again, a free-for-all. Large groups (6-12 people per group) tip-up fishing, and killing dozens and dozens of big spawning pike, day after day after day. Putting a stop to this has had a major impact on the number of trophy pike in the southern end of the lake. There's very few places in the WORLD where you can almost guarantee catching multiple trophy-sized pike in a single day of fishing! Additionally, a much more conservative slot limit was placed on walleyes, and their daily bag limit per person. It's truly astonishing how many 20-26 inch walleyes are now in this lake! It's these prime reproductive females that are the future of this fishery, and from a conservation standpoint protecting these fish is critical to generations of fish to come. Lake of the Woods is almost certainly the best walleye fishery in the world. You can go out there anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE, drop a line and catch some fish. That's where this discussion needs to be put into perspective. Has there been a pretty dramatic increase in fishing pressure? Yes. But please keep in mind, particularly during the ice season, the vast majority of sport fishing pressure is confined to a pretty small portion of the lake, and according to the DNR creel counts, the largest percentage of angler harvest occurs during the winter months. When we're lined up on a fairly thin strip of ice on the southern shore of the lake it seems darn near impossible that ANY fish could go without being caught beneath the thousands of fish houses. But take a moment to look to the north. It's the north end of this lake that is it's saving grace. There are literally THOUSANDS of square miles of water out there that goes completely untouched by sport fishing every year. We can see, on a clear day, 30-35 miles north across the southern basin, but Lake of the Woods runs another couple hundred miles north of the southernmost islands (Oak, Garden, Big Island, etc.). It's connected on the Western shore to Lake Winnipeg and the Red River of the North by rivers. It's connected on the Southeastern shore to Rainy Lake and countless other bodies of water beyond, by the Rainy River. To say this body of water is huge is a gross understatement. One could spend a lifetime exploring this water and you wouldn't put a scratch in the tip of the iceberg! Many years ago (25-30 yrs?) I was talking with a couple CO's out on the lake while ice-fishing. I still do this today every time they come around. It's great to discuss their conservation ideas with the source. Anyway, we were talking about the overall impact that sport fishing has on the lake. One of these CO's told me this. "We could open up Lake of the Woods to UNLIMITED sport fishing, no limits, and it would have NO long term impact on the walleye population in this lake!" The other CO agreed. I'm not sure I agree entirely with this perspective, but knowing the lake as well as I do, I don't think these folks are too far off on their guess. This lake, including it's vast untapped water in Canada, and including all it's tributary rivers, bays, bogs, streams, and connecting waterways, is a fish producing factory! We are SO SPOILED by this lake! Where else can you go and actually think catching ONLY 15-20 fish is a pretty crummy day of fishing?!?! But again, in my humble opinion, it's NEVER wrong to be conservative with the natural resources we have in this great country. When you do all the studies, and evaluate all the populations, and complete all the mathematics, it still boils down to a finite number of living creatures for all of us to share. Taking care of these resources, and being good stewards of what we have is never the wrong thing to do. On a side note, I could certainly be wrong about a few of my personal observations. I'm not so foolish or prideful to say I'm always right about everything I say. These are just my observations, coupled with a love for this lake. I'll be the first to admit I may not have all my facts perfectly straight. I honestly miss topics of conversation like this one on this site. It's a good question, and a good post. For a few years there it looked like this website was rapidly spinning down the t-bowl. I'm happy to see it appears to be making a slow comeback!
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    I am starting this thread about the chain. I will be posting fishing and Ice reports as time goes on. I will focus on the spring bite and the ice safety. I encourage all to join in. Don't name your spots just your successes or failures. Horseshoe Don
  12. 5 points
    Well after last years fiasco with mother nature it was nice to see a few of the guys for are annual crappie hunt. Being on the lake for over 90 days has a huge advantage as my goal is to have the houses close if not right on the mother load. Every year is different, This year a man made pressure ridge and another that came all the way across the lake at 7 miles hand cuffed us of where we wanted to be. Just like every day out there plan A became plan B. Adam brought a wheeler so he could shuttle out to where we expected to find the mother load. Adam came and got me at the end of the road, as soon as we got to the spot I look back and my headlites got left on. I take Adams wheeler back on the same tracks we came out on? 200 yards form blue thunder I buried the thing in a old road bed. Joff and Bob arrived just in time to help me dig the thing out. We worked 3 different areas with nothing to brag about. The area Jonny boy, Marty and I tried was about as fishy as it gets. I marked fish from the time I wet a line untell the time we packed up. I have no clue if they were perch, walleye or elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies. Jonny boy and I moved the whole fleet again Friday as we had found a few fish just east of the houses. The moved defiantly helped as Saturday morning a few more elusive upper red lake crappies were caught with Joff and Bob in Florida landing 5 over night. Shawn and Paul in montana had a couple also with Paul landing 4 over night , Jake and his family lost one at the hole, Adam also lost one at the hole. Mike and Mat that rolled in late Friday night and parked by us got 4 I think. Darrin and his family landed 4 also. Joe and Rick staying in California also landed 4, Richy, Shela, John and Adrea? were in old Minnesota. They were the newbies as shela had given Richy a birthday present of fishing such a grand lake. Richy got his first elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappie just after dark. They were pretty excited when I came to check in on them. Saturday the crew decided to pepper the area we moved the house's to. This strategy has worked in the past hunts. Around 4 30 Joff landed on the mother load and pulled out 15 fish in a row. Sean came over and punched a hole next to his, then they were both catching them, then Bob jumped in on the action as well as the crew in old Minnesota. Shela lost one at the hole and dove all the way to her shoulder but they are so elusive that one got away. They did end up with 7 with two going on the wall. So a first. Saturday night around 10 I pull up to old Minnesota and they are all outside line dancing. Talk about people knowing how to have a good time. They were all having a blast. They even got me out there doing the chicken dance with Polka music. It was a scene right out of a Minnesota movie. Mean while every one was visiting, house hopping, laughing and just enjoying a beautiful evening out on the lake. A few more fish were caught before everyone packed up sunday morning. Jonny boy and I decided we will move the houses one more time in case some one wants to come up and chase these very elusive, yet very catchable upper red lake crappies. We know there's still a few around as joff only kept 5 of the twenty he caught. I would say that half the ones caught were released to fight another day. The hammer and I plan on wetting a line a few times this week. I expect Jonny boy will be camping out in Florida every night as he has a passion for catching fish, he also may be looking for that magical moment when the mother load swims right under the house. Stay tuned as I predict "it could happen" Off road travel can still a bear, common sense and not driving into old road beds is the key. Hillmens Highway is in great shape. I will have both the red baron and blue thunder on the lake. There's plenty of room for me to punch out a spot. Its truly amazing as you watch the snow slowly melt and see all the areas that never saw a hole augured
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    No didn’t try in shallow had the wheelhouse and two 11 yr old girls with or I would have. We did well in the same spot two weeks ago bringing home a limit of nice walleyes and saugers and 6 slot fish from 22 to 27 inches but this last weekend was a bit slower. Fishing was steady but never got that nice run in the morning or evening and no slot fish either. Got a dozen Tullies for the smoker tho. Road was in good shape it sounded like the storm missed them and they didn’t get any snow. You only have to go out between a mile or 2 depending on how deep you want to fish there.
  14. 5 points
    Hey all. This is my last resort. I found an item on Lake Betsy (Kimball) about a month ago and have been trying to get it back to the owner. Posted on all local bait shop pages, ad in the local paper, and rod and gun club site. If you are or know of anybody who may have lost something please respond so we can exchange contact info. Regards, -Tank
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    Got on a great bite in the area today. It was a plastic bite and the fish were crushing my pug bug and plastics I switched it up from impulse mayfly and maki minos. I am having a fish fry and bringing some to Grandma.
  16. 5 points
    Fishing was pretty decent in the morning, with several doubles once the hot area was dialed in by Chris (IceHawk) aka for the day "Yukon Jack".
  17. 5 points
    Nice video!! Wow I'm famous my 5 seconds of fame! Nice job! Great time and great people! It was fun to see the younger generation out there.
  18. 5 points
    I can't just catch the biggest fish and not make sure you guys know who I am...! I'm Justin, the one in the orange hat and FXR jacket with the lunker of the day, and next to me is my buddy Nick in the brown. We both seriously enjoyed all your guys' company, generosity, and willingness to bring us in. We will be around and will be back to defend our Cool Cats 2018 hot streak next year, and will no doubt see some of you before then as we are out on the water as often as the women allow us to be
  19. 5 points
    Big Fish Winner. Nice job Justin!!! Your buddy and you, (sorry I forgot your name), sure were tag teamin' on em' Can't wait to hunt the chain and beyond with you guys... Thank you to Matt Johnson and Clam, along with everyone else who donated anything to this event! Was an outstanding time with everyone who attended, can't wait for a summer something, to get together again. "Yukon Jack" with first fish.......eyeguy 54 showing 2 yougsters ice hawks secret juice....Another 1st timer....and another....Hooked on cats for life!another cat chaser...K-drills never skipped a beat, even pushin' 30 inches of ice, and were throwing a h e l l of a lot of chips to locate active fish today. Andea drillin' out an area where the bite was on....Jeff and I doing up fresh fish....Rick G firing up his award winning beans. Nice new hat for the occasion. Smiles of success, ahead of the storm. Big Thanks to Jim and Kathy at The Bait Den in St. Cloud for helping out with some bait. Please support your local bait shops... Home just in time before the storm hit....
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    My Father-In-Law has recently gotten into ice fishing but he hasn't targeted Panfish yet through the ice. With the goal of getting him on some big Bluegills we decided to get off the beaten trail to check out a brand new lake. We loaded up our sleds, hopped on the snowmobiles and put the miles on. With no contour or lake maps we searched for hours with no sign of a Bluegill. That all changed when we stumbled on a shallow and weedy flat. As soon as we got lines in the water the quality fish started showing up! It's always fun when a new lake pans out!
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    Bite was tougher today but managed some very pretty fish. Trying to perfect getting pics with the cell phone and then editing them. I love crappie eyes and the color of some bluegills. My favorite fish on the planet.
  22. 4 points
    We decided to go around the house and see what we could use for fishing lures. Its amazing what fish will eat. Also, watch for a chance to win a free lure.
  23. 4 points
    Got out with Rick G and we found some pretty fishies. Gotta love this time of the year.
  24. 4 points
    On the last day to target predator species during this Ice Fishing season I went out on Lake Vermilion. I setup for the morning on a break where I usually catch Walleye's with a few Yellow Perch mixed in but on this outing I caught mainly Jumbo Perch! Plus one bonus fish that took me over 4 minutes to get up the hole...
  25. 4 points
    Went and fish pout mostly the last two weeks. It’s been hit and miss but fun nonetheless. Finding them lately with. Spawning marks and in depths from 15-36 feet, just depends on the night. My buddy even pulled up a nice whitefish last night. Lake travel is still tough, lots of snow and drifting that’s slowly getting melted down. 30+ inches of ice though
  26. 4 points
    Looks like we have about 10 fishermen coming for the last weekend before the houses come home. The ice is in great shape with the snow slowly melting down. Ii have found a couple areas of slush but that has been where a lot of snow accumulated through out the year. Jonny boy and I moved all the houses one more time, The hammer and I fished Monday night. We had dinner and spent the night with out ever catching a elusive upper red lake crappie. We gave it another shot last night as I grill burgers with oven baked French fry's. Same house Old Minnesota, same spot we fished Monday and we were rewarded with 3, yes 3 elusive yet still catchable upper red lake crappies. I'm thinking fresh crappie for dinner tonight. Mean while Jonny boy was fishing Florida where he also landed a couple that were released to fight another day. Its always nice to educate them as that makes them that much more elusive. Its been pretty darn quiet on the lake, Yesterday I did see 2 trucks headed down Hillmen"s highway to the end of the road. I also saw one truck on beacon Harbors old road. The plan as of right now is start bringing the fleet home sunday after we say good bye to the guys. As the snow has been receding. I have had time to check out a few old spots, so far the liter had been very minimal which is nice to see. Every year I try to go back to every area I have ruined. I like to police the area one more time, reminisce in my mind all the fun and memories that were made on as Dave the old timer told me A Grand Lake that owes us nothing! nothing!
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    couple pics from today. fun time with the gang
  28. 4 points
    Nope it wasn’t his, but his was a nice one so I guess I’ll keep looking:)
  29. 4 points
    becoming my favorite
  30. 4 points
    I got this box from a friend this winter. Very well made and thought out design! Runs on a standard 12v flasher battery. Thought some of you may be interested in one! Check them out at Cliff
  31. 4 points
    Been a tough season for me but finally found a solid bite of some big gills. The warm weather mixed with late ice, had them very hungry and ready to eat. They were stacked up in 12ft and enjoyed coming up for a picture. My buddy even got himself a nice bass. Not a bad afternoon. Video:
  32. 4 points
    Fished out of Long Point in 35 ft this past weekend and kept 22 between 3 of us. Lots of 12-14 inch fish and mostly saugers.
  33. 4 points
    I ice fish on LOTW about 40 days per year, from my experience, there are too many variables in fishing to know what works and what does not. For example, I changed from red to pink and all of a sudden I was catching fish. I will never know if it was the color change (i did not change back to red to find out) or just a timing thing - did the fish finally show up? I have used all types of bait, shiners (frozen and alive), rainbows, small creek chubs, etc..., and have never tried plastics or scents. I only use large fatheads on my dead-sticks and medium fathead's heads on my jiggin spoons. Advantages are cheaper, less work keeping alive, and predictable success. I have fished all side-by-side with no noticeable difference. To me, rainbows are too strong and I end up with many tangled lines. One tip on how much bait is needed - with a 50/50 mix of large and medium fats, one pint is good for 6 man-days of fishing. Good luck and enjoy the sport of fishing!!!
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    We have a 6 hour drive, so we left home Thursday at 5am, arrived 11am, on the sleds and out the door at noon, all lines down and fishing by 1pm. With the sunset getting later, i.e. after 6pm, it felt like a regular day of fishing. It was a beautiful day, fishing was great, catching was, slow. Between the two of us, probably only 20 fish with no keepers. Our standard is 14 inch for sauger and 15 for walleyes. This was in the mud off a reef in 32'. Many of the fish were coming into our area at 3 to 8 foot off the bottom. Once they sniffed out bait, they'd drop to the bottom and disappear. Friday was a different story. We were setup and fishing by 11am, up on the fishable edge of the same reef in 27'. Probably around an 80 fish day. Size got better 2pm to 4pm. Felt like we were going to run out of bait. Ended up with 3 nice sauger and our limit of eyes, 16 to 19 inchers. Ate one sauger and two eyes for dinner. The fish were full crayfish hatch and 1/2 inch minnows. Talked to one of the guides who agreed to what we found in their bellies and added that "once they clean up that forage, look out!!!" On Saturday we went to the same spot, we were setup and fishing by 930am. Bite was slower again. Lots of small ones. We ended up one sauger short of our limit. One sauger was an 18 incher too. This was probably a 40 fish day for us. The weather had eveyone's attention. We were expecting to drive home on icy roads. Oddly enough, dry roads and some light rain at times nearer the Crosby area to the Cities. Another trip this weekend with our college swimming son and three of his teammates.
  35. 4 points
    I am not a bass guy, but thought I would stop by to share this picture of my personal best largemouth. She hit a shiner on a tip-up yesterday on a Mississippi River backwater north of Winona. (No closed season for Northern or bass there.) 21", and fat, so I am confident she hit 5.5 lbs. Put back down the hole after this photo.
  36. 4 points
    That sure is a beast Chris!.... I slammed 3 over 13 locally, wish I could of made it up with ya KVD, but duty called.Sure was bright out there!!! Don't forget the sunscreen these days...
  37. 4 points
    Great day on the ice today iced some good ones this beast topped out at 10 3/4
  38. 4 points
    great day! me not catching fish was not an issue i really wanted my girl friend to catch one. but great food. them ribs and fish were both "on POINT". great prize packages too!! thanks to all sponsors and donations and THANK YOU that organized this always great event. we will be there next year with "pie" and maybe a larger batch of bars too. i thought a couple of you were gonna tackle annie as she was putting the few leftovers away during clean up!! tight lines every one!!
  39. 4 points
    Ended up going to Vermilion anyhow. Camped all weekend and did okay. Handful of walleyes each day, many whitefish and a few pout. Went in search of some panfish on Saturday using the 360 off my boat and found an ice school of perch in some flats. Yeh m sure fishings been better but we caught enough to feed ourselves all week.
  40. 4 points
    Looks like you guys had a great time. Was this the Out of Beer signal?
  41. 4 points
    A few lookers today and was tough to get them up top. Did manage a few and a dandy gill just under 10 inches and had a great battle with an 18 1/2 inch bass on the inferno. Getting more practice is getting me more used to these rods. Really starting to like them. Nice gill came on a 3mm copper tungsten with part of an impulse mayfly in blood red. Bass hit same jig with white. No luck with the wishbone today.
  42. 3 points
    Eat some smaller fish and let the beasts grow.
  43. 3 points
    Made it out this weekend again with a bunch of friends on Saturday morning. Ice conditions at shore were great condition, ice driving around was just fine especially since I was only in 2wd. Fished a deep hole from 6:30 till 2 pm around Dent. Fish were active and everyone was able to land a few fish. Fish ranged from 12-16" with average being in that 14-15" range. Tons of people out there. Coming off the ice the access was no longer in great condition but was still very easy to get off the water. Fished over by perham in the afternoon for crappies hit a deep hole that usually holds good populations. Graphed a ton but only 3-6" crappies. Fished till graphs died, guess LX7's with a 9 amp hour rating wont run 12+ hours lol. Access on that lake was getting very sketchy to say the least. Everyone kept driving on good ice so the trails coming off the lake were sporadic at best. Lots of snow on the lake and lots of slush and flooded spots on the lake. We were throwing water with 4wd in the pickup locked in. Fished Sunday morning again, buddy I took is worse than most 5 year olds so it was an interesting morning. Got one around 7:15 right away. Was trying to set his rod up and graph and hooked one in the process he gave it too much slack and lost it. 5 minutes later he's fighting one and I can hear drag flying off so I thought I went too light of gear for him, he landed an 18.5" tuilibee! Biggest one of the weekend and ended up being his only fish. We fished the rest of the morning and ended up with about a dozen of them. Range was from 5" to 18.5" average being about 14" again. Access coming off was same condition but you drive through a "Beach" on shore and the beach is getting really dug out and soft. Unless we get tons of cold weather soon I might be done for driving on any access that gets hit by sunlight. Sun has tons of power and I got a nasty sunburn on Saturday while hole hoping!
  44. 3 points
    If you have a smartphone you can download the OnX hunting app. Gives all landowner names and land boundries. Also gives all state land, wildlife refuges etc. There is also a Navonics app for downloading to a smartphone. It gives all the lake contours for fishing. These apps cost a little but you don't need to buy a gps or a chip for the gps. A lot cheaper IMO and you don't have to carry around another gadget.
  45. 3 points
    Great Video! We had the same result on the last weekend, a few jumbos up to 14" and a couple gators, 20180224_151110.mp4
  46. 3 points
    The end of season frenzy hasnt started yet but fishing remains pretty solid. Seems like the fish go every day but at different times. I took the portable out at the end of the week to check it all out and here is the report.....
  47. 3 points
    It was definitely a fun time seeing a bunch if good sticks use the techniques that work for them to get fish topside,(freshwater shrimp, eurolarvae, plastics). I fished many combos and lures/baits before I found a combo that consistently got fish to go for me. That was a black 2.5 mm tungsten jig with 2 red eurolarvae. I fished this on a DH Baitrunner noodle rod with an inline reel and 3 lb iceline. It was game on then and both gills and crappies were biting this often. Some dandy slabs as Rick mentioned. It took me almost 3 hrs to figure this out so persistence definitely paid off and well as being willing to try different set ups. It's good to share the ice with guys that know there stuff and can turn a tough bite in their favor.
  48. 3 points
    DANDY Jeff ! ! smokin time here.
  49. 3 points
    Fished Clearwater this weekend with little luck. My nephew hooked into a 28" monster in 75 fow.
  50. 3 points
    Will be there sometime between 8-9... Sticking around till snow starts. Cooking up a big batch of " meat and I think there is beans in there" first ingredient is bacon
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