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Bobby Bass

No Ties

HIYA FROM LAKE Iwanttobethere, was expecting to wake up to several inches of snow this morning but we never cooled off enough to make snow. Heavy rain is falling and we are pretty much drenched. Standing water in the yard and Duncan thought twice when I let him out to do his thing. He didn’t go far from the door as he made a quick trip and was back inside patiently waiting to get his feet wiped dry and a brisk rub of the towel across his back. Of course he being a lab all it took was a couple of rubs and he was dry. He then jumped up on the couch to bury himself in the covers and go back to sleep.


Sunshine Ray was forecasting 8-10 inches of snow for the day and we sure have the moisture. Schools announced last night they were already closing for the impending spring storm. They now kind of have a little egg on their face with a lot of parents who are searching for baby-sitters when their kids could be sitting in a classroom under buzzing florescent lights watching the rain fall. I think my granddaughter will be coming over today so that is something I can look forward to. Have some more seeds I want to start and she can help.


The to do list is growing here at the cabin as I am laid up but the head is working just fine. Every room that I spend time in I see things that need to get fixed or upgraded. Driving the wife crazy as I am adding things to do to the do list before she can and that has always been her job. I have stayed out of the kitchen though as I know where my boundaries are. Been spending a lot of time on the phone talking with friends and keeping in contact, a few I have not spoken to for years and it is nice to catch up and plan some time together later this summer. Fishing is the main topic and I was hoping to get out closer to opener this season and chase some northern up on the flats of a few lakes I know but looks like I will be in the big big city doing treatment and I will have to see how I respond to that. As for today I feel pretty darn good so that is a plus on wet dreary day like we are having today.


I think I have found how to spend my Monday nights that I have insomnia and that is rolling cigars. I did a couple the other night and it is a long process but it will go quicker as I learn how to have my leaf reedy for use. I still have tobacco out in the greenhouse and some more hanging in the shed that I need to bring in and make into hands and put in controlled storage. Have been searching the web for some fishing gear to and did go ahead and purchased one of those C02 inflatable life vests. Figured after all these years of not wearing a vest when I am fishing that it might be a good idea when I have these annoying dizzy smells that come out of no where. Daughter was a little upset with me as she was going to buy me one for my birthday but now she has to find something else. I guess I am a hard buy because if I need it I go buy it or already have it, I keep telling her at my age all I want is a hug and I am good with that and please no ties. So from a wet morning have a good day I am going to try to here at Lake Iwanttobethere

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Bobby Bass


SATURDAY MOTHER NATURE gave us a tease of what is to come. Wind was coming off the lake and it was cold as it crossed the ice and made its way on shore. Around noon the wind shifted and went the other way. I sat on the deck and watched as the red needle on the jumping bass thermometer crept up on sixty and then stopped. Sun was already shinning in a cloudless sky and with the wind shift it was soon tee shirt weather sitting on the deck. Today it is back to being overcast and damp and there is a chill that I can’t seem to shake.


Granddaughter spent the night on Saturday and we were busy as we sat at the desk in the den and juggled watching wrestling, hockey and playing Yahtzee. The grand daughter has a little killer instinct in her as in one game she got two Yahtzees and made a big deal out of where o where would she put her second score. Sunday morning she went back home and I was left alone licking my wounds. Next door my neighbor Chuck had a birthday party for his son CJ and a bunch of his high school buddies were over and they did Coney’s, a 110 of them to be exact. Teenagers can sure fill up on free Coney’s just like Uncle John does shots at a free wedding bar.


Speaking of Chuck he is full blown Maple Syrup making mode and it busy. The smell that rolls out of his garage from time to time makes its way to my place and the smell mixed in with the fresh mud means spring can’t be to far off, except when Mother Nature teases us with a nice day then comes back with a week of damp cold weather. Drs. Office in the big city this morning, got some good lab numbers and he is happy with my progress, if he is happy then I am happy. Back home this afternoon to shred some more tobacco for taste testing. The first batch I made is already gone as I gave away free samples to get opinions on how it smokes. So far a thumbs up so I am going to shred some more and maybe do a little blending. Did not get around to rolling any cigars on Sunday but am going to try and do that tonight.


We drove through town on the way back to the cabin and the streets have been cleaned. County came through with the big city street cleaners and all the business owners along Main Street were busy with push brooms cleaning their sidewalks into the street before it was too late. Big Earl was the first to get his done but then this time of the year then he is always standing outside his door with a broom in hand. Since I have not been driving I don’t buy gas and we stopped at the Gas-N-Go and I was surprised to see we are just under two dollars a gallon. Slowly creeping up and I am hoping it does not go much higher. I still have a few fishing trips that I want to go on this summer.


With the good lab numbers of this morning I am trying to convince the wife that I should get, no I deserve some home made potato pancakes for supper tonight. So far she has not committed either way but I am working on her. Monday nights are my stay up all night so I will more then likely have more to say later today from here at Lake Iwanttobethere.

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Bobby Bass


SUNSHINE IS POURING through the den window here at Lake Iwanttobethere. I have window cracked open and every once in a while I get whiff of fresh mud from the snow free flower bed outside of the window. Almost on cue several crows flew by and their cawing might be a signal to others that Spring is in the air. Sunshine Ray is forecasting a high of fifty-five where as Stormy Clearweather is it is only going to hit fifty. I am no weatherman but I like my chances of calling for a high of Sixty!


Yesterday I didn’t get much done as I had nothing really planned and it was of those bad days for me. This morning I woke up feeling better then when I went to bed which is the way it should be. I laid in bed for awhile planning my day out, if I am lucky I will get half of what I want to do get done, done. First off I was hankering for some chili so I got the fixings out and tried out my new chopper that I got for Christmas. I wanted it for dicing onions for Coney’s and it works good for it. This morning I did all my celery, onions and peppers, worked slick just like it was seen on TV. With Chili in the crock pot I moved on to other things, Shelf here in the den was cleared off so when the granddaughter comes over to visit tomorrow we will start some tobacco seed and peppers along with a few different tomatoes. The last pot of hot peppers were harvested with some going into the crock pot and the rest to the freezer. The plant and pot went outside and looks kind of strange with the pepper plant sitting green against the snow bank that rests up against the greenhouse


This afternoon's project is to shred some tobacco for cigarettes and I am going to roll a couple of cigars. The cigarette tobacco is dried enough to be used but I may be pushing the cigar leaf. It has been drying/curing now for seven months. I figure I will roll a few and let them age in the humidor. One of my buddies who grew leaf last year wants to see how it came out so I will let him be the tester. If he likes it he says he will grow more and we will split it. I will shred up a 50/50 blend of Burley and Virginia for the cigarettes. The cigars will be rolled out of Connecticut broad leaf and Dominican leaf. I will try a few different blends and see what it turns out like. That should take up a chunk of time.


With the warm weather the rag box for Duncan was put by the deck door. He patiently waits by the door to get his paws wiped off when he comes in. I think he goes out of his way to see how much mud he can get in between his toes and he sure does seem to like the attention he gets when I clean them out. The smell of chili is in the air and I have already turned it a few times. This batch should be better then the last batch that was made as the wife mislabeled peppers for the freezer. Instead a mix of green peppers and big hot peppers it was all hot peppers and almost uneatable. We just invited Elmer over for dinner and he had three bowls and took the left overs back to his place. He has a thing for hot foods. Well I just checked the temp and it is only forty-five out, needs to warm up fifteen more degrees to reach my prediction, But then again I never really said I was a weatherman, here at Lake Iwanttobethere

><> 63 <><

Bobby Bass

Early Morning

UP EARLY FOR me this morning but that has now been kind of normal. The granddaughter once said that I was solar powered and she may have been on to something there. No real plans for the day but that just means something will find me and need to get done. Some lite snow fell overnight but it is already melting off the roof. I am going to put down snow removal on my today to do list and check it off. I will see if I can get over to my neighbor Chuck’s sometime today I could smell the wood smoke coming from his garage as it is Maple Syrup making time. His trees here are dripping but not so much at the stand of trees up at the RESORT.


My legs are getting back under me slowly but surely, come Saturday I am going to be back to driving and regain some of my lost freedom. A trip to Amy’s Bakery for pie is first thing on the list as I will not be having the wife drive me round like she has been. We have driven right past the bakery several times as the wife would make comments about my high sugar and held the idea of pie like a carrot to a mule as a reward for when I am able to drive and get my sugars back down. Don’t get me wrong the wife has been a champ taking care of me and them marriage vows are coming back to haunt her, the sickness and in health one. I am just to worried that she is enjoying driving my Tahoe to much and she has changed my radio stations, moved my seat and mirrors and I am finding fast food bags stuck under the front seat, I guess her surges are doing just fine.


The smell of gun oil still lingers in the den and it is a fine smell to have in the den. Looking around I already found something to do as I think I may just clear the desk top off and clean the wood desk with some oil and dust off all the stuff and put it back on. The desk top is a 4x6 foot of Maple and it could use a little attention. Last night I finally finish going through all my snail mail and the paper shredder was working overtime eating up offers and junk mail and hospital stuff. I did get one piece of mail from a big city funeral home which made me scratch my head. They must have an inside guy at the hospital feeding them names of perspective clients, sorry I disappointed them this time.


I already have a list of places I need to go to, The Lodge of course and Gus has already dropped off a shoe boxes of pink messages for me to go through, they pretty much all went up in smoke in the fireplace as they were past having any action needed. Masterbaiters to visit with Vicki, kind of up in the air if I will be able to watch the place when she goes on vacation but I think I can con the wife that it would be a good thing for me to spend a few hours a day down there looking at racks and racks of fishing lures and the listening to the bubbling of the minnow tanks. Which reminds me it is about time to order tackle for our own BAIT ROOM at the RESORT. Nice getting back in to the swing of getting ready for open water fishing. I did talk to Vic yesterday he was saying that he and Elmer have been working on tying up some Christmas trees that the FELLOWS hauled up to the RESORT, They will be timely placed on the ice out front of the docks within casting distance of the old guys to fall through the ice and make crappie condos. Duncan just now finally decided to get up and he is at my side demanding a good back scratching before I let him outside. I let him out and he took a couple of steps, found the rabbit tracks on the deck and took off at a gallop to check his property for the intruder. Things are slowly getting back to normal, at least they are for me here at Lake Iwanttobethere


Bobby Bass

The Gift

A VERY PRODUCTIVE day today here at the cabin on Hidden Bay. Some light rain fell which is helping with the snow melt and no dripping from the eves as the snow is all gone along with the little ice dams there were on the out buildings roofs. My son in law's birthday today and along with his wife, my daughter I set up a surprise present. Since I know that I am not going to make eighty and even seventy may be a reach I am working on gifting my rifles and shotguns away. I want to keep things in the family and I know the son in law has to borrow a gun for deer hunting. My thought for his thirty fifth birthday was to gift him a thirty-five year old 30-30 with scope and hard case.


So this morning I got it out from the gun cabinet and clean it up, oiled and before you know it the smell in the den was rich with gun cleaning solvent and wipe clothes. I ended up cleaning all the guns and can mark it off my Spring cleaning do list. I brought the rife over to the son in law's house with a story that his wife had given me the OK to store a gun there for a couple of weeks. I brought the gun over and he didn’t think twice about it and we did some cake and then I gave him fat little card. He opened the card to find two keys for the case and I told him what was inside was actually his present. He open it up looked at me and shook my hand and just said thank you. Just the response I was looking for, he then picked it up and checked the rifle out and shook my hand again.


Back at the cabin after doing a little car shopping at Reed’s Auto Place. Am looking to trade off the wife’s Jeep for something else. Getting to point where it needs more work then I want to put it in so I am looking to dump it off in a trade, which surprising the wife approved. But then again for the last month she has been driving the Tahoe while I have been laid up and is getting a little too comfortable in it if you know what I mean. So I get back to the cabin and find out that one of my sons had been by and cleaned all the carpet while I was out with the wife at the son in laws. I did have to put furniture back but I got clean carpets.

So I am sitting in the den with the smell of gun oil still hanging in the air and Duncan lying at my feet under the desk. Got a lot done today compared to a typical day the last few months. Am feeling pretty good as a matter of fact. I also am feeling good about making the son in law's day and mine also. Lots of stuff that I no longer need but have here. Hate to see it just given away, I like the idea of doing some gifting and filling some other relative's fishing boxes with the forty some years of fishing tackle that I have in the Puddle Humper and in storage. I always buy to much and you know that as I give fishing tackle away then I will have open slots in my tackle boxes. No sense in telling the wife I will probable be in need for some new fishing tackle here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

A Vistor

FIRST OFF I believe that nothing is impossible but a lot of things are highly improbable, Having made that statement I believe in ghosts. During my long stay in the hospital any kind of really good sleep was next to impossible to get. With the drugs I was taking I had more than a few wild dreams interrupted. Most dreams were quickly forgotten but one has hung with me now for more then a week, I was in my hospital bed and the room door was ajar. The bathroom door was open a crack with the light on. The sliver of light from the bathroom that fell into the room was just enough for the nurses and lab people to check on me, It was past two in the morning when I woke up. I didn't open my eyes all the way as I was expecting a nurse was going to be the reason I woke up. Instead I got the impression someone was in my room but I did not see anyone, I rolled on to my side and looked through the side rail of the bed to see my old dog Bud looking back at me.


White face and his sweet old tired eyes looked back at me and his tail was slowly waging with a purpose brushing the curtain that hangs from the ceiling in front of the door. I blinked my eyes trying to get them in focus. He stood looking at me like he had been there for awhile. Bud took a few steps closer to the bed and was in reach of my hand that I had stuck through the side rail, I heard him whine his familiar whine and he leaned forward to lick my hand, just once, I asked him if he wanted me to follow him but instead he turned away from the bed and walked to the curtain. He looked over his broad brown back and me and gave me a soft little ruff growl that sounded like a no. Then he walked into the curtain and was gone.

The dream is the only one of many that I had, but it is the only one I remember, I think he was telling me that Bud and his brother Barney are not yet ready to show me their new hunting grounds. Was it a dream or was it Buds ghost checking on me, I want to think it was his ghost. Here at Lake Iwanttobethere anything can be possible.

Bobby Bass

Got a smile

I am beaming here at Lake Iwanttobethere, just back from the DOC’s office where we discussed the current treatment plan. The good news is that my unplanned stay at the hospital last week was a success as my blood work came back today and I am back inside limits on several tests that were way out of bounds and were getting into the critical stages. I did gain 25 pounds in water weight but have already shed it all in the past three days. Let me tell you walking around with all that made balance and blood pressure tough to control. I see some stories coming so you might want to grab a can of Hamm’s when I start posting them...

Bobby Bass

That Guy

THAT GUY, I am that guy! I went back to the hospital on Friday for my last plasma washing that went off without a hitch. Since my sessions were done they pulled out the chest tube, applied pressure and a bandage and I was allowed to leave. Ten minutes later I am at the emergency entrance waiting for my wife to bring the truck around and I reach down and find myself wet on my side. My pressure bandage had not held and I was bleeding, a lot of excitement there for a few minutes as I yelled for some help and several nurses came to bring me to the emergency room. I held my hand to my chest as blood poured out around my fingers and we got me to a room and some gloved up nurses. I ended up spending another day in the hospital as they had to give me a transfusion of two units of blood to get me good to go home again. This is the short version I don’t think I am going to write a long version of this story, but it was finally nice to get rather then receive blood for a change... Just saying I am that guy when this kind of stuff seems to happen.

Bobby Bass


Just got out of an unexpected hospital stay that was like the voyage of the uss minnow, instead of a four hour cruise it became four days. Had problems with very low heart rate and blood pressure and ended up having my blood chemistry go way out of whack, bunch of testing and I swear they removed enough blood to paint Duncan's house with  if Duncan had a dog house. The bad part about this was that this was suppose to be my off week in my chemo cycle and I spent it in the hospital. I have a lot of reading to catch up to and a lot of sleep as no one ever went to a hospital to get ay rest. Thank you for everyone who is emailing me, I will touch base with all of you in the next few days, Bobby..

Bobby Bass

Never Dull

SUN IS GOING down here at Hidden Bay here on Lake Iwanttobethere. I have some Johnny Cash playing softly in the background just loudly enough that I can barely hear it over the sound of the keys on the keyboard as I write this. I pause and listen some. I have my Pandora radio playing Neal Young’s station and Johnny Cash songs slide into the rotation from time to time. Duncan is under the desk his head resting on my foot and a paw on the other foot. I reach down and pet him behind the ears letting him know I know that he is there. Sometimes he will give me that little sigh of his as he blows air out and continues to sleep knowing I am close.


I miss the old dogs but I am o so happy that Duncan is here, I really do need a buddy and having him always close by is not a bother at all, even if he is a bed hog he is my bed hog. Soon we will I hope be taking more rides together as the weather gets warmer and I get to feel better. Seems I am always telling him he can not go with me when I go to the store or make the trips into the big city for all the doctor appointments. If I could I bet he would make a lot of new friends. He is busy this week as the city dogs are here while the daughter is on vacation. He has been a good boy not picking on the old lab and not terrorizing the young female Austrian shepherd too much. I wish I could say that for the shepherd as she has been chasing the tom cats every chance she gets. That is until the big tom had enough of her this morning and came down stairs sat in front of the shepherd and raised his right paw and flashed his claws and gave the dog a cat warning. City dog is smart enough to sit back and took the warning.


Going to cool down some but then it will warm up, pretty atypical for this time of the winter. Neighbor Chuck is looking forward to the warm up as he has to do brakes on his truck and replace the exhaust. I am looking for a warn day also has I have not gotten around to taking the door panel off the Tahoe passenger side and fixing what I think is a broken or lose linkage that controls the door handle. Lately when I have been driving with a passenger I either have to play chauffeur and come around and open the door for them or just have them sit in the back seat and play driving Miss Daisy. Funny thing there is the door handle broke when my mother in law was riding with me. Not the first time as she has a habit of slamming seat belts in the door jams and screwing them up.


Duncan took the city dogs with him down to greet Mark the mailman for the mail today, Mark had some second thoughts when all three dogs come down to greet him. Duncan brought the mail up and besides the bills he brought me a couple of fishing sale catalogs, some light reading for later. I did plant some onion seeds today inside, they won’t go into the garden till the middle of summer and I hope the ones I planted last summer will winter over and give me a head start on this year's crops of onions. Should be time here to start planting tobacco but I am debating what or if I will plant this season. Winter marches on, snow is not going down any in the yard and I have not seen a deer in several weeks. Crows are scarce to and not a single bunny track. A week of sunshine I am sure would sure change everything but March is coming and with it snow should fall to bury everything again. The wife has agreed to do some fishing with me so I do have some tackle shopping to do, she will need a reel as hers are long gone, either broken or lost by the kids as they used them or borrowed them out to their friends to go fishing. It will have to be a spincast as no way will I offer her the chance to destroy one of my bait caster and she can’t figure out a spinning reel. Never a dull moment here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass


THREE IN THE morning and the dogs are up, well so am I. Guess they decided that something must be going on if I am still up so they are in the den here scattered around at my feet. Got a heater on pointing at my desk but most of the heat is being blocked by the dogs. I am about done for now watching streaming TV so I thought I would write a little. With any luck I will bore myself and go to sleep. Usually when I write these kind of stories they just become random thoughts as I don’t really have a story to tell but just end up writing abut things I have noticed in the past few days.


Having spent a lot of time in waiting rooms these past few weeks I am starting to notice the same people and I am striking up some conversations. There is an old guy today who was telling me some of his stories about living in Alaska, I had to go get my treatment but I will be looking forward to seeing him again and see if I can prod some stories from him. I also notice that the older ladies who come stake out their space. Most of the chairs are set in threes and the older ladies come in and sit in the center chair, rest their purse on the right chair and their coat on the left. And then just glare at you when you stand looking for a place to sit. Younger people sit anywhere and have their lap tops in their laps and ignore everyone around them.


This evening I did go into town and did a little shopping, was feeling a little off but I needed to pick up a few things so I went out. I stopped at the local Al-mart store and I pushed a cart around taking my time. I must admit I spent a little time in sporting goods not because I needed anything but I was just looking. It was there that I heard a lady calling out Marco and from around the store I heard the answer of Polo. Not doing anything I started looking for Polo but each time the lady called out Marco, the Pole answer was in a difference voice and it came from a different section. A few minutes in I finally asked the lady about it and she told me she really does have a son named Marco but people keep calling Polo back to her. I just shrugged my shoulders and walked away with a smile on my face.


Back in the waiting room, I did have a chuckle the other day that I forgot to mention. I sat next to a guy who told me that he has a plan for when he dies. Not really knowing how to react I just nodded my head and he took that as a go ahead and he told me that his wife is planning on cremating him, his plan is to eat a lot of unpopped popcorn kernels so he will go out with a bang! I chuckled and took an instant liking to him, I see him on Thursdays. I told him my plan is to have a bunch of young guys carry my casket with instructions to run me out to the hearse when the ceremony is all done. You see I want to just run one last time! He approved and we toasted each other with our apple juice in our paper cups.


Boat Show this week and I was kind of planning to go but now my fishing granddaughter is on vacation and gone. I may or may not go now as I really don’t have anything to buy and was just going to see the granddaughter fish the trout tank and watch the squirrel water ski. Who knows maybe I will get Elmer to go, we both walk at about the same speed now here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Some Good News

For a change some good news! After the first week of treatment I improved some of my blood work tests and got approved for monetary help for the very expensive drug.treatment. In a few days I am going to go on a aggressive blood treatment where they are going to in four sessions withdraw all my blood and spin out the plasma, replace the plasma then put it back in. This should remove all the current floating loose chains in my blood and give me a quick shot of help for my kidneys. Will also during this time continue my Chemo but I should feel better. If I was a car it would be like getting an oil change and trannie flush. Steroids today so I will be up all night, doing a lot of reading and cruising the web..

Bobby Bass


SPENT A GOOD portion of the day just dozing. Got to take advantage of when I can sleep as Mondays are not good days for me. Grand daughter was here and the last of her girl scout cookies were picked up and then she had to leave for her cross county ski lessons. As luck would have it no sooner did she leave then a light snow stared to fall. Just a few flakes here and there but as the afternoon went on they covered the cleared deck to a depth of perhaps an inch or so. When evening rolled around the son in law was over with the dogs. Tonight they are heading out on vacation to Missouri where we have some relatives. They will be spending a week down there and we checked the weather and they are going to go from the snow of here to temperatures maybe as high as sixty, I would have like to gone with.


The black lab and the Austrian shepherd said good-bye to their owners and made themselves comfortable here. The shepherd up on the couch and the lab tucked into the corner on his bed. Duncan just looked on and gave me the "House guest look" of his and climbed under my desk to lay at my feet. The wife was gone as the two young grandsons took her out to dinner which left me home to take another nap. Ever notice that it is hit or miss when you get on the Internet? There are days when I can spend the entire afternoon finding things to read or going on the boards and typing away and then like today it is just quiet, at least for me.


A little while ago the wife came home with a smile on her face and complements for the grandsons who were perfect gentlemen on their dinner date. I kind of poked around for some leftovers in a doggie bag but there were none. I got a call from the Lodge that Lenny was looking for his girl scout cookies and he asked if I was still delivering, I had nothing better to do so I told him to hang tight and I would run them over. They were the last ones I had here so it was all the excuse I needed to get out. I left the dogs home and told the wife I would be back shortly and she questioned me if I should be out driving, told her I needed the air and she told me if I felt that good I could just as easy go shovel. I declined.


Just enough snow had fallen and it was the light stuff, I started the Tahoe and backed out and turned the wipers on to take the snow off the windshield and deposit it on the drive not in my parking space. Slipped it into four wheel drive and headed down the drive. Made the turn on the road that takes me to the Lodge and took it out of four wheel drive and started drifting around the bends on the new snow. No other tracks and the woods were dark with just the light from my headlights reflecting off the new snow. Not driving reckless but driving with control I let the back end of the Tahoe break loose in the corners before giving a little gas and straightening out, Like a skier going down the hill I worked my way through the gates to town. Sometimes simple things like driving in snow can be so much fun. I dropped the cookies off and headed back to the cabin about half way there I came up on tail lights gliding around the turns and I followed at a distance behind. A little more snow was falling and the wipers were on but it was as much fun going back home as it was coming into town. I watched as the lights blinked out in front of me and as I turned to go up my drive I saw Elmer was walking away from his truck in his drive. We had both just gone out for a drive on a snowy night here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

The Mountie

BACK IN THE day before radio I was told by my late grandfather that they would sit around the camp fire and tell stories of their parents or friends or once in a while the crazy uncle. Now I was pretty young then and I think we did have a radio but grandpa would just say that we didn’t. Grandpa was a story teller and he could spin a yarn or two, I wish I had listen to then better so I could retell them here. Most of them were about things I didn’t not have a clue about. Grandma and grandpa lived in a walk up apartment that had several flights of stairs before you got to the hallway that went down the length of a magazine warehouse. It was a great place to be a little kid as on the same floor as my grandparent's apartment was also where they stored magazine and paperback book racks. The racks were kept in cardboard boxes and the warehouse was like a giant tetris game. Here is where my brother and I built forts with sliding cardboard walls and secret doors. Thinking back we were like rats in a maze.


I don’t know why I am thinking about this now maybe because I am thinking that I should some how leave the story here for my own kids and grand kids to read about. Maybe grandpa had a pretty good idea there about turning the radio off and just telling stories. I remember he always seem to just wear a white tee shirt with suspenders and in his hand there would be a hand rolled cigarette that he would let the ash burn long before flicking it in a small glass ashtray. From time to time he would sip on a short beer in a short glass and he would cross his legs and he had on these huge leather work boots. I remember his clothes but not his face, just that he had stubble on it but I don’t think shaving was a real priority with him. Grandma was a mound of white hair and a house dress always brings cookies or rolls to the table where me and my brother would sit and listen to stories not really trying to remember them being more interested in the cookies and rolls.


The apartment was huge and the dinning room was like a great room. On the wall hung a picture, well not a picture it was more like giant painting. It was bigger then I could spread my arms wide and even higher. It was a painting of huge trees in a woods and in the center was a mounted Mountie on horseback. I remember that because the rider was huge and many a story was told about the picture but I don’t remember. I think my grandpa or his pa had something to do with the picture and I wish I could remember, I bet it would have made good story to tell here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Sprit in the Sky

SO I WAS running this morning I had the song Sprit in the Sky by Norman Greebaum stuck in my head. It was warm out and I was running into a slight breeze, I am sure it was a breeze because I don’t think I can run that fast to make the air feel like it is moving past me. Other then the sound of a guitar in my ears it was quiet out, could not even hear the sound of my shoes slapping on the damp black asphalt. I was moving right along as the white painted strips on the road were going by quick under my feet. A puddle of water ahead and I just gave a little extra push and I sailed over the top dry to continue running on the other side. Shortcut ahead and I jumped the ditch and hit the grass avoiding a log and a couple of rocks and was back in rhythm again just running.


I felt good, no one else out and I was running, arms pumping as I came around the corner to the small hill that I know leads to a long path back home. Almost around the corner I get a stitch in my side but I run through it and then I am on cruise. Going down hill stretching it out feeling good, sucking in sweet tasting air and seeing the finish line just ahead. Not really a line just a short pine tree that I sprint to and as I pass I ease up and coast to a stop. Hands on knees I look back at where I came from and smile. Sure does feel good to have a good dream to wake up from.


I laid in bed and listen to the last few lines of Sprit in the Sky playing on the radio. Duncan was on his side laying next to my side and we looked at each other before I gave in first and patted him on the side. Put my feet on the floor and got out of bed slowly, these days it is a common practice as I don’t know how I am going to feel. A minute later and I declare this day to be a good day as I made my way to the bathroom and was not sore at all, put a smile on my face as I have a lot that needs to get done today.


Before I forget I open up the laptop and I wrote down a few lines about my dream, Been a long time since I have done any running especially running hard long and fast. Had to write it down before I forgot the feeling. So the day begins, I didn’t want to look at the thermometer but I kind of had to when I let Duncan outside. Minus 10 so I stood by the door and waiting for him, he was done with his business quickly. No sooner did I close the door then the phone rang, the first of several calls already this morning. The word was out, I have Girl Scout cookies. The fishing granddaughter is also a girl scout and last night I picked up a mess of cookies to bring back to the cabin here. Later today she is going to come over and we are going to make the round delivering. Some cookies were delivered last night and the word got out that I have cookies here so now the phone is ringing with offers to come to me to get their cookies. I don’t have a problem with that at all as I watch the sun get higher in the sky but the thermometer is taking its time going anywhere.


I am not in inventory control but my rough count shows we have about three hundred boxes of cookies in the hallway here. I will be keeping an eye on the thin mints and peanut butter ones to make sure I get mine. Of course several of the orders are not boxes but cases of the cookies. Coffee pot is on and I expect it will be refilled several times during the day as friends and relatives stop by to get cookies and chat. Later this afternoon my daughter told me she will come by with the cookies for the guys at the RESORT and the Lodge here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Getting bigger, HIney Do LIst

BEING SICK CAN sure take up a lot of your time. Monday I had my first chemo treatment and the day was spent waiting in waiting rooms for doctors who were running late and lab reports. I got a rundown of side effects from the doctor then a more tailored one from my nurse. She was a better resource as she knew what the drugs I am taking were going to do. I got a mess of steroids which she told me may give me some insomnia, she was right! I finally fell asleep at 6 am Tuesday morning and only slept for five hours. Gives a guy a lot of time to think when you are laying in bed with your dog looking at the ceiling.


So if my Honey Do List is not long enough I thought up a bunch more things to add on to it. Yesterday afternoon I was feeling pretty good so I went down to see Big Earl at the General Store and I had my list with me. I filled the cart with light bulbs and dog food, dog bones a replacement handle for the toilet which I had noticed a crack in and I know will break anytime now. Shopping at Ma and Pa’s Grocery where Pa said he can set my up with some baby steaks and promised they would not be scrap cuttings. He was going to cut me up some nice thick slices of bologna but I told him that is not on my list so instead he carved me up some turkey.


Went to see Burt and Bart at the barbershop and got a buzz cut, good chance I am going to be losing some hair so I would rather have it be small pieces then long. Didn’t get my beard trim as for some reason that is not affected. Burt cut my hair and for the first time ever he said it "Was on the house" I still gave him a tip and made him take it. Walked outside and my head froze, must remember to bring a hat along now. This morning I had yet another test to go to and when I left the cabin and I had the hat pulled down low but it was cold enough I could feel my beard freeze on the walk to the Tahoe.


Sitting here now catching up on e-mail and answering the phone. Most of the calls are actually for me and not for the wife which is strange. Late this afternoon I am going to go do a house inspection for my daughter and her husband who are looking at a place closer to us here at the lake. Been awhile since I have done one and it will not be an official one but will be more of a walk through to see if I notice anything that will flag the house. I don’t like doing them in the winter as you can’t really check the roofs out and the grounds but It is on paper a pretty good deal and there ready to move out of the tiny house they are in now. I am also hoping they are going to get it as I will be able to dump a lot of stuff I have and will no longer be needing. Would rather keep stuff in the family then selling it to strangers or worse yet just giving it away.


A lot of other stuff going on but I have this do list in front of me that needs to be attended to while I am feeling good. Tomorrow is another session and I am planning on expecting some down time. DOC tells me I should stay as active as I can be and when I told him I write a blog he told me to make sure I stay on top of it. Good for me to keep my mind working and good to not drop any hobbies matter of fact he told me I should try and find even more ways to be active. I told him he needs to find out what is going on here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Super Sunday

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY has arrived and I am busy working on the short honey do list here at the cabin. Tomorrow I head down to the big city for my first treatment and I have no idea how that is going to work out so I am working on the do list. Weather is cooperating as it is forty-one out and things are melting. Have spent time with the ice chisel cleaning off the deck and I really should go into town and wash the Tahoe. It is about as dirty as I have seen it in a long time. Duncan has been with me most of the time as the last few weeks he has really been hanging around me a lot. In all the busy that has been going around I failed to write anything about his 60 month birthday!


Duncan should be in his prime now and he is still playing the part of a puppy when he wants attention. He has gone from the hiding behind me stage when someone comes over to the bark and stands bravely next to me stage to the now stand in front of me and the "I got this boss stage" when someone comes to the door. After inspecting everyone he will give the OK and let them come into the cabin but no one gets to sit right next to me on the couch but him. He also has gone from sleeping at the end of the bed to trying to take my pillow from me now. Of course the old dogs did the same thing and it is nice waking up and having those eyes of his looking right back into mine. I still miss Buddy and Barney every day but he, Duncan is doing his best to fill the void. Matter of fact I just moved the doggie stairs away from the bed that the old dogs used because Duncan pretty much just steps right into bed with just a little hop.


I put together a seed order and that should be arriving here soon, will be time to start some in the trays. Going to expand my gutter garden system this year and I think do away with planting tatters in the ground. I am going to try growing some tatters in containers though. The space for tatters will now house a watermelon patch as I am going to erect a low ground greenhouse/hothouse and once again try and grow me some watermelon. Some tobacco will be planted but I think only the type used for cigar leaf. I am not going to plant many but just enough to give me another different age leaf for wrappers. My leaf that I am curing is still not ready to smoke but I keep rotating and airing it out every couple of weeks. I am hoping by mid summer I will start rolling cigars and will give them to my neighbor Elmer to try and see what color his face turns.


Summer fishing is in the air, don’t know if I will be able to go out by myself or if I am going to have to plan my fishing days with a partner. I may have to start taking the wife fishing with me I kind of asked her and she didn’t say yes but she didn’t say no either. My fishing calendar has some days marked off but they are all in pencil so they can be changed. The daughter will go for sure but she only has so many days off in the summer and she does have things she wants to do. Depending on how I feel I may be making a lot of short trips or I just might be watching a bobber off the dock a lot. I don’t think I am going to get the old rowboat that cleaning and coat of paint like I had planned. But then again I just might feel good enough to stick to my list. This is after all Lake Iwanttobethere and things happen here that don’t happen anywhere else. Like maybe Denver winning the Super Bowl! Enjoy the game I will here at Lake Iwanttobethere.

96 <><

Bobby Bass

Changing Waiting Rooms

TIMES HAVE CHANGED a lot from going to sitting at DOC Burriem’s store front office to the big city. Back in the day You would enter into the office after walking around the rope that DOC would tie his car to the old hitching post. The rope was an old habit of DOC’s that he had from when he had his horse and buggy. You would go inside and find yourself a seat either on the tattered leather couch or the oak chairs that were rescued from the town’s library when it was remodeled. DOC would come out and ask who was next and you waited your turn unless you were bleeding to much and it bothered the other patients. A collection of tattered Field and Streams or Outdoor Life magazines would be on the coffee table and maybe a Fish and Fur if no one had taken it home. An air pot with luke warm water and some packets of freeze dried coffee with a short stack of paper cups were on a table, but no one ever used them.


Now the last few days here in the big city I have been in and out of a few waiting rooms. Big screen TV’s are the norm and two kinds of coffee and tea are common. I had a test this morning where the waiting room had fresh baked cookies! Yesterday I had a PET done which is a Positron Emission Tomagraphy. I went to a city clinic and was escorted through the building and out the back exit. I could not recall anything I said in registration that would have gotten me kicked out but as I left the building I stood in front of a big trailer and the PET machine. The thing was mobile and as I talked to the tech he told me it cost three million dollars, now that is an expensive RV. I spent forty minutes in a tube and the wife watched the whole thing, her being a nurse she thought it was great entertainment and later told me she should have brought popcorn.


This morning I had what I hope is the last test for awhile, a bone marrow biopsy. It was not that bad at all, but then again it might be because I had a DOC who does them all the time and I will always take experience when it comes to drilling a hole in my hip. Now a few hours later as I sit back at home in my big easy chair I just feel like I was on the receiving end of a good hip check with no pads. Monday I start treatment as all of the tests were to set up baselines and will be used to determine what drugs will be used. When it was all said and done the Lab tech told me I had done good and she told me a little story about an old guy who was 89 and still raised beef, he was there for a bone biopsy. He was a wiry guy who jumped right up on the table and when they were done with the procure she asked him how the pain was, he told her "Compared to being kicked by a two ton bull it was not all that bad."


So what I have learned these past few weeks is that everyone is different and don’t listen to much to how bad things can be but it is not that bad an idea to listen to how good things will be, I want to thank the people who have reached out to me and a big thanks to a few of you that have gone through what I am about to start out on and have offered me your support. Stories from the Lake might be a little different for awhile as I am looking at things a little differently but I will sure try and keep the fishing reports coming from Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass



I am now seeing a blood specialist who yesterday in my visit told me that my blood disorder is not curable BUT it is treatable and he has past experience with a patient and has a treatment plan. The next couple of days I will be undergoing yet more testing with another biopsy and a couple of different scans. Going to have some side effects from treatment that are going to effect my pleasant disorder. (Inside joke to those who know me) Treatment will start as early as next week after tests results are in and I will be going through three rounds spaced over 9 weeks. If treatment shows positive results then I will be heading on a road trip to either the Main U or Mayo for cell transplant. I don’t think I will be fishing on opener but if this works the DOC told me I should have a good chance at fishing this summer still. DOC seems like a real good guy but he is a walleye fishermen. Thank you all for the good thoughts they look like they are working Dan

Bobby Bass

Air Drying

RAN OUT OF cough drops so I took a ride into town, actually I was looking for an excuse to just get out. My first stop was at the pharmacy where I found nothing but empty shelves where the cough drops should be hanging. I talked with both of the owners Dave and Dave and they told me cough drops along with nose spray would be coming in sometime this weekend by dogsled. I guess everyone in town really does have a cold. Next stop was to see Big Earl at the General Store and his convince racks were also empty but he did have a couple of packs behind the counter that were not my brand so I passed on his offer of them. On a whim I went over to the Close Enough Store and there I found my brand and I bought a couple of bags and then turned around and bought one more just in case.


My travels took me past the Lake Iwanttobethere Laundromat which I see had a sign in the window stating that they had just expanded. A couple of the FELLOWS own the Laundromat so I was curious to see what they had done. I walked in and Tiny wearing his tool belt greeted me and I walked around to where Gary was just finishing up installing a couple of new washing machines. We talked some and Gary was bragging how now they were up to twenty washing machines and I notice they had not added any dryers. "Gary" I said "When you add washers don’t you have to add more dryers?" Gary nodded his head yes and said "Tiny show Bobby our new dryer bay" I followed to what I thought was the back door and we went outside. Tiny doing his best "Price is Right model wave" showed me about 300’ of clothes line hanging between the two neighboring buildings. "Drying is free but you have to rent the clothes pins." Tiny said.


I made my way back to the Tahoe and as I passed Gary I told him he should hang a sign that they were now offering totally "Organic Air "Drying" tourist should really eat that up. Gary nodded his head in agreement and as I went out the door he was talking to Tiny about making a sign. Next stop was the Lodge and I drove past the Fish Market I got a glimpse of a familiar face ducking around the corner of the building. I was in no hurry so I went out of my way and turned left instead of right and spotted Leechlake just getting into his truck with a suspicious looking white paper covered bundle. I could not resist so I honked my horn and gave Leechlake a tip of my cap.


Nothing going on at the Lodge so I just checked my mail and left before someone could cough on me. I don’t want my strain to mix with another and create a supper cold. Back at home I took my time walking to the cabin as the sidewalk was ice covered but more snow is in the forecast so I am not going to do anything about it just now. I was greeted at the door by my private duty nurse Duncan. He is getting to be a good nurse as last night when I tried to sleep he kept coming in and waking me up every fifteen minutes just like a real nurse. He would jump in bed and put his paw on my chest and I would open my eyes and we would look at each other. He would stay that way till I told him I am fine then would jump off to continue his rounds here at Lake Iwanttobethere


105 days

Bobby Bass


HIGH NOON HERE at the cabin hidden on Hidden Bay here at Lake Iwanttobethere. Some sun is shinning in the big windows here and no sooner do I move the chair to face the window then it disappears behind a cloud. It has done that three times to me so far but I will keep moving the chair because for that brief moment the sun feels good. Home alone as the wife went to town, just me and Duncan, chilling. The wife actually had to go to town and buy some more box tissue somehow I have used up all that we had here. In town no one is shaking hands and everyone is keeping an arms length distance away from each other. The cold that has been going around is a stubborn one as it hangs on for weeks. I know that I am not the only one as I have been on the phone talking with family and friends and everyone seems to have it or knows someone who does. I think the long fall and the sudden winter caught us all of guard.


Back here in my den I have been blowing my nose it seems like every five minutes. The wadded up tissue is then sent flying in the direction of the waste can in the corner. The daughter put up one of the little garbage can basketball nets and I am getting pretty good at bouncing it off the desk to the file cabinet to the backboard then in. Last night the wife made me a nice steak dinner with all the fixings, had a few bites then just sat and looked at it, no appetite. Of course it did not stop her from eating it.


Few more days and January is out of the way. Unless something happens cold wise I think we are in pretty good shape. Yesterday it did snow for awhile but then it warmed to the point where the snow became light rain. Over night everything froze and Duncan was running across the crusted snow on his morning rounds. Sometime today I will have to get out and knock icicles off the eves. Got some good ones hanging and I don’t want then to be falling by themselves when Duncan is underneath. Fishing has been slow from what I have heard. Not the best ice to start with and now we have gotten rain a few times so some slush is forming. Guys at the RESORT are doing OK but then again they know where there are a couple of brush piles are and the house is just a short walk away from the shore.


Boat show will be coming in just a few short weeks and I think I am going to take the fishing granddaughter to see it. I don’t have much interest but it would be her first one and I think she would enjoy seeing all the goodies. There is also that trout tank that travels with the shows and I would give her a fair chance of catching one. Sun has reappeared and I pushed my chair back from the desk and caught some rays. I am sure looking forward to getting out on the deck and sitting on the swing and getting some serious nap time in. I can almost hear the buzz of bees and honking of geese overhead. My day dream was interrupted by the wife coming through the back door with my tissue here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

Shovel Key

IN FROM SHOVELING snow. Have been out three times so far today not that there is a lot of snow to shovel it is just that I get tired quick and for some reason the shovel has gotten heavier. I left the keys to the shovel taped to the handle but it seems no one else in the cabin knows how to start it!


Almost forty out and with the warm weather the snow on the roof is melting and dripping onto the deck. If we had some sunshine it would be melting and coming off the eves like it was raining. I did have this idea of throwing deicer all over the place but my bag is in the back of the Tahoe and the wife took the Tahoe to town. It was a good idea though.


Watched some football yesterday, one good game and one blow out. Neighbor Chuck was trying to get me to go ice fishing again but I decided watching the games here at the cabin was a better option. Saturday Chuck was gone all day as his son is on the diving and swim team. They had the big meet and Chuck sat at pool side for almost eleven hours. He said he had the hardest time not tossing a bobber he had in his pocket into the water.


My winter cold is still hanging on, I think it is going to make it till spring. Just when I figure I got it licked some new symptom appears and goes to the front of the line. Yesterday it was sneezing. Being a big guy I don’t mess around when I sneeze. I figure do it once and do it right. Yesterday I sneezed four times in a row and just about knocked myself out. Number four kind of got away from me and I banged my head against the back of my chair. Felt like I was on one of them four tickets rides at the county fair. Even Duncan who was in the den at the time kind of cocked his head to the side and then just rolled his eyes at me before leaving.


Speaking of Duncan his birthday is a short week a way. February first will be his 60th month birthday and he will have to share it with the daughter’s lab Buster and one of my grand kids. I have to go to the big city for a late afternoon visit but when I get back we are going to have a birthday party. The granddaughter is on charge so I don’t have a clue what it is going to evolve but I have been promised there with be ice cream, and cherries! We will also be celebrating Elmers birthday, he forgot when it is, sometime in the spring he thinks so when ever someone has a birthday this time of the year he just adds his name to the hat. I tell him he should be like me and just celebrate every month but he says I already have that distinction here at Lake Iwanttobethere

105 Days

Bobby Bass


SITTING IN THE den here at the cabin on the hidden bay of Lake Iwanttobethere. Was just kind of kicking back and relaxing in my chair at the desk. Had my feet up on an open drawer and I was looking out the big windows at a overcast sky. I could just make out the yellow globe of the sun filtered by the gray clouds. I have some Glen Frey music playing softly in the background, forgot how much I like his music. Was already in town this morning, running a few errands. Have been home the past several days not doing much, mostly spending my time on the phone. I would talk on a phone till it went dead and then I would end the call and put the phone in the cradle to charge and the phone would ring again and I would have to find a phone with a charged battery.


I think the cold weather has broke, at least for the next week. Sunshine Ray is forecasting a couple of thirty degrees days in our future. I know the granddaughter is looking forward to finally getting in some cross country skiing. She signed up for a Sunday class and it has been canceled the last three Sundays because it has been too cold. We have gotten some light snow here a couple of times in the past few days and I have not been up to shoveling with he cold and my cold. So the wife has been driving over the new snow compacting it and now I have some ice spots out there. Had to go into town for some ice melt as I was out.


Big Earl greeted me at the door and we talked a little longer then we usually do. I went inside to find a huge even for Big Earl display of light bulbs. Sign said "When there gone, there gone" and stacked high were boxes of the 25,40, 60 watt bulbs. I saw a couple of people pushing carts with several boxes of light bulbs in them, I thought about it but then I had trouble remembering the last time I even changed a light bulb and took a pass on the sale. Was thinking maybe I should stop off at the car wash but the line was stretched out into the street so I drove on by. My white Tahoe is a winter shade of white, That kind of gray white which is a combination of snow/salt and highway grime. You can’t walk close to it with out some of it rubbing off on your coat or pants.


Here at the cabin it is thirty out, a few nights ago it was minus 20 but the thirty does not feel warm like it should. I think it is because I still have a cold hanging on and I just can’t get warm unless I am sitting on top of a stove. It feels like a fall thirty instead of a spring thirty. I will go fishing in spring thirty but thirty in the fall seems awful cold. A spring thirty if the sun is out is short weather. Of course I did get a haircut yesterday and now I seem to be able to feel drafts better maybe that is why I am cold.

It is however my birthday today, Yup I am 752 months old and we celebrated early last night as the daughter came over with all the fixings needed to make banana splits. Well almost everything as somehow she managed to forget cherries, I mean really how can you celebrate your 752nd birthday with out a cherry on top. All the more reason we are going to have banana splits again tonight, I bought a jar of cherries at Big Earls this morning here at Lake Iwanttobethere

Bobby Bass

It is what it is

Don’t know how to say this so I am just going to go ahead and put words to paper so to speak and tell you. I have made mention about going to the city and seeing a specialist and having some tests done. Monday I returned to get the findings and got some news I was not expecting. I am a diabetic and have been having trouble with my kidneys. Blood work has shown I have a serious problem and my kidneys are failing. I expected to hear this and also to learn of a treatment plan. On Monday I was told that my kidney biopsy showed that my diabetes is not the cause of my kidneys failing but instead I have been diagnosed with a rare blood disorder which is attacking my organs.


The last several days I have been sharing this information with my family and a few very close friends. I am still in the discovery stage of this and I have several appointments in the next few weeks with blood doctors and my kidney specialist. The really bad part is that this is a rapid blood disorder which very little is really known about and treatment's options are limited. I am telling you this as many others in the past have stated that the members here are like an extended family. I am still trying to get my head around this and as my doctor said she will be right with me learning about this as she has never seen a case of it.


I don’t just want to stop writing and disappear and leave my disappearance to speculation. I don’t know how often I will write or if I will ever touch on this subject again. I have also decided not to reveal the name of the disease as I don’t want people searching the Internet to find me an herbal cure or to give me their experiment options. Some may take this as being rude but for now this is going to be a private battle. I have been given access to the doctors medical library so I can do my own research and become as knowledge as I can so have I have some level of understanding when speaking with doctors. I have just found myself a new hobby.


I am posting this on the Lake site as many of you have been a part of my life for the last ten years.. In closing I would like to say Kiss your wife, hug your kids and grand kids and pet your dog and don’t let the little things bother you, they really don’t mean much in the big picture. After the DOC told me the news and we talked for awhile she asked me if she could do anything and how I felt. I was at a loss for words and the only thing that came to mind was "It is what it is"


Bobby Bass


SITTING IN BOOTH number one here at the RESORT this afternoon. Ample sunshine is coming through the big windows and the pot belly stove is more red then black. Vic likes to keep a good fire going and on a day like today it is welcomed. My neighbor Chuck called me last night and said he was heading to the RESORT this morning to do some fishing. He had heard that Dock Burriem and Vic were catching crappies and even Marv had managed to catch a few. I took a look at the thermometer hanging on the wall and it said it was already minus ten out and I had some doubts about going fishing in the morning. Chuck sealed the deal by saying he would drive and he would make sure the truck was warm when he picked me up. I gave in and said OK


I climbed into the truck and tossed my go bag in the back seat. Chuck does not have heated seats but the blower was blasting hot air into my face. I had to crack the window open some so I could breathe. We rolled down the driveway on square tires, I didn’t ask how cold it was as I didn’t really want to know. The square tires on the truck were a good giveaway that it was colder than I would like to be outside in. A couple of days ago the RESORT got another seven inches of snow and when we got to make the turn to the RESORT you could see where Hammering Hank had been plowing and we had snow banks. We drove in and parked and I grabbed my go bag as Chuck plugged the truck into a waiting extension cord, another sign it was colder then I wanted it to be.


Vic and Marv were already out in the ice house and DOCK was just inside making some breakfast. He had been talking back and forth with the guys in the shack as they had their two way radios with them and were about ready to come back in. Chuck talked with Vic who told him he better bring some wood out as the little stove is eating it up this morning. A couple of milk crates were loaded with kindling and placed on the plastic sled and after a call to Vic we told him we were headed out. When we arrived they came out and we went in. First thing I noticed is they had ran out of wood and the fire was just a couple of coals. Chuck brought the wood crates in and Vic gave us a wave as he pulled the empty plastic sled down the beaten snow path back to the RESORT.


It was cold but the little shack heats up quickly and soon we had bibs unzipped and the coffee pot was hot enough resting on the top of the stove that you had to put a glove on to move it. We checked minnows dangling on lines from short rods and soon I was down two bucks in cribbage. "Now isn’t this better than sitting at home watching football" Chuck said to me as he stared down at his minnow twitching in the cold water. That is when it dawned on me, "The wife put you up to taking me fishing, didn’t she" Chuck not looking me in the eye just nodded his head some. "OK, what did she bribe you with?" Chuck mumbled something about apple pie. I was just ready to say something when my float took a dive and I jerked out in defense and felt a pull. I had some weight on my line and I was thinking to myself "Where does she keep coming up with these apple pies" here at Lake Iwanttobethere

113 days